Ellison Gallery: Jill Bauman

These pictures are all thumbnails of larger image files. To view the full image, click on the picture or the accompanying text. The images on this page were all taken from various Ellison publications. Where such information was available I have given the photographer or artist proper credit.

Bauman and Ellison:
Jill Bauman is the unofficial "Queen of the Horror Artists" whose work has been featured on and within many HE publications. In the clipping to the left there, Harlan calls here "just about the best big-time hardcover and paperback cover artist in New York." He also had this to say about her:

The Bauman: respects the written word; has a compelling sense of spatial relationships; ideates with a puckish sense of imagination; has a sweet sense of art history so if you say "Feininger" or "Corot", she doesn't look at you like someone who works the grill at McDonald's; understands the color specturm; is far too polite to sleazy publishers, inept editors, egomaniacal art directors and pig-faced writers who try to put the make on her. She's extremely neat, very clean, dresses well, and never mentions god or richard nixon. If you see her, ask her please to return my hedge clippers.



Ellison-Related Art by Jill Bauman

"The Bauman" was good enough to send me a whole mess of art from various HE publications. I'm afraid I can't do justice to the brilliant colors and detail of the work I saw with the limited space I have, but nevertheless I'll give it a shot. These pictures will look best if you have your monitor set to at least 64,000 simultaneous colors..

All Artwork accessible from this page is Copyright 1997 Jill Bauman

The Deathbird Stories Art

The next six pieces all appeared in the 1990 Easton Press edition of Harlan's short story collection Deathbird Stories, considered by many to be his best. All six pieces copyright 1990 Jill Bauman.

The Deathbird. Book Frontspiece.
(69k JPG)

Shattered, Like a Glass Goblin.
(51k JPG)

(145k JPG)

The Face of Helene Bournouw.
(126k JPG)

On the Downhill Side.
(79k JPG)

The Whimper of Whipped Dogs.
(81k JPG)

Other Art

Jacket art for Spider Kiss, hardcover from The Armchair Detective Library. Copyright 1990 Jill Bauman.
(130k JPG)

Art for Keyboard, in New Rave magazine. Copyright 1994 Jill Bauman.
(72k JPG)

This piece (Our Own Ice Cream I) and the next are from Dark Horse Comic's publication Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor. Both pieces copyright 1995 Jill Bauman.
(54k JPG)

Our Own Ice Cream II, from Dream Corridor.
(151k JPG)

Jacket Art from Edgeworks I, hardcover from White Wolf Publishing containing Over the Edge and An Edge in My Voice. Jill will be doing the covers of all the odd-numbered books in the Edgeworks series. Copyright 1996 Jill Bauman.
(68k JPG)

Jacket art from EdgeWorks 3, hardcover from White Wolf Publishing containing The Harlan Ellison Hornbook and Harlan Ellison's Movie. Copyright 1997 Jill Bauman.
(79k JPG)

Jacket art for Slippage, limited signed edition hardcover from Mark Zeising Books. Copyright 1997 Jill Bauman.
(59k JPG)

All Artwork accessible from this page is Copyright 1997 Jill Bauman

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