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Deep Shag Records announces ON THE ROAD WITH ELLISON VOLUME THREE, the third CD in their Ellison recordings set. To buy any of these CDs and hear samples, please Visit the Deep Shag Ellison Page.

6/14/2004 - Harlan and AOL Settle
Harlan has reached a settlement with AOL. There will be more discussion of this on this website once all the legal wrangling is resolved. Until then, for more information on the lawsuit and settlement, check out the AOL Lawsuit Page on the website of ELlison's lawyer in this matter, Charlie Petit.

8/20/2003 - Order god's 15 minutes and Help Harlan KICK Internet Piracy
Just got this release in from Aardwolf Publishing - it's legit and Harlan is aware and involved. Please spread the word!

Aardwolf Publishing will soon be releasing godís 15 minutes, stories by Clifford Meth with artwork by some of the most respected names in the comics industry: Alex Toth, Gene Colan, George Perez, Marie Severin, Dave Cockrum, Joe Sinnott, Herb Trimpe, Gray Morrow, Bill Messner-Loebs, Dave DeVries. David Boswell, Paul Abrams, Nelson, Joe St. Pierre, and Ron Wagner. Wrapped in a painted cover by Mike Kaluta, the book carries story intros by Andy Shernoff (lead guitarist/writer of the legendary punk band The Dictators), Pat DiNizio (lead singer/writer of The Smithereens). Peppi Marchello (lead singer/writer of The Good Rats), Al Feldstein (MAD Magazine), Steve Gerber, Tony Isabella, Joe Linsner, and the late Robert Bloch.

If thatís not enough, thereís also an interview with Harlan ("Ellison on Meth").

Proceeds from godís 15 minutes will benefit Harlan Ellisonís KICK Internet Piracy Fund. Direct-order the book from Aardwolf and receive a special bookplate signed by Harlan, Clifford Meth and Mike Kaluta. There will only be 200 of these bookplate editions. The price of the book with the signed bookplate is only $23.95. ORDER HERE.

More news in Harlan's Internet Piracy case: Napster's bankruptcy has suspended all pending litigation regarding that company indefinitely. This means Harlan's case is now at the top of the agenda for the Federal 9th Circuit Court!

News in Harlan's Internet Piracy case: AOL's lawyers recently asked for $600,000.00 in fees and were awarded.....NOTHING. Furthermore, the judge reprimanded them for their actions during the trial and said they were close to being sanctioned for "unpleasant behavior." The fight continues!

HE to appear on The Conspiracy Zone (TNN) on 10 March 2002. Check your local listing.

20-23 JUNE 2002: SKEPTICS CONVENTION (sponsored by the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal [CSICOP] at the Hilton, Burbank Airport and Convention Center, Burbank, California. Harlan will be presented with the "Distinguished Skeptic Award" at the conference banquet on Saturday (June 22nd) from 7:00pm-10:00pm. The award is in recognition of Harlan's outstanding contributions to the defense of science and critical thinking. Past winners of the award include: James Randi and Steve Allen. Friday (June 21st) Harlan will be the speaker at the luncheon conference from Noon-2:00pm.

For more information contact: Barry Karr, CSICOP/Skeptical Inquirer, P.O. Box 703, Amherst, NY 14226. (716) 636-1425 ext. 217. www.csicop.org.

2/27/2002 - HE to be presented with "Distinguished Skeptic Award"
The Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP) will be giving Harlan their Distinguished Skeptic Award. The award will be given at the the upcoming Skeptics Convention banquet on Saturday, June 22 7pm-10pm. The convention runs June 20-23 at the Hilton, Burbank Airport and Convention Center, Burbank, CA.

CSICOP is probably best known through their magazine, the Skeptical Inquirer. The award has previously gone to such luminaries as James Randi and Steve Allen. Those who wish to get more information or check up on this to make sure it's real are invited to visit CSICOP's website at www.csicop.org or call them in New York at 716-636-1425.


Harlan regrets to announce that the speaking engagement November 15th at the California Center for the Arts, Escondido, has been cancelled.

