Webderland Update Log



Various minor updates. Most of what is going on is on the art deco dining pavilion, so if you are confused why this part seems dead head over there via the "visitor forums" link and check it out.

Added documents provided from representation in the Ellison vs. Fantagraphics Lawsuit.

A brief note to the effect that this update log is no longer canonical; I don't find it necessarily worthwhile anymore to note every site change.
Webderland has moved hosting providers, we are now hosted with pair.com. Eventually all the volpegroup stuff in banners will go away. With the site move I reactivated the bibliographical database and got it working with the new MySQL server, reworked the bulletin boards and other CGI to work on the new server, modified the main bulletin board to display 25 messages at a time, did all the DNS/Domain changes, etc, etc.
There have also been a few news entries and appearances updates since last we chatted in this little space. I'm sure you can find them. I've also updated the biographies and booklists with new information from Susan Ellison.

Updated appearances, new book in HERC Store, recently archived bulletin board. Special note to check out David Loftus's Stalking the Nightmare review which I neglected to note here a month or so back.

New rant, added KICK link to menu, archived bulletin board.

New news entry and update on appearances.

New news entry, new link.

New review.

New news entry. New opening quote. Kewl.

New news entry. New Review up for An Edge in My Voice in the Book Review section

Bulletin board archived, several new reviews and new visitor contributions added

New news entry, FINALLY got all the perl scripts working including all the guestbook/bulletin board pages.

Been a while since I talked to the boy, hopefully will have an update soon. For now, had to move to a new server and perl scripts and database still not up yet. Have patience.

New news and appearances. 'nuff said.

New guest rant, new news and appearances, minor revisions on HERC page.

New rant and a few minor page fixes.

Put a crapload of new links up on the links page. Also added some new people that gave me awards and stuff.

New news entry (about the website revamp), updated stuff HE needs, new pictures on Contributions page including some great Shane Shellenbarger pics, added carnival directory and two interviews to online works.

Complete website revision now online - working internal links and a menu structure along with a more consisten structure.

Bib database now part of Webderland proper, new links (I did the scut work this time), new interviews/textfiles, new news entry (under the 1/20 entry because I am lazy), new visitor contributions, new email entries, fixed some broken internal links, got ht-dig search engine working, new resource, fixed other minor fuckups.

Too many tweaks, global changes, fixes, and additions associated with move to harlanellison.com to mention. Just look around.

Bulletin board archival, various yearly archivals, new news entries, new appearances listings, new stuff HE needs, PI transcript, new buzzwords, missing HERC members list, computer game info from HERC.

New news entry, new comic book bibliography, new HE needed, new SciFi Buzz, many minor updates and corrections.

New news entry, new review, new guest rant, DragonCon pictures.

09/03/98 and 09/24/98
New news entries.

New news entry, Odyssey workshop writeup, HERC book order update.

New news entry, addition to awards page, guest rant addendum.

New rant *and* new guest rant. Rant, rant, rant! Well, rant, rant anyway.

Updated table of contents, minor fixes, static book and work lists.

Two new reviews online, two new Sci-Fi Buzzes online, update e-mail and what the hell.

New Ellison works (essays) online, revised bio and words page, links to new bibliographical database, new news entry.

Expirementing with couple changes to page layouts, let me know what you think: Revamped navigation bar, made the same on on top-level navigation pages (if you squint really hard it looks like a TOC frame!). Re-did separation lines and horizontal rules to be consistent on same pages.

Provided complete Webderland Table of Contents, revised awards page, revised old start page, minor obsolete page cleanups and page fixes.

Redid homepage, redid awards page, new what the hell and e-mail entries, new pictures, updated Webderland tour text, new quotes and anecdotes, general worship-removal pass, minor fixes and revisions, FOE graphic.

New rant, fixed a few links, added "I Write" site section with online Ellison works, added two stories and ancillary material including Real Audio to new section, installed Real Audio server to make the previous change work better, revised HERC booklist, new news entry, added transcript of HE responses to Czech convention fans, put Rick Cusick's 30,000 word article BUGFUCK! online with graphics, put in new lengthy biography, archived comment board, added double-post warnings to comments and guestbook posting, revised homepage headers. Just another tricky day.

Another great links update (and a new opening quote!) from JT.

News entry, minor cleanup work.

Amazon listings, updated appearances page, new news entry.

