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The Ellison Want Ads

1998 Archive

Shane Shellenbarger <sslls@uswest.net>
Phoenix, AZ U*S*A* - Wednesday December 30 1998 16:01:08

Phoenix, Arizona U.S.A. - Friday September 5 1997 01:04:30 On September 13th, 1997 Harlan appeared on "West Coast Live with Sedge Thompson", KQED (National Public Radio) in San Francisco. The show was taped on this date. I'll make it worth the while of anyone who can get me a tape of this program. Also, in mid to late September, 1997 H.E. appeared on "Between The Lines" a PBS program that airs in S.F., Philadelphia, and Chicago. I'd prefer a video tape, but I'll settle for an audio tape. Can anyone help? Thanks, Shane
Rex Kohl <BNRKohl@juno.com>
USA - Monday December 28 1998 21:26:20

FOR SALE: 1995 DOLPHIN MOTOR HOME. 35' with large slide out. 460 Ford, jacks,built in sat. dish,back up camera,side by side refrigerator with ice maker. Washer/dryer,2 A/C's,gas/electric hot water heater,gas & electric stove top burners, microwave/convection oven, corion counter tops, water filter,pull out sink sprayer faucet. Set up with Blue Ox tow bar. 1 owner- non-smokers, 11k. miles. Please call: 1(760)572-2634 or our e-mail address: Rex and Barbara Kohl BNRKohl@juno.com
Neil Neches <dannysmom@aol.com>
Brooklyn, NY USA - Friday December 25 1998 22:48:05

Selling the following Ellisonia. Prices do not reflect postage. Satisfaction guaranteed.All items in excellent condition unless otherwise stated. Dream Corridor - softcover $10, hardcover, autographed $75; Angry Candy hardcover first ed $35; Essential Ellison hardcover, slipcased, numbered, $60; Vic and Blood, hardcover, autographed, $50; Harlan Ellison's Watching, hardcover, first, $35; Book of Ellison (softcover, fair)$15;
Laurent Gurewitch <Laurentyvan@hotmail.com>
Manchester, New York USA - Friday December 25 1998 02:17:57

I have a collectible copy of Ace D-531:The Juvies by HE. 1961 ed. Will consider reasonable offers relative to the scarcity of this book. Other older paperbacks and SF magazines as well by and about the author. Send wants.
star mcleod <registar@frontiernet.net>
rochester, ny - Tuesday December 22 1998 11:24:34

wanted - WILLIE HUTCH album or tape - must contain song "UP THE DOWN SIDE OF LOVE". email if you have any leads
Rick Paul <radiola@pernet.net>
Houston, TX - Monday December 14 1998 06:20:07

Frustrated and looking for a the two cassette set put out many years ago of Harlan reading "A Boy and His Dog" and "Repent Harliquin!". My only copy just vanished into the maw of the evil cassette ghod before I could transfer it to CDR.
MANCHESTER, UK - Saturday December 12 1998 13:12:40

Have any of you friendly Yanks got Videos of Harlan lecturing or appearing on TV? Would like to acquire copies or original tapes for a behavioural study project of genius at work - No seriously - Plus any one got a reasonable - & reasonably priced copy of MEDIA that HE did with others on the ecology et al of a planet of the same name. Please advise me of the cost of the media and the cost of shipment to the United Kingdom and your Postal Address so I can send payment by return. If you can help you would make an old man happy in his declining years. May Your God [amex, the big-bopper, et al] Go With You Regards John [Mad Jack] Sutcliffe
Jon Malone <Jon.Malone@dial.pipex.com>
Tunbridge Wells, Kent England - Friday December 11 1998 19:26:25

I live in England and Ellison has not been published here for years (the last one was "Strange Wine" in the early 1980s as far as I know). I've got most of his books now, but I'm still missing "Strange Wine" - and it was Stephen King's review of this book in "Danse Macabre" which got me hooked on Ellison in the first place. Can anyone help me find a copy of this book? Thanks, Jon Malone
S J Nicholson <sjwn@hotmail.com>
Arlington , TX USA - Friday November 27 1998 07:30:00