Deep Shag Records producing ON THE ROAD CD
The Deep Shag Cover contest is over. You can view the winning artwork via this link or on the contest page. Deep Shag is producing a CD of the HERC's sold-out tape ON THE ROAD WITH HARLAN ELLISON, VOLUME I. It will be available December 4 and can be pre-ordered at www.deepshag.com.

Booksigning and PI Taping this week
Harlan will be signing TROUBLEMAKERS in LA on the 18th. See the Appearances Page for more details. He will also be taping an appearance on Politically Incorrect on the 20th, check your local listings for the time and date this will show at (usually the same day). Oh yeah, Harlan has a book out, TROUBLEMAKERS. It's a collection of classic stories intended as an introduction to HE's work.


Harlan at MIT
Harlan will be appearing at MIT with Peter David and Neil Gaiman October 6th. See the Appearances Page for more details.


We're holding a contest in conjunction with Deep Shag Records for the new cover art for Deep Shag's reissiue of "On the Road with Ellison Volume One" on CD. Check the Contest Page for more details.


Just a note to check out the new appearances (esp. the eBay auction) and the new book for sale in the HERC store. Word up.


ESSENTIAL ELLISON Booksigning at Pinks!
Harlan will be signing copies of the NEW revised THE ESSENTIAL ELLISON on Tuesday, June 26th from 7pm-9pm at PINK'S Famous Chili Dogs (the stand from Harlan's short story Prince Myshkin, and Hold the Relish). PINKS - 709 N. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90038, 323-931-4223 (load up mapblast.com now and get directions). Half of all proceeds will go to the KICK legal fund. Sponsord by Galerie Morpheus in Beverly Hills, 310-859-2557 or morpheusart.com.


CBLDF Cancels Cruise
(from the offical press release)

Northampton, MA, February 21, 2001 - The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund regretfully announces that it is canceling the 2001 Making Waves Cruise. This decision follows a thorough investigation by a specially appointed committee of the CBLDF Board of Directors.

"This certainly wasn't an easy decision to make," said CBLDF Board Member Frank Mangiaracina, who chaired the committee. "Despite our marketing efforts and the obvious interest in the cruise, cabin enrollment was still at a point where the Fund would lose money on the event. I'm sure the overall state of the economy played a part -- fans were cautious about spending the time and money to go on this cruise. And rather than delay this decision, we felt that it would be best to act sooner rather than later and let our guests and sponsors know right away."

While interest and inquiries in the 2001 cruise were high,
actual cabin sales were significantly lower than they were this close to the launch of the 2000 cruise. Another contributing factor was the cancellation of Big Easy Con in New Orleans, the original launch point of the event and a major promotional partner. The expense involved in the CBLDF's two current cases also played an important part in the decision.

"Making Waves requires an enormous commitment of funds," explained CBLDF President Denis Kitchen. "Ideally, if a lot of cabins are sold, these expenses are more than matched by revenue coming in after the event. When we did the cruise last year, the Fund was between cases and had paid off all of its outstanding legal bills. That's unfortunately not the case this year. And given the costs of the CBLDF's current cases, we felt that it wouldn't be prudent to devote that much money to a fundraising venture without an assurance of success, particularly when there's an immediate need for that money in carrying out the Fund's mission."

Anyone who has already booked passage on Making Waves 2001
can receive a complete refund of their deposit if desired. They may also elect to retain their booked cabins and will pay a reduced rate to go on the same cruise, but without the comics components of Making Waves. Interested persons should contact The Cruise Authority at 1-800-707-1634 for complete refund and cost reduction details.

"The first Making Waves was without a doubt a very positive industry event," said Kitchen. "I think everyone who attended had a great time and came away recharged and with a renewed dedication to comics. Financially, it was not a huge success for the Fund. We would love to be able to do a similar cruise in the future, but I think we would need to partner with other organizations willing to more substantially underwrite the event."


