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Starting Points

Usenet: alt.fan.harlan-ellison
alt.fan.harlan-ellison FAQ
Babylon 5
Bab 5 Support Page
Lycos Search on "harlan ellison"

Other Harlan Ellison Homepages

The Islets of Langerhans
David B's HE Homepage
Espana N. Sherrif's HE Page from Espana's Science Fiction Page
Ace's Ellison Homepage
MIT Harlan Ellison Homepage
Scattered Gems
Peter Murray's Ellison Homepage
Elisa Sparks' Ellison Homepage
ULTIMAJOCK's Ellison Links page
Simply Jack's HE page
My Harlan Ellison homepage
Mesmeratronics, Ltd.
The Yahoo Club Ellison Alcove

Publication Information

White Wolf (Edgeworks series)
White wolf again: Edgeworks 5
Sci-Fi Buzz, from the Sci-Fi Channel's The Dominion
Dark Horse Comics
Dark Horse Comics: Dream Corridor #5
Aardwolf Publishing, publishers of the story collection Strange Kaddish which contains an Ellison short story
Cyberdreams, producer of the computer game I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream
MGM-UA - Information on the computer game I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream
Harlan's Essay on why he developed a computer game with Dave Mullich & Cyberdreams
Games Domain Review of IHNMAIMS
Mitch Eatough's Gamezilla review of IHNMAIMS
Bibliography from David B's homepage
John Wenn's HE Bibliography
Ellison Comic Book Bibliography
Ellison's section on a list of "transformation" stories
List of Ellison short stories from sflovers archive
SFSite bibliographies for Harlan and Susan Ellison.
Book and Story List from index of reviews in Locus Magazine.
Ellison's Connection with The Terminator movies
Guide to Twilight Zone episodes
Info on TV Show The Starlost
To see Harlan Ellison's filmography, search the Internet Movie Database.
Purchase a copy of the A Boy and His Dog video
Arvi Nikkarev's HE Bibliography and his Skarbeus Estonian edition of The Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World.
CyberSpace Spinner has a listing of Ellison short fiction.

Ellison Speaks

Galaxy Online has Harlan commentaries.
Story - The Pale Silver Dollar of the Moon Pays Its Way and Makes Change
Essay - Lunch With Louis 'n' Me
Ellison's Dark Carnival Interview
Q&A with Chris Hudak in Details
White Wolf Inphobia: Ellison Response
Harlan Ellison's attempts to set up Tom Galloway
The Bookweb Chat with Ellison
Entire Transcript of Bookweb Chat
My Interview with Ellison
An interview with Harlan Ellison about L. Ron Hubbard
Story about Ellison's brief employment by Disney
Harlan's explanation of why he decided to make a computer game
Exclusive TBR interview with Harlan Ellison
Writer's World HE Interview
Onion Interview with HE
Interview with Harlan Ellison at Amazon.com
A walk around the park something Harlan wrote for a fanzine
Nardwuar's audio interview with HE

Ellison Bulletin Boards

Sci-Fi Channel's section for Ellisonian discussion
Sci-Fi Channel's section for discussion of Dream Corridor
Speculative fiction discussion page
Webderland Bulletin Board


Nebula Awards, 1965-1994
Hugo Awards
Bram Stoker Awards
Science Fiction Writer's Association Awards Page

The City on the Edge of Forever

Sci-Fi Weekly Book Review: City on the Edge
Sector 001: Ellison on Rodenberry
Hack-Man's Episode Guide - THE CITY ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER
The Original Series - Episode List

Reviews and Commentary

The Buzz: Article on I, Robot
Sci-Fi Weekly Book Review: City on the Edge
Eric R. Rountree Review of City on the Edge
Review of Edgeworks 1
Reviews of Harlan's work from the Linköping Science Fiction and Fantasy Archive
List of Harlan's works from the Linköping Science Fiction and Fantasy Archive
Review of Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor #1
Another review of Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor
Review of Dream Corridor #2
Tabulation of votes on Harlan Ellison books
A detailed discussion of Ellison's involvement with L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology
Sci-Fi Weekly reviews A Boy and His Dog and Seeing Ear Theater Volume 1 and Volume 2.
Eidolons focus on HE
Ain't It Cool's two DragonCon Commentaries.


Mark V. Ziesing, Bookseller
Amazon.com Books
Harlan Ellison Book Page at Booksmith.
Dangerous Visions Bookstore
Darkest Heart Books
BiblioBytes electronic publications: Love Ain't Nothing But Sex Misspelled, The Glass Teat, The Other Glass Teat, and The Complete Glass Teat.
Enchantments Bookstore
Virtual Book Shop: Harlan Ellison
Internet Bookshop's Ellison Feature
BookSmith's Ellisonia for Sale
Other reader-suggested bookstores that are good at having Ellison material:

Grab Bag

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
Event Horizon e-zine.
Fritz Leiber Homepage
Paul Riddell's Tangent column
Rick Cusick's article BUGFUCK!, from GAUNTLET magazine

Paul Riddell's Sci Fi column #4 on B5
Internet Australia - Writers on the Internet
Impressions on Harlan Ellison's "The Whimper of Whipped Dogs"
List of fanzines produced by HE
Comic Book legal defense fund
Jazz Butcher song about Ellison lyrics
Jazz Butcher song discussion
Another fan song
Borgia Popes song: A Boy and His Dog
Some kinda thingie about Ellison and Babylon-5
Gauntlet Press has two back issues with Ellison information in them for sale.
The issues are #1 (Ellison's never-produced Twilight Zone teleplay "Nackles")
and #9 (Rick Cusick's article on the Enemies of Ellison).

HE Writing Parody
Frank Sinatra Has a Cold
HE The Movie weirdness
Film version of Paulie Charmed the Sleeping Woman
Harlan is on the Celebrity Atheist List.

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