Stuff Harlan needs page, minor reformatting, fixes to IHMN multimedia project.

How to buy shit page, new almost-surreal bio, minor cleanups, updated HERC booklist, updated appearances page.

Added archive of IHNM site, new news entry, cleaned up an repaired guestbook, new contributed pics, new Hell guesses, finally imported some contributed color-corrected pics, new link on cafe Li'l Wally pic.

New chat page, updated reviews page.

New rant, new reviews, archived bulletin board, new "surreal" bio.

New Links, New Random Ellison Quote entry point.

BEAST review, new surreal bios, new news entries, appearances page, updated Hell page and e-mail file

02/08/98 (by JT)
Added two new links and updated an outdated one.

(Postdated to allow yearly page archival)
Removed photo misuse notice, added search engine, added FAQ, moved some stuff around on homepage, archived news, want-ads, e-mails, and comments, re-did bulletin board and want-ads organization, new news entry, new what the hell entries, new links, link fixes.
Bio fix, new Compuserve and AOL chat transcripts, added What the Hell entry, new links and link fixes.
Mammoth news entry, updated what the hell page, added SLIPPAGE review, added list of books appearing in EDGEWORKS to upcoming releases page.
News entry.
Tons of new links and new link fixes, new bulletin board archive.
PI transcript, news entry, new words of HE entry, new sci-fi buzz, new quotes and anecdotes, minor fixes, removed writings and added homepage link (on rants), updated e-mail file, minor intro changes, revised Hell page, new surreal biography, spent over 12 hours in Front Page revising HTML and internal links and fixing damn near every broken external link as well. You're welcome.
Jil Bauman gallery (sometime, I forget when), new links, news entry, new resources.
Updated news, buzz, gallery, hell, general page cleanups, imported web site to Front Page, tried to clean up bad links and browser-specific coding.
New news entry. Two new additions to Buzz archive. Harlan's commentary on Heaven's Gate/Rancho Santa Fe cultists.
New news entry. New contributed pictures. Sci-Fi Buzz commentary archive. Exhibit from Sci-Fi Con. Two new bulletin board archives. New links and fixed many broken or missing links. Archived e-mail and news for '96, added new e-mail textfile. New guest rant. General cosmetic changes to main page. Miscellaneous minor corrections. Happy now?
New news entry (I know, I know...there will be a major update soon!).
New news entry.
Added Harlan's intro to EDGEWORKS volume 2, Peter David's two articles on the Friends of Ellison, updated resources information including new section on Friends, new pages featuring info on new and upcoming Ellison releases and collection of Ellison's words on this site, new news entry, Slippage Table of Contents, updated typos, what the hell, and e-mail files/pages, fixed spelling of JEFFTY IS FIVE, wrote this fantastic upage log entry. Now I'm gonna get stinkin' drunk
New news entry, added new pictures to Gallery, fixed Bulletin Board and Want Ads (if the other server comes up!), added Ziesing Books to resources, added new links, added to email textfile, updated Edgeworks typos list, updated comic-book bibliography. Whew! Oh, shoot, almost forgot I also added the Twilight Zone comic book to the ordering page for the HERC...
Added a gozillion images and completely re-worked Gallery, several news items, added Ziesing books to resources, added new awards info.
Fixed problem with bulletin board, archived comments, added META tags for search engines to homepage, updated typos list.
New news entry, fixed gif on Curtis's credits page, new fake bio, moved get-well comments to visitor contributions page, fixes to white wolf page, added homepage link to white wolf page, brightened want-ads page background for readability.
Moved Curtis's homepage to off-server link, new links added, new fake bio (surreal if you prefer that word), minor fixes, added new What the HELL guesses, archived comments board.
Put new graphics up from Curtis Fritsche, news entry and comments about Ellison's quadruple bypass, special comments section for Get-Well wishes.
Put new graphics up from Curtis Fritsche, updated Curt's page and added his homepage. New news entry. Corrected established date on index.htm, fixed reference to there being no alt.fan.harlan.
The damn comments program crashed again. Added code to compare file sizes and not replace old comments board if any error occured.
New news entry.
Added new ellison pictures, new surreal bio w/ photo, update What the Hell suggestions, new news entry, more Fritsche icons, new rant, new links.
(sorry, I wasn't Captain Documentation the past month because of some serious shit happening in my life) Added much of Curtis Fritzsche's contributions to the page, screwed up the comments page again, made other changes I've since forgotten.