More Info on HE story
Hemispheres was good enough to send this release about the HE story appearing this month in their magazine:

For years, great writers have been gravitating to Hemispheres magazine for their extra curricular writing. Their award winning content has proven them to be a leading magazine for literary contributions.

Back in September Hemispheres had the honor of receiving contributions from current New York Times best seller, Robert Morgan, author of Gap Creek and Poet Laureate of North Carolina Fred Chappell for their Southern Heritage story.

Now for the New Year, Hemispheres is honored with having renowned fantasy writers, Harlan Ellison and Ray Bradbury to help kick off the REAL new millennium.

No voice in science fiction has been at the same time more distinctive and more broadly influential than Harlan Ellisonís. For more than 40 years, his bold originality and discerning intelligence have won him an unprecedented array of awards, from short fiction and novels to motion pictures and television. Harlan offers up an original tale for this special issue.

Visionary science fiction writer Ray Bradbury, author of such classics as The Martian Chronicles and Fahrenheit 451, has for over 60 years created award winning works of fantasy. In this months Hemispheres, he reflects on how the literature of the future fired his youthful imagination and shaped his life.

The future is now! Everything created for the movie, 2001: Space Odyssey, has come to fruition, and who better to speak about this topic than these two men.

For thousands of fantasy and sci-fi fans, the January issue of Hemispheres will become a "must-have" piece of literary memorabilia. From it's retro-looking cover painting of a child's rocket ride, to a major package of articles and fiction, the January 2001 Hemispheres is nothing short of a collector's item.

Not everyone flies on United Airlines and has access to this magazine. For ordering this collectors item, please call 336-378-6065. And the price, including shipping and handling, is $7.50.

If you need any more information, please feel free to contact:

Naomi Burton Isaacs
Evins Communications


New HE Story Up in the Air (Literally!
Harlan's brand new story, Incognita, Inc., is going to be featured in Hemispheres, the in-flight magazine of United Airlines. The 4200-word piece will be riding in over 10,000 planes from January 1st-30th, 2001. Now, I'm not going to suggest you schedule a flight JUST to get the story, but....you know.

Mind Fields Story Reprinted
Fever from the Mind Fields collection is going to appear in a special edition of Scholastic Magazine devoted to the myth of Icarus.

David Twohy and HE Collaborating on Demon with a Glass Hand
Harlan has signed up to script the feature film version of his classic Demon with a Glass Hand for Dimension Films. The screenplay is to be finished the 1st of June, 2001. HE will be working closely with director David Twohy (Pitch Black, The Arrival) and notes this is the first time he will be developing a movie in tandem with its director.

FICTIONWISE to offer 35 HE Short Stories
Fictionwise (www.fictionwise.com) has obtained the rights to 35 HE short stories and is already offering 20 of them online. Check out the list of HE stories or their announcement. The PR on fictionwise says it all, I'll just add that HE speaks very highly of them.


Edgeworks Abbey and Anniversary Edition books
EDGEWORKS will live! The Ellisons have formed their own publishing company to print selected Ellison new and backlist items. This company, EDGEWORKS ABBEY, will continue the EDGEWORKS series where it left off, with the GLASS TEAT books.

But before that, the first publication will be the trade hardback and paperback for the 25th anniversary edition of Deathbird Stories. This will be shortly after the limited edition comes out.

The limited edition of Deathbird Stories will be out before the end of year (as HE always says, "God willing and the creek don't rise") from Subterranean Press. It features what Harlan calls a "breathtaking" cover painting by Tom Kidd.

Harlan has also finished his final work on the 50th Anniversary edition of The Essential Ellison, again edited by Terry Dowling, which (again, depending on that crick) will be out by the end of the year. There will be more info in the next HERC newsletter, and here as we get it.

Beyond 2000 now 2000x
Harlan has completed the last host intros for the NPR radio series 2000X, previously called Beyond 2000. The series is starting to be available for download on audible.com and will soon be coming out on actual, real, physical tapes from FANTASTIC AUDIO, a new company created by former Dove Audio/NewStar Media producer Stefan Ridnik. The tapes from Fantastic Audio will contain additional comments, backnotes, and anecdotes. This completes Harlan's work on the series. As always, check out the 2000X website at http://www.irasov.com/future.htm for more details.