I have lots and lots of HE items for trade or preferrably for sale. Some autographed books, have a copy of the game which I am willing to part with (with mousepad). Alas, all this is so I can move over 1000 miles west. I wanna be closer to the action. E-mail me with your want list.
naria <naria@laguna.com.mx>
chapatli, jalisco mexico - Thursday November 5 1998 23:39:26

i was wondering if any good souls out there who have a copy of the story "i have no mouth and i must scream" would be willing to type it into a txt file? i know it is long, about 13 or 14 pages, but I would appreciate it so very much. Or if they know where I can get a copy. I moved to mexico a few years ago and cannot find it anywhere.
Brian Schweitzer <brianfreud@yahoo.com>
Baltimore, MD USA - Monday November 2 1998 00:59:41

I have a signed 2nd ed Ace pb I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream from 1983, in perfect MINT condition. As it is my second signed copy of this book, I'd like to trade it, pref for any other signed HE books (except The Beast...).
Otto <Ottomaniac@yahoo.com>
- Friday October 30 1998 22:28:11

All right, I'm throwing in the towel. I've contacted every CD-Rom resource, no one knows what the hell I'm talking about, and www.cyberdreams.com appears to be a pornography website. Does anyone, ANYONE have a copy of the game, "I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream" that they're willing to part with? I don't really care what it's compatable with -- I'll find a way to use it. Please, good people; hear the cry of a desperate man.
Dan Topjian <ctopjian@aol.com>
Cerritos, Ca. USA - Saturday October 24 1998 17:18:53

Very interested in buying early Ellison pulp's. Want list includes Adam, Caper, Famous Weatern, Guilty Detective Story Mag., Knight, Knave, Pix, Rogue, The Saint, Saint Detective Magazine, Super Science Fiction, etc. Also looking for NF or better copy of Sex Gang. Cash or trade for nice Ellison items. Thanks, Dan e-mail ctopjian@aol.com
S.Nikstaitis <zyya@iname.com>
PA USA - Friday September 25 1998 17:58:07

I have 7 HP Lovecraft paperbacks that I would like to trade for Ellisonia (books, recordings, etc). They are all in good condition, and include The Dunwich Horror and The Colour Out of Space from Lancer books. From Ballantine there is The Lurking Fear and other stories, At the Mountains of Madness and other tales of terror, The Shuttered Room and other tales of horror (with August Derleth), Tales of The Cthulhu Mythos vol.1(anthology inc. Lovecraft, Derleth, and others), and The Tomb and other tales.
Lydia Chagolla <Lydia@elkgrove.net>
Elk Grove, CA USA - Wednesday September 9 1998 05:58:47

I have a copy of "The Illustrated Harlan Ellison" from 1978 signed by the author. It includes "Deeper than the Darkness", "Croatoan", " 'Repent, Harlequin!' Said the Ticktockman", "The Discarded", "An Ellison Tapestry", "Shattered Like a Glass Goblin", "Riding the Dark Train Out", and "I'm Looking for Kadak". There is a little wear on the edges of the binding, but other than that it is in good condition. All offers will be considered. Thanks!
Greg Hurd <hurdg@alpena.cc.mi.us>
Alpena, MI usa - Saturday August 29 1998 02:21:36

Looking for HE "trading cards", college speaking tour audio(s), Tomorrow Show video, various paperbacks, etc. Will buy, trade for pounds of flesh, bootleg rock tapes.............
Tony Rabig <arabig@par1.net>
Parsons, KS USA - Sunday August 16 1998 13:21:25

Still have some limited editions available: Ltd eds of Angry Candy, Watching, Medea, Edge in My Voice, Essential Ellison, as well as signed Trident Press Love Ain't Nothing But Sex Misspelled, some paperbacks. If interested contact Tony Rabig at arabig@par1.net (That's parONE.net, not parL or parI).
James Palmer <grendel@randomc.com>
- Tuesday August 11 1998 04:58:30

Me again. I also have a copy of DREAM CORRIDOR featuring Chatting With Anubis and the first DREAM CORRIDOR QUARTERLY (at least I think it's the first) featuring A Lingering Scent of Woodsmoke.
James Palmer <grendel@randomc.com>
Murrayville, Georgia U.S.A. - Tuesday August 11 1998 04:37:45

