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Here you will find information about recent and upcoming books Harlan is involved with. You may also just want to proceed to buying some of it.



This series, from White Wolf Publishing (check out their web site), promises to publish 31 titles in Harlan's backlist in 20 hardcover omnibus editions over the next five years. The first volume in the series, containing the story collection Over the Edge and the essay collection An Edge in My Voice, is already out. The second volume, containing the rock novel Spider Kiss and the story collection Stalking the Nightmare, is coming out in September 1996. The third volume is scheduled for mid-1997 and will feature the essay collection The Harlan Ellison Hornbook along with the never-before-unlimitedly-released screenplay Harlan Ellison's Movie.

White Wolf can be reached e-mail at WWolfMail@aol.com. As a special to Webderland, Harlan has released a huge 4700-word excerpt from his introduction to the second volume for publication on this web site.

Information on EDGEWORKS Volume 1
Harlan's Introduction to EDGEWORKS Volume 2

The following is a semi-official list of the books to appear in EDGEWORKS:

EDGEWORKS #1: Over the Edge and An Edge in My Voice April 1996, cover artist Jill Bauman

EDGEWORKS #2: Stalking the Nightmare and Spider Kiss October 1996, cover artist John K. Snyder III

EDGEWORKS #3: The Harlan Ellison Hornbook and Harlan Ellison's Movie May 1997, cover artist Jill Bauman

EDGEWORKS #4: Love Ain't Nothing But Sex Misspelled and The Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World November 1997, cover artist John K. Snyder III

EDGEWORKS #5: The Glass Teat and The Other Glass Teat coming soon, cover artist Jill Bauman

EDGEWORKS #6: Partners in Wonder coming soon, cover artist John K. Snyder III (spot the artist trend yet?)

EDGEWORKS #7: No Doors, No Windows and Shatterday May 1999, cover artist Jill Bauman

EDGEWORKS #8: Dangerous Visions November 1999, cover artist John K. Snyder III

EDGEWORKS #9: Strange Wine and The Deadly Streets May 2000 C.E., cover artist Jill Bauman

EDGEWORKS #10: Harlan Ellison's Watching November 2000, cover artist John K. Snyder III

EDGEWORKS #11: Gentleman Junkie and Other Stories of the Hung-up Generation and I Have No Mouth & I Must Scream May 2001, cover artist Jill Bauman

EDGEWORKS #12: Medea: Harlan's World November 2001, cover artist John K. Snyder III

EDGEWORKS #13: Paingod & Other Delusions and Memos From Purgatory May 2002, cover artist Jill Bauman

EDGEWORKS #14: Again, Dangerous Visions November 2002, cover artist John K. Snyder III

EDGEWORKS #15: Approaching Oblivion and Web of the City May 2003, cover artist Jill Bauman

EDGEWORKS #16: Ellison Wonderland and From the Land of Fear November 2003, John K. Snyder III

UNSCHEDULED TITLES: Rough Beasts, The Starlost: Phoenix Without Ashes, Children of the Streets, and The Sound of a Scythe

OTHER POSSIBLE FUTURE TITLES: Deathbird and Other Stories, Angry Candy, Sleepless Nights in the Procrustean Bed, and Slippage

The City on the Edge of Forever

I skipped the little break-line thingie since this book is also from White Wolf.   The book contains Ellison's original famous script for Star Trek, everything Harlan ever wanted to say about that script and its treatment, and comments from a number of people associated with the episode and series.

A limited edition of the book was also produced by Borderlands Press in Janary 1996. I wouldn't think there are any left, but nonetheless BP can be contacted at 1-800-528-3310. Even if you can't get one, you can feast your eyes on the cover art from the limited edition.


Slippage is Harlan's first new story collection since Angry Candy in 1984. The trade edition from Houghton-Mifflin is now in stores everywhere. 

Mark V. Ziesing Books (check out his web site) is producing the limited edition of this book.  Mark can be reached via phone or fax at (916) 474-1580, or you can e-mail him at 103633.2555@CompuServe.com. Mark was also good enough to forward me the table of contents to the book, with word counts, so you can see what's inside! 
Slippage Limited Edition Table of Contents

Strange and Stranger Kaddish

This new story collection, from Aardwolf Publishing, contains fantastic stories about the Jewish Faith. Ellison is represented with his story Go Toward the Light.   In addition, HE's Mom is featured in STRANGER KADDISH, the follow-up to  STRANGE KADDISH.   Aardwolf is offering the book to Webderland Visitors at three bucks off the cover price - 9.95 plus 1.25 postage (11.20 for the non-math majors out there).  Checks should go to Aardwolf Publishing, 45 Park Place South, Ste. 270, Morristown, NJ 07960.   The print run is only 650 copies, so if you're interested you'd better get on the stick!

Visit Aardwolf's Strange Kaddish page

Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor

This comic book is produced by Dark Horse Comics, Inc. (check out their web site - man, everyone seems to have these things these days! Why do I bother?) and features stories by Ellison illustrated by talented comics artists, along with an original story by Harlan in each issue based on cover art by well-known fantasy artists.

The first issue came out in March 1995 and featured cover art by Michael Whelan. The comic went to a quarterly format after the fifth issue in August 1995 and was significantly expanded and retooled in a paperback format. The first issue of the new format came out on August 14th, 1996.

Dark Horse can be reached via e-mail as dhc@dhorse.com.

Other Harlan Ellison Releases

A gorgeous edition of Repent Harlequin! Cried the TickTockMan is out from Underwood Books, lovingly illustrated by Rick Berry and designed by Arnie Fenner.  Repent is $17.00 and there is a signed, numbered, and slipcased edition for $45.00 - write Underwood at PO Box 1609, Grass Valley, CA 95945 or fax your order to 916-274-7179.

Ellison Completists might want to pick up the three-volume set of Ellison short stories translated into Russian: Worlds of Harlan Ellison from Polaris Press in Latvia (you can e-mail me for the ISBN).

You can pick up many other Ellison works from the HERC via my HERC store page, and get a few more via my Buy Ellison Stuff page.

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