Ellisons Celebrate 14th Anniversary
Just a brief note to let Ellison friends know that Harlan and Susan have successfully completed 14 years of wedded bliss. For the "ivory" anniversary Harlan gave Susan some new jewelry and Susan gave Harlan "airplane stuff".


Upcoming Ellison Releases!
Harlan confirmed yesterday he is finishing work this week on the new version of The Essential Ellison and the 25th Anniversary edition of Deathbird Stories. Stay tuned next weekend for more details!

New Review Up
We've got a new review, a detailed analysis of the essays in Harlan's collection An Edge in My Voice. Chech out the Weberland Reviews for this and other reviews.

Edgeworks by Ellison
For those of you who haven't heard (and to spare my poor, poor email inbox), there will be no Edgeworks 5 from White Wolf Publishing. The Ellisons have purchased back the rights for the series and will be managing the publishing of the books themselves in the near future. The series is NOT dead, it remains one of Harlan's top priorities to see it continue. So fear not!


BEYOND 2000 to begin on NPR April 4
The new PBS show Beyond 2000 (see earlier entries on this news page) will be uploaded to PBS member stations for the first time between 4:30pm and 5:29pm EST on April 4, 2000. New shows will hit at the same time each Sunday for the next 26 weeks. Be sure and contact your station today and let them know they damn well BETTER put it on the air!

Bulletin Boards are Back!
After wrangling with Windows NT, new directories, and perl for weeks, we've finally got all the interactive boards back up, including the ever-popular What the Hell? game. So post away! (up next for Webderland: 1999 archives and a long overdue update including new rants, pics, and reviews)


Harlan WILL NOT be at Outer Limits Festival
Gonna be brief here, since HE asked me to get it out quickly:

Many of you may have tickets or be planning to go to the William S. Paley Festival next Friday, March 10 honoring The Outer Limits. However, Joseph Stefano, the creator of the series, refused to go if Harlan's episode "Demon With A Glass Hand" was shown. The Festival tried many alternatives but finally agreed to his demand.

Since this was the principal reason Robert Culp was coming, he backed out -- and since Harlan wrote the scratched episode AND had talked Robert into coming, he backed out as well. So you won't see either of them at the festival. Harlan apologizes to anyone who heard about this on Webderland or elsewhere. Please spread the word and let folks know! Thanks!


Harlan's new NPR radio show starts in April, so it's time to make sure you can get it! Check out http://www.npr.org/members to get your local contact information, then call your station and let them know you want them to broadcast the show. It costs them nothing to get the show, but they won't broadcast it unless they know people want to hear it!