New e-mail textfile, two new links, minor fixes, removed blackout from site, updated awards page, moved archives and e-mail textfiles to Contributions page and added story by Webderland visitor to that page as well.
"Blacked Out" all pages in site to protest the Communications Decency Act.
Okay, I finally wrote another damn rant, and I put a new version of Chris Day's Comic Book Bibliography online.
Still sick as a dog, but nonetheless put up a new guest rant and news entry.
Rant postponed due to 103-104 degree fever from morning of 01/14 to present. Went ahead and uploaded rest of update: Archived comments, updated awards page, Updated Biblio/Bio and Reviews, added new links, added summary and dated links, added new textfile to Other Rants page, added more specific titles.
Began giving specific titles to pages, added tons of stuff to Bio/Biblio page including official booklist and quotes page, added new pictures from Chad Netzer, new news entry, did a lot of small shit I had been putting off because I have to document changes in three places. You know, the usual. Oh, updated e-mail textfile as well.
Fixed a couple of links, added test page for quotes (send me some, the test page is called elliquot.htm), added new entries to What the Hell page, new picture on homepage (Harlan and Susan), added textfiles for comic-book and regular bibliography, added more links to real homepage from fake menu page (just in case)
12/09/95 (again)
Added first guest rant, reorganized page files into sub-directories, re-loaded entire page from local PC to ensure consistency. It was a real bitch, let me tell you.
Added graphics and tags to fake menu intro screen
Added news entry on Ellison appearances, want ad, last update notice on top of page.
Added two new links, removed several self-disparaging remarks from different pages (if you see any others, let me know, PLEASE!)
Added news entry, added request to bulletin board.
Added news entry, updated links, added Islets of Langerhans links, new fake bio, new rant, detailed awards listing, archived old comments to separate page, added new email comments
Put alt.fan.harlan-ellison FAQ online, added interview with HE, wrote new news entry, minor links fixes, added bookstores to resource page, generally stayed up too late working on this stuff
Wrote new rant, added a page with a little biographical information about me.
Added news bulletin, removed table borders, removed bigger quick menu. Okay, it wasn't a banner day.
Added order info section, added quick menus to all major pages, reorganized homepage format to look better and load more quickly, added some new links, added new icons, combined bio/biblio pages, added awards page, god I did a bunch of shit just check it out.
Made numerous minor corrections/additions at Harlan's request, added mammoth new News section, added additional text to many pictures in the Gallery, removed cigarette from picture at end of page. Fixed "Earnest Hemingway" and "Exogenesis", removed Christopher Priest links, added some corrections to links, god who knows what else it was quite a night.
10/06/95 Part II
Added Interactive Capability to Want-Ads and Bulletin Board. Am I a badass or WHAT?
10/06/95 Part I
Minor graphical and animation changes. Updated Bulletin Board, E-mails, and Want ads.
Wrote new rant (and man I think if Ellison ever reads it I am in some Serious Trouble). Added story to Old Rants and Miscellania page. Wrote pissy update to News page. Further bemoaned the total loss of my 2.1 gig hard drive.
(Yes, I know that's twice for 09/23/95. I was BUSY). Worked out how to do server push animations. Added rinky-dink animation to main homepage and added new Rotating Picture Gallery animation page, linked from the Picture Gallery main page.
Added quick menu to top, changed Stuff To Do over to table format, updated bulletin board, corrected "biliography" spelling, added note about computer crash. Changed "invsline.gif" method of forcing spacing between sections of image/text to use
instead, making the look and feel more consistent at various browser widths.
Added comment to Bulletin Board, added want-ad to (duh) want-ads. Also added link to Ace's Homepage while I was at it. Changed "Dave Espana" to Sheriff M. Espana"
Got listed on some site-list thingie called Point. Added their award badge to the "Vanities" section. Fixed problem with two pictures producing garbage when loaded, one of which crashed Netscape (thanks for the tip, Ace!).
Added rant, news, and update log pages. Removed paper towel reference.
Updated links page by adding approx. 25 new links. Added some commentary to homepage and a new counter.

HarlanEllison.com is under new management. Thank you to Rick Wyatt for his many years of dutiful stewardship of this site.