Harlan Ellison: Stuff Harlan Needs

Here you will find information about items (books and otherwise) HE is looking for. If you have any of these, or know where he can get them, e-mail me, webmaster@harlanellison.com. You will be fairly, and sometimes richly, rewarded in the coin of your choice, including money, signed Ellison works, or chosen book from HE's collection.


SPECIAL NOTE: If you find any of this stuff on auction, DO NOT BID ON IT. There is a real danger that 2 people or more trying to help HE will get in a bidding war. Contact me at the e-mail address up there or contact Harlan if you are a friend of his. DO NOT BID ON STUFF. CONTACT US INSTEAD!

Fans, readers, and good-hearted souls keep sending Harlan little gifts, "tokens of their esteem". The thoughts are usually very nice and much appreciated, but usually it's nothing he can use, or has room for. HE thanks you, but says he'd rather you didn't. From time to time we (and Rick Wyatt on the website) ask for youse guys to look for something special HE needs; but otherwise, if you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT restrain yourself, here's a tip from the RABBIT HOLE editor: he loves historical miniatures. (What we laypersons call "toy soldiers")

Block-Langenthal Collectors Plates

Three of Harlan's museum collector's plates have been damaged in an earthquake, and he has been looking for replacements. The only remaining missing items are 2 plates missing from a set of Dinosaur plates. These plates were issued by Block-Langenthal in Switzerland. They were listed as special items in limited edition for the museums listed below and were sold exclusively at those museums. If you have any information about where the Ellisons can replace these plates, please contact me (webmaster@harlanellison.com) immediately.

DETAILS: The Dinosaur plates are from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. The first plate damaged was a drawing of a triceratops and the second was a drawing of a diplodocus. Click on the text to see a picture of the triceratops plate and the diplodocus plate. Sorry for the quality, these are from photocopies made before the plates were damaged.

Selected Charities

If you don't have dinosaur plates, but would still like to help out, Harlan has recommended the following charities:

The Dictionary of American Regional English
DARE is attempting to document english as spoken in various US regions. This is an effort to preserve our cultural variety and heritage which HE is much in favor of. The folks at DARE have this to pass on:
Harlan would like you to make a contribution to a project which he supports - the Dictionary of American Regional English, or DARE, as it is familiarly known. DARE is a one-of-a -kind literary effort which provides a comprehensive and historical treatment of the English language as actually spoken throughout the United States. It is an authoritative and invaluable source of objective information on the ways that people express their experiences and cultural circumstances through language. Harlan likes DARE very much and encourages all of you to contribute to it. Checks should be made out to DARE/UW Foundation and sent to DARE, 6131 Helen C. White Hall, 600 North Park Street, Madison, WI, 53706. All contributions are tax deductible. More information regarding DARE can be found at http://polyglot.lss.wisc.edu/dare/dare.html. Your help is needed to make sure that the DARE project is completed. All gifts, large and small, will be very much appreciated by DARE and by Harlan. Contribute to DARE today!

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
The CBLDF (sorry, no snappy acronym this time) fights against censorship and for First Amendment Rights for comic writers, artists, and publishers. As a huge fan of the medium, Harlan uses every opportunity to promote the CBLDF possible.

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