Note: This material originally appeared as an exhibit for The Dominion's Sci-Fi Con in 1996. You may also want to check out the 1998 entry, Your Day with Harlan.

If you can't see this, the accompanying text is not gonna make a whole
friggin' lotta sense... Harlan Ellison.

His face half in light, half in shadow, as is only fitting.

For the sixty-three years and change the sun has been searing across the face of the man and the world, rare has been the day where his efforts did not leave both those faces a little different to look upon.

My name is Rick Wyatt, and for just over a year it has been my privilege to run Harlan's web site, Ellison Webderland. For a regrettably shorter period than even that brief span it has been my honor to be his friend.

I'm not going to try to explain to you, here and now, from where the privilege and honor arise, nor will I try to burn a desire to learn more about the works of one of the greatest fantasists of this century into your soul. I've got the homepage mentioned above for that, and there's more than enough Ellisonia there to keep you busy if that is your aim. Besides which, I figure I've fairly well exhausted your patience for my sense of the dramatic already.

So let's toss all those awed tones into the crapper and see what I've got for you here at the Con.

My Day My day with Harlan - an illustrated personal recollection. Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bum.
Piracy Warning No Mouth, No Right - an explanation from Harlan of why he'd REALLY rather you not pirate his work, and what might happen if you decide to do so anyway.
Yes, it's deliberate.  Deal. Harlan Answers the Questions of You Pinheads on the Internet - the first in a heartwarming new series which shows HE's great love for the Net (and all computerkind) as he answers the queries of newsgroup and web-page frequenters. Skoal!

Sorry that's all. Look at it again, or go somewhere else. I do have a life, you know...

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