Here is a list of the stories that are planned for the series (*=Harlan is part of cast):
Hans Christian Anderson, In A Thousand Years
Isaac Asimov, Nightfall, adapted by Yuri Rasovsky
Stephen Vincent Benét, By The Waters Of Babylon, adapted by Yuri Rasovsky
Ray Bradbury, Pillar of Fire, adapted by Dennis Etchison
Fredric Brown, Knock, adapted by Yuri Rasovsky
Karel Capek, R.U.R., adapted by Yuri Rasovsky
Terry Dowling, The Only Bird in Her Name, adapted by Yuri Rasovsky
Friedrich Dürrenmatt, The Mission of The Vega, adapted by Yuri Rasovsky
*Harlan Ellison, 'Repent, Harlequin!' Said the Ticktockman, adapted by Harlan Ellison & Yuri Rasovsky
E.M. Forster, The Machine Stops, adapted by Eric Bauersfeld
Robert A. Heinlein, By His Bootstraps, adapted by Yuri Rasovsky
L. Ron Hubbard, Ole Doc Methuselah, adapted by Yuri Rasovsky
Rudyard Kipling, As Easy as ABC, adapted by Yuri Rasovsky
Cyril M. Kornbluth, The Marching Morons, adapted by J. Michael Straczynski
*Ursula K. LeGuin, Vaster Than Empires and More Slow, adapted by Carol Adorjan
Murray Leinster, The Mad Planet, adapted by Yuri Rasovsky
Jack London, A Curious Fragment
C.L. Moore, Shambleau, adapted by Sarah Montague
William F. Nolan, And Miles To Go Before I Sleep, adapted by Yuri Rasovsky
Lewis Padgett, The Proud Robot, adapted by Brad Schreiber
Dannie Plachta, Revival Meeting, adapted by Yuri Rasovsky
Frank M. Robinson, Hunting Season, adapted by Yuri Rasovsky
Bernard Shaw, A.D. 7170 (from Back to Methuselah)
Robert Sheckley, Watchbird, adapted by William F. Nolan
Robert Silverburg, A Sleep And A Forgetting, adapted by Michael Cassutt
Henry Slesar, Merchant, adapted by Yuri Rasovsky
Theodore Sturgeon, Hurricane Trio, adapted by Yuri Rasovsky
Mark Twain, A Learned Fable, adapted by Haris Orkin
A.E. van Vogt, Dear Pen Pal
Jules Verne, In the Year 2889, adapted by David Ossman
Kurt Vonnegut, Tommorow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow, adapted by Yuri Rasovsky
H.G. Wells, A Dream of Armageddon, adapted by Yuri Rasovsky
Connie Willis, Even The Queen, adapted by Yuri Rasovsky
Roger Zelazny, Collector's Fever, adapted by Yuri Rasovsky

For more info on the showtimes and the players, check out the BY2K web page at http://www.irasov.com/future.htm.


The fight of Harlan and other homeowners in his neighborhood to prevent the Buckley School (reported here 6/20/98) has finally ended with the school putting a stop to ALL expansion plans. LA councilman Mike Feuer received hundreds of letters due to Harlan's talking about the school on Tom Snyder and also the postings on this website, these letters were instrumental in showing national attention to this issue. Harlan wanted to pass on his thanks, and also thank the new headmaster at the Buckley School, Paul Horovitz, who has been most sensible in dealing with this matter.

If you chance to talk to Harlan this week, go easy. His oldest friend, Bill Dignin, died of gastric cancer this past Thursday, January 13th. Bill helped found the Cleveland Science Fiction Society with Harlan five decades alone and worked on HE's fanzine Dimensions. The two had remained close friends ever since.

We here at Webderland are going to lose our server any day now (we're just waiting for it to fade away). I'm keeping updates to a minimum until this is resolved. I've looked at several servers but time and finances are not permitting an easy solution. What I need is a reliable place to drop a Linux server off of that can handle Webderland and a couple of my much smaller personal web pages. I'd need telnet and FTP access to that server. Barring that, I need a little (150MB or so) room on someone's Unix/Linux system that doesn't mind me monkeying with my web pages constantly and who can run some stuff like MySQL, perl, and RealAudio serving. If you want to volunteer, please contact webmaster@harlanellison.com. Thanks!


Early next year, Harlan will begin writing a twice-monthly column for David Gerrold and the website Galaxy Online. Harlan promises the first column is going to be a real barn-burner and the other columns will follow in suit. The columns should be closest in theme to the ones collected in AN EDGE IN MY VOICE.

This direct from HE's agent: E-Reads, America's premier publisher of digitized books, is pleased to announce the release of three Harlan Ellison classics in electronic form. CITY OF THE EDGE OF FOREVER, I HAVE NO MOUTH AND I MUST SCREAM and ELLISON WONDERLAND are now available for sale on the Barnes and Noble.com website (www.bn.com).

The 600th issue of Amazing Stories, out at newsstands now, contains the original HE novella The Toad Prince, or Sex Queen of the Martian Pleasure-Domes.