Ellisonia for sale: I have about two year's worth of F&SF I need to get rid of, including two containing Ellison shorts: Midnight in the Sunken Cathedral and Anywhere but Here, With Anyone but You. I even have Oy, Robot, the collection of contests the magazine did, some of which Ellison entered. They are included here. Also willing to trade/sell a copy of Masters of Fantasy: Harlan Ellison. I'm also wondering if anyone has any leads on a copy of I Have no Mouth and I Must Scream. Please e-mail me if you are interested.
John Marcotte <nerdboy@cwnet.com>
- Thursday August 6 1998 07:23:38

I have some books I would like to trade for HE material. One is a signed HE and the others are 1st print/1st edition Phillip K. Dick. The signed HE is the bookclub edition of Alone Against Tomorrow. You will find this edition especially priceless if your name happens to be Jerold Anderson, 'cause thats the putz that sold his autographed copy. The Phil Dick books are: Martian Time Slip - (great shape for it's age. some yellowing) Valis - Very fine shape I will listen to any reasonable offer. I'll listen to some of the unreasonable ones too, because sometimes I like to sit and laugh. If you haven't tried to read Phillip K. Dick, you should. The man's a genius.
John Marcotte <nerdboy@cwnet.com>
Sacramento, CA USA - Thursday August 6 1998 07:15:45

I have a Harlan Ellison album for sale. This is vinyl. (You do remember vinyl, don't you?) On side "A" Harlan reads "Repent Harlequin!" said the Ticktock Man. On the "B" side Harlan reads Shatterday. The album plays great I just listened to it again yesterday. This is a 1981 edition. I have been told that there was an earlier edition issued in the mid-70's, but I have no idea how to look that up. I want at least the $30 I spent on the album 2 years ago. Higher offers will not only be entertained, they will be put up in the guest bedroom and treated to a gourmet dinner.
Bill Coe <coehouse@tir.com>
Linden, Michigan USA - Wednesday August 5 1998 15:01:24

Just made up a list of 100 very interesting books. Since it starts out with 38 by Harlan, I thought you might be interested. The remaining are by Matheson, Bloch, Lovecraft (Bart hs), Fredric Brown (SF&Myst), Dick, Beaumont and a few others. E-mail for a free copy (the price you pay will be trying to decipher it since it's formatted for a full page). Please mention you saw this in Webderland BILL (THE BOOK VAULT)
Hugh DiIorio <diiorio1@marshall.edu>
Mamaroneck, NY USA - Thursday July 23 1998 09:55:16

Signed copy of "The Juvies" Signed by Ellison on steps of NYU after his talk there on 4/22/81. The school threw everyone out to close up and HE sat on the steps hawking and signing. Best offer in reasonable time. PB's in good condition. No tears. Minor wear. Good back cover B&W photo of Ellison with cigarette dangling from mouth. First edition (if there ever was a second?)
Darryl <dwl@hardincook.com>
Oakland, CA - Monday July 20 1998 15:56:25

I am looking for a reasonably priced copy of the limited edition I, Robot. Please email me if you know of one available. Thanks a bunch.
Paul T. Riddell <priddell@usa.net>
Dallas, Texas USA - Wednesday July 8 1998 22:50:45

FREE Limited Edition _Slippage_ "The Healing Power of Obnoxiousness: The Paul T. Riddell Essay Archive" is currently offering a contest to win a free copy of the limited edition, slipcased Ziesing print of Harlan Ellison's _Slippage_, with bookplate on the title page signed by the author. Details can be found on the HPoO site at: http://www.cyberramp.net/~priddell/contest/ Of course, the site has a lot more to it than just this, but you'll have to visit to find out. (Contest ends August 2, 1998.) Cordially, Paul T. Riddell The Healing Power of Obnoxiousness: The Paul T. Riddell Essay Archive http://www.cyberramp.net/~priddell
David M. Somerfleck <dms2000@hotmail.com>
Virginia Beach , VA U.S. of A - Sunday July 5 1998 01:23:22