Australian Terry Dowling has been at Ellison Wonderland for the past few weeks revising THE ESSENTIAL ELLISON for a new edition to come out in early 2000, turning it from a 35 into a 50 year retrospective. An entire new section will be added where HE talks about the writing process, and 16 to 20 new pieces will be added including Mefisto in Onyx and Prince Myshkin, and Hold the Relish. Speaking of the latter work, he first signing of the book will be help at Pink's in LA, the hot dog stand immortalized in Prince Myshkin...

Harlan has started work on the first short story in what may turn out to be a new series. The story will be an occult detective story featuring private investigator Bobby Pleshette, known on his office glass as "The Weird Guy".


Harlan is presently working furiously on Beyond 2000, a serious of 26 hour-long radio adaptations of famous science fiction stories, to be broadcast over NPR and then released as Dove audio cassettes. The dramas will be presented by the Hollywood Theatre of the Ear and their Peabody-winning producer/director Yuri Rasovsky, and are being financed by a $200,000 grant from The National Endowment For the Arts. HE is helping choose the stories, writing show intros and epilogues, and hosting and acting in the programs. The first show will present Robert Heinlein's By His Bootstraps featuring Richard Dreyfuss, scheduled to air early next year. We also hear Harlan's buddy Robin Williams has already done a bang-up job with HE's own 'Repent, Harlequin!' Said the Ticktockman.

Dove Audio has release THE VOICE FROM THE EDGE, Vol 1, a collection of 6-hours worth of Harlan Ellison short stories including HE's first-ever recording of I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream. The collection is $25.00, ISBN 0-7871-2266-1, to order call NewStar Media, Inc. at 1-800-368-3007 or send order to NewStar Publishing Order Dept, 8955 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048. HERC members include your membership number for a 20% discount!

Our friend Arvi Nikkarev's Skarabeus Publishing has come out with an authorized collection of HE stories in the Estonian language. The book is entitled THE BEAST THAT SHOUTED LOVE AT THE HEART OF THE WORLD, but due to Estonian tastes the contents slightly vary from the original BEAST. The book has been described by HE as "exquisite" and "gorgeous". Collectors can e-mail Arvi at arvnik@sci.fi or write him (include an international SASE) c/o Skarabeus, Vehkatie 20 B11, 01300 VANTAA, FINLAND.

From the RABBIT HOLE we here HE has signed a deal with Sony Pictures to do a big-budget feature of PHOENIX WITHOUT ASHES, Harlan's original pilot script for the TV series The Starlost. David Goyer, who wrote Dark City, will be the screenwriter.

Check out the rants page, there's a very good new essay by our guest contributor Julia Duncan on HE's impact at a writers' workshop. The appearances page over on the left there has been updated as well with a March 2000 college gig in Michigan. Finally, we hear Harlan and Susan can be seen in one of the nighttime NYC street scenes in the new Arnold Schwarzenegger blockbuster END OF DAYS. If any Web-rats can find them, please let me know!


Webderland's remake is done - you should have complete menus to the site available by major sections. For the full set of menus check out the sitemap. You may also want to look at some audio/video files I've been archiving for a while. I will have a major news entry next week and also will be adding some interviews with Harlan and updating the appearances section.

As part of getting my act together on this site I finally put up Shane Shellenbarger's excellent pictures and commentary from a couple of HE appearances.


Okay, now that I got your attention - please stop asking me about when this is coming out. You know as much as I can tell right now, which is that it's not out yet. When I got more to say, BELIEVE ME, I'll post it here and to the newsgroup.


Monster Rally appearance cancelled
Harlan's August 6-8 appearance at the MONSTER RALLY in Arlington, VA has been cancelled. Event organizers did not have enough money for airfare for all guests and HE allowed them to cancel his appearance without a kill fee.


HE on PI 5/26
Harlan will visit ABC's Politically Incorrect with Bill Mahr once again on May 26th during sweeps week. Other guests include Penn Gilette and the subject of the show is the Net! Check local listings for time. Also check out Harlan in Voyage to the Milky Way May 19th on PBS and in The Truth About Science Fiction June 8 on the History Channel.

Harlan wins two Audies
Harlan was nominated for, and WON, two 1999 AUDIE awards, the annual awards of the Audio Publishers Association to honor the best in audio recordings. The categories were Solo Narration, Male reading Ben Bova's City of Darkness and Multi-Voiced Presentation which he shared with other members of the cast of The Titanic Disaster Hearings: The Official Transcript of the 1912 Senatorial Investigation by Tom Kuntz. Both recordings were published by Dove Audio.


Kersh Newsletter Paul Duncan (kershed@aol.com) is working on a biography of HE's favorite writer, Gerald Kersh. He was kind enough to send me his first newsletter on the subject. E-mail him if you want to be added to the mailing list.

Ellison is a Defender of Liberty!
In case I forgot to mention it, here is a link to the information on Harlan winning the Defender of Liberty award from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

We're up at the new site. Please adjust your bookmarks and for god's sake, don't roll down the windows!


TRACKING DOWN MISSING HERC MEMBERS Susan Ellison passed on this list of members of the Harlan Ellison Recording Collection whose newsletters were returned with invalid addresses. If you think you might be amongst these, please check this list. Make sure you include your HERC number on any return correspondence!

EDGEWORKS 5 is still not out. There have been unexpected editing and publishing delays, complicated by the combining of the two GLASS TEAT books for the first time with a comprehensive index. Please be patient, it WILL be out and the EW series WILL continue.

Outer Limits News
Harlan will be doing the introduction to a Kevin J. Anderson book based on THE OUTER LIMITS. The book will include the script to HE's "Soldier" episode plus a companion novelette by Anderson set in the universe of Qarlo, the Soldier. Also, as previously mentioned, November 20th was the start date for the shooting of "The Human Operators", an OUTER LIMITS episode based on the Ellison-van Vogt story of the same name. The adaptation by Naren Shankar (who also directs) contains much input from HE and marks the first time an Ellison collaboration has been produced for film or TV.

The Harlan Ellison Recording Collection (HERC) just got a shipment of 1000 of these computer games for the IBM-PC amd Macintosh systems. They are going for 40 bucks each plus $5.00 shipping and handling. You do not have to be a HERC member to order a game. Send checks to THE KILIMANJARO CORPORATION, c/o the HERC, P.O. Box 55548, Sherman Oaks, CA 91413-0548 or order via the website. Adults only, not available outside of the United States. You can also order via the Online HERC Page.

HE's story "Objects of Desire in the Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear", written in the DANGEROUS VISIONS bookstore window based on just a few words from X-FILES creator Chris Carter, will appear in the signed, numbered, deluxe edition of THE CROW: SHATTERED LIVES AND BROKEN DREAMS story compilation (and NOT in any other version). Release date is March 1999 and the book goes for $225.00 + $7.00 shipping and insurance (no, that's not a typo!). For more information check out Grant Books at http://www.grantbooks.com or at (603)-778-7191.

Fans, readers, and good-hearted souls keep sending Harlan little gifts, "tokens of their esteem". The thoughts are usually very nice and much appreciated, but usually it's nothing he can use, or has room for. HE thanks you, but says he'd rather you didn't. From time to time we (and Rick Wyatt on the website) ask for youse guys to look for something special HE needs; but otherwise, if you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT restrain yourself, here's a tip from the RABBIT HOLE editor: he loves historical miniatures. (What we laypersons call "toy soldiers") ADDENDUM FROM THE WEBSITE: The "stuff Harlan is looking for" page can be found as that link off the top of this. I'll also pass on that Harlan's coffee mug from Barnes & Noble just got shattered and he desperately wants a replacement (the biege mug is in their authors series and features James Baldwin). Harlan is also looking for two copies of the italian SF magazine URANIA - specifically, the "Autunno" 1996 issue featuring HE's story "Pulling Hard Time" (under the name "Dura Da Scontare"). If ya got either of these, shoot them to Harlan (he's good for recompense as I'm sure you know) or contact me, webmaster@harlanellison.com.

HarlanEllison.com is under new management. Thank you to Rick Wyatt for his many years of dutiful stewardship of this site.