Hello. I am attempting to create a site called "The Writer's Retreat." I know it's not much yet, but I'd like everyone reading this to visit and offer some (constructive) suggestions for improvement. Also, if anyone can suggest sites, market information, international literary directories, please feel free to do so. I need and humbly request all the help I can get. The site is located at: http://welcome.to/dmsforever. Thanks for your time and thought. Sincerely, David M. Somerfleck
Dave Asselin <pmack@xero.com>
Boston, MA - Monday June 22 1998 21:51:19

Big stack of Ellison mags, from '57-96. Some contain stories, some interviews, some columns. E-mail me for the list.
Garth Jenkins
Eugene, Missouri USA - Friday June 12 1998 17:33:44

Anyone looking for Harlan's rarer books should check out www.abebooks.com. I've had vey good luck with finding used booksellers with assorted Ellisonia. I heartily recommend it.
Aubrie <Drgnflyy9@aol.com>
- Wednesday June 3 1998 04:33:28

I am just a college student desperately seeking a copy of "'Repent Harlequin' Said the Tick-Tock Man"...if anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated...it's just a short story....please
Greg Hurd <hurdg@alpena.cc.mi.us>
Alpena, MI USA - Friday May 29 1998 02:58:40

List people, send me your lists. Also have a rare cool RBCC up at ebay.com. You can zip there faster at http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=15574458. Thanks and keep watching the skies!
Peter Schmalz <Schmalz@slkc.uswest.net>
West Jordan, Utah USA - Thursday May 28 1998 23:39:06

I have recently become a fan of Harlan, it started when I saw him on SciFi Buzz, it's darn shame that they canceled it being as that was the only place I could see Harlan except for the ocassional appearance on Tom Snyder. I've been reading the Edgeworks series
Dawn McClain <dmcclain@oakland-info.com>
Troy, MI USA ://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=15574458. Thanks and keep watching the skies!
Peter Schmalz <Schmalz@slkc.uswest.net>
West Jordan, Utah USA - Thursday May 28 1998 23:39:06

I have recently become a fan of Harlan, it started when I saw him on SciFi Buzz, it's darn shame that they canceled it being as that was the only place I could see Harlan except for the ocassional appearance on Tom Snyder. I've been reading the Edgeworks series
Dawn McClain <dmcclain@oakland-info.com>
Troy, MI USA - Thursday May 28 1998 02:38:11

I am seriously seeking Memos From Pergatory and other out-of-print HE works. I would also like to know when and if he will be in Michigan again, as I would gladly give several bodily appendages to see the man in person. Thank you for the Web site!
Robert Dyer <Balloonbob@aol.com>
Ichikawa-shi, Chiba-ken Japan - Sunday May 24 1998 17:33:29

The first time I had ever heard of HE was in an airport waiting to go back to Japan, where I've lived most of my life. I was extremely depressed, for reasons too broad to go into here, and I pick up a copy of "Paingod and Other Delusions". The intro: "Your Basic Crown Of Thorns" washed over me like a swarm of locusts! And I mean that in a good way! That essay spoke directly to my heart and gave me a motivation for life that I didn't know I possessed. Harlan, may whatever supreme alien force you canonize bless you. You have enriched my life with your work so much! ANy thoughts on where a copy of that intro might still be in print? Yours with the respect of sycophants,Bob D.
Linda Eibel <ruby2zdy@aol.com>
Attleboro, MA USA - Tuesday May 19 1998 21:17:41

I'm looking for "I'm looking for Kadak". I had the story years ago but now can't even remember the name of the collection. If anyone has this story for sale - or even if you could just help out with the name of the collection - it would be greatly appreciated.
Malisa <mmmyers@uncg.edu>
Fayetteville, NC USA - Tuesday May 12 1998 22:17:32

LOOKING FOR: a copy of STRANGE WINE, and any Ellison books in French, German, or Russian. Please write me!
Barney Dannelke <dannelke01@enter.net>
Allentown, PA. 18102 - Sunday May 3 1998 13:20:07

I usually have a couple of boxes of Ellison stuff for sale. I would post the list here but have not been able to do so without the line breaks coming out all wonky. Mostly pb's and magazine app.'s but a few choice items. Drop me a note and I'll gladly e-mail you. Thanks for your time. Barney
Kurt Oswalt <Ozzerpat@aol.com>
Kalamazoo, Michigan USA - Tuesday April 21 1998 16:34:15

Searching for the last six, Children of the Streets, All the Sounds of Fear, Fantaies of Ellison, Book of Ellison, Punchlines Without Jokes, Illustrated Harlan Ellison. Paperback or hardcover, any addition, trades are possible have over a hundred Ellison now.
nat howard <fubb69@yahoo.com>
- Sunday April 19 1998 00:56:44

have a partial collection of 24 ellison books parting with. beast that shouted, earthman go home, edge in my voice, harlan ellison hornbook, memos form purgatory, no doors no windows, over the edge, pain god, spider kiss, time of the eye, web of the city, and more. just get in touch and can tell you condition and neogotiable price. thanks
John Q. <jqaiii@aol.com>
- Saturday April 11 1998 13:00:48

Looking for the following...Now What?! #13 (1990 - Books About Books)Thrust #7 (Book Reviews)Any help would be appreciated.
Jeff <cochraj@uinet.com>
New Haven, CT - Friday April 3 1998 18:18:01

I am looking for copies of the following. They don't have to be firsts, they don't have to be signed. They have to be affordable and readable. Any help is greatly appreciated.THE WANT LIST: Demon with a Glass Hand, Sex Gang, Children of the streets, Jokes without punchlines, The fantasies of HE, The Book of Ellison, and Nightshades and Damnations.Thank you one and all.
wes <austus@ptd.net>
mohnton, pa usa - Wednesday April 1 1998 03:39:23

i'm looking for a copy of the writers manifesto HE wrote for writers writing science fiction tv and babylon 5 in particular, if a legal copy of the thing is available to non-writers of the show. anybody got a copy or know where i might find one please email me with the info, i'd appreciate it very much. thanks and god bless!
- Wednesday March 25 1998 23:01:40

Read it once and it stuck with me, as all of the Masters works do, now the glass teat bombards me with it, looking for Chrysalis as by Henry Ellis, please help
Tom Rust <trust@imt.net>
Billings, Montana USA - Tuesday March 24 1998 20:03:22

I am looking for the citation of an article written by Harlan Ellison entitled "An Edge in My Voice" written around 1982. It deals with a high school teacher in Montana fired for using "I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream" in her class. If anyone can lead me to the magazine in which this article appeared please e-mail me. It is an eloquent response to blatant censureship of academic freedom.
Tony Rabig <arabig@par1.net>
Parsons, KS USA - Sunday March 8 1998 22:34:27

For Sale: HE Titles. Limited editions of ESSENTIAL ELLISON, WATCHING, MEDEA, others. Signed Regency Books printings of GENTLEMAN JUNKIE, MEMOS. Assorted first eds including Trident Press LOVE AIN'T NOTHING BUT SEX MISSPELLED (signed). Lots more. Send want list or request for available titles to Tony Rabig at: arabig@par1.net Serious inquiries only, please. Thanks.
Greg Hurd <hurdg@alpena.cc.mi.us>
Alpena, MI USA - Tuesday March 3 1998 03:25:20

Buzz over to eBay.com for a couple of *cheap* Harlan paperbacks-all I can spare at this time!!
Ted Greenwood <tedg2@netrover.com>
Chatham-Kent, Ont. Cnanda - Monday February 23 1998 05:18:02

Help.... I am glad to see other people like Harlan Ellison. I have a copy of 'KNAVE' july 1978 with Harlan Ellison story " I have No Mouth and I Must Scream". Was this the 1st. time it was publish or is it a reprint? Thank for the Web page. I realy enjoy it. Ted greenwood.
paul kavin <toggle2@rocketmail.com>
cincinnati , ohio usa - Saturday February 14 1998 00:23:52

id love to find any of the many talks harlan has given at universities and elsewhere on cassette..please email me if u have a clue if not as harlan would say if he was here o coarse is bite me babe..j/k..happy trails and i gotta hear harlan.hes my curmudgeon of choice..
Michael Heffron <Michael.Heffron@med.ge.com>
Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA - Tuesday February 10 1998 06:57:55

As my collection, of Harlan's grows and grows, I keep hearing of this story "Superfolks." I have been searching for this story for months in various publications. Could someone e-mail me an attainable volume where the story is printed? Your effort would be greatly apprecaited! -MJH
Sharon <tdw@niia.net>
- Saturday January 31 1998 12:56:08

I am selling a box full of Harlan Ellison books and magazines. If the items were sold Individually, they total $317. Includes comics, paperbacks, 2 hardcover bookclub editions, fan magazines and more. I am selling the box for $235 including postage (will be sent UPS). Please email me for a list of the contents of this box. Only serious buyers please!!!
Susan <SRUONA74@dawson.cc.mt.us>
Glendive, MT usa - Sunday January 25 1998 22:20:35

I have for sale: Cinefantastique vol.5 #1-Ellison and L.Q. Jones discuss A BOY AND HIS DOG. Ten pages with photos;Gauntlet premiere issue- HE's NACKLES screenplay with comments by HE and others. Both in new condition. Each $8 plus P+H. E-mail if interested.
Charlie Samaha <cmalsam@aol.com>
St. Pete., FL - Friday January 23 1998 20:01:01

Anyone want to part w/ any of the following?:Sex Gang, Juvies, Book of Ellison, & Light at the End of the Universe (Terry Carr) from HE Disc. Series. Thanks
john w. ortiz jr. <jwortiz@ziplink.net>
south weymouth, mass usa - Friday January 23 1998 04:43:03

looking for a copy of "STRANGE WINE". Either pb or hc. I had a copy of the WARNER pb. I lent it out never to be seen again.Will entertain any reasonable offer for any English version pb or hc. thanks people.
Robert Pauly <rpauly@sprynet.com>
Hampton, VA USA - Wednesday January 21 1998 22:43:36

IN SEARCH OF KI'm looking for a copy of "Strange Wine" as a gift to a dear friend who really needs a lift. "In Fear of K" really struck a nerve with her when she read it years ago, and it would mean a great deal if I could find a copy someone is willing to part with.Any reasonable price accepted.
Connie Severin <cseverin@gte.net>
Wahiawa, HI US - Wednesday January 21 1998 03:22:57

I'm looking for a story that was I believe in "Dangerous Visions" called "March of the Morons". Unfortunately our copy of Dangerous Visions is in storage in Kentucky, and we won't have access to it for two more years. Any leads, or even a synopsis of the story would be great.
Angelo Resciniti <resciniti@mindspring.com>
Seffner, Florida - Friday January 16 1998 23:12:21

I have a first edition hardback of PARTNERS IN WONDER that I would be interested in swapping for one or more of the Ellison books that I seek. PIW is an ex-library edition with the usual stamps and markings and pocket in the back. The book, which is in basically VG condition, has a VG dust wrapper covered in plastic. I am willing to trade for any of the following in VG or better shape: the Powell paperback, the early Ace DEADLY STREETS, the Regency paperbacks, either of the early Pyramid paperbacks of RUMBLE, or one of the obscure hardbacks such as ALL THE LIES THAT ARE MY LIFE. Make an offer!
Thomas <cray@enteract.com>
Chicago, IL USA - Sunday January 11 1998 20:28:31

I have a paperback copy of Paingod & Other Delusions for sale.1983, Ace Books, Barclay Shaw cover design.Not in collectible condition but very readable. The first fair offer gets it (selling because I was given an older, signed copy for my collection and I know how hard it is to find).email me if interrested.
J Silman <jsilman@interhop.net>
Uxbridge, Ontario Canada - Wednesday January 7 1998 21:28:02

Hello, im trying to track down a story I -think- appeared in Dangerous Visions but am not sure. It was titled Do you feel anything when I do This? My information is patchy since it comes from a friend who read it years an years ago unfortunatly but what few details he could recall have led to this search. If anybody could contact me with the name of the book(s?) it appears in would be a great help in finding it. With more than a little luck it might still be in print (faint hope) or reprinted from WhiteWolf. Oh if somebody happens to have a copy of the book with story for sale Great! which edition, pb or hc irrelevant. All I want is the one story.

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