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The Ellison Want Ads

1996 Archive

Michael Perry <mperry@imcpl.lib.in.us>
Indianapolis, Indiana USA - Monday, December 30, 1996 at 07:37:46 (CST)

Looking for a complete set of "The Starlost". Single episodes are just fine, however. Your help is greatly appreciated. Michael
AHavoc <moopie@tiac.com>
Hyannis, MA USA - Sunday, December 29, 1996 at 14:54:13 (CST)

Hi to all. I am wondering if anyone ever taped the legendary debates between Harlan Ellison and Isaac Asimov. They usually occured during the Hugo conventions. It happened many times and was/is legendary, and if so, is there a transcription? Would someone be interested in letting me transcribe it, (with approval from HE of course.) Thanks in advance.
Thomas Cray <Groovjuice@aol.com>
Chicago, IL USA - Saturday, December 28, 1996 at 08:07:25 (CST)

For Sale: Alone Against Tomorrow (Hard Back Book Club Edition) Full color dust jacket. In great condition. All offers considered.
Marise <emgwin@teleport.com>
Eugene, OR USA - Tuesday, December 24, 1996 at 12:33:30 (CST)

I am looking for a short story called, I believe, "How's the Night Life on Cassandra?" - I think it was published in the first year of Heavy Metal Magazine. I don't care if I only find a photocopy; I'd just like to read it and share it with my more, ahem, twisted friends! Thanks.
Warmouse <warmouse@juno.com>
Norfolk, Virginia USA - Sunday, December 22, 1996 at 10:08:27 (CST)

I am NOT looking for Harlan books.. I'm looking for Roger Zelazny works (old stuff 1st editions, hard backs, etc.) anyone with a brain knows the connection... thank you...
Boris Levit <boris@easybase.com>
Jerusalem, Israel - Friday, December 13, 1996 at 18:07:45 (CST)

Hey Israel is a f!#$ing hard place to find HE books in and even harder to pay from so all you good souls out there I'd love to get some stuff by HE even Zeroxed 10x alot btw my adress is pob 2325 Jerusalem Israel 91022 love ya all
Todd Mason <unknown>
King of Prussia, PA USA - Wednesday, December 04, 1996 at 15:20:20 (CST)

I'd like to see the text of Ellison's recent speech to the HWA meeting (Correct?): "Save Me from the Damned Amateurs" or some such. As a barely-fledged pro fiction writer, the notion of how to treat with those who reprint one's work w/o permission is of interest. Thanks.
Josh Moehling <jmoeh@vax1.mankato.msus.edu>
Mankato, MN - Tuesday, December 03, 1996 at 20:09:14 (CST)

Wanted...an answer to a question. Am trying to find the title of an Ellison story (am almost positive it's an Ellison story) about a man who visits a fortune teller who promises to tell him what the highlight of his life will be. Turns out his life peaked when he was 8 and caught a fly ball during a little league game. Am not sure about these details but the general idea is there. Sound familiar? Anyone know the title? Please respond by email. Thanks, Josh
Michael Schutz <mschu540@uwsp.edu>
Stevens Point, Wisconsin USA - Tuesday, December 03, 1996 at 14:58:45 (CST)

NEEDED: Strange Wine I will pay top dollar for a hardcover, for first edition, etc, but a paperback would suit my needs just as well.
James Dye <Dyej@TCNJ.edu>
Trenton, New Jersey USA - Tuesday, December 03, 1996 at 12:19:33 (CST)

I'm looking for legible copies of The Glass Teat (I and II) to read, if anyone has a copy (copies) they are willing to sell. I also have a copy of the Starcrossed, by Ben Bova, whose protagonist is modeled after Harlan and his experiences on a television show. (You know, -that- one). Reasonable condition, in paperback. If anyone is interested. thanks! james (on an incredibly minor note, I have a good copy of the Marvel Comic Daredevil #208, which Harlan scripted. It isn't particularly special, but a HE completist might be interested).
david calkins <capamaz@aol.com>
san pedro, CA US - Friday, November 29, 1996 at 17:11:37 (CST)

For SAle pb MEDEA signed by Ellison and Niven $25
Markus Isch <markus.isch.1@sm-philhist.unibe.ch>
Berne, Switzerland - Thursday, November 28, 1996 at 11:51:21 (CST)

Hi, folks. My name's Markus, and I live im Switzerland where the publishers don't give a damn about HE. It's impossible to order his books through a bookstore around here. So pleeeeze, somebody send me a paperback copy of 'Strange Wine'.
A Friend
Sacramento, Ca USA - Tuesday, November 19, 1996 at 16:30:44 (CST)

I don't think it will matter to HE if someone resides in Canada or the US. HE will sue the pants off anyone trying to run his works through an OCR. If you are looking for problems, keed, keep it up. I don't think any self-respecting HE fan will collaborate with you. I was at a booksigning in 1992 in SF, and saw his reaction to something of his published without his consent. I personally wish you luck in New West, B.C. (By the way, how did such a crappy city as New West end up so close to the glorious city of Vancouver.
h4r13qu1n 5p3c7?4 <janice.ungaro@third.dudd.uniserve.com>
new west, bc canada - Monday, November 18, 1996 at 09:58:35 (CST)

At first I thought this page was really cool, untii i saw this want ad page. Now I think I'm pissed off at Harlan for not releasing his works for wider publication. When i asked a friend of mine why it was so hard to find HE's work he told me it was because he was an asshole. I took that to mean that he had a hard time getting distribution cause publishers didn't like him. I starting to think its because he's a pompous and greedy asshole. I have a affinity to his negative view of the world. He writes some good stuff, but i'm afraid i'm going to have to run my small collection thru an ocr and infringe upon his copyright. Antone interested in collaborating or flaming is welcome to send me e-mail to janice.ungaro@third.dudd.unserve.com.
Barney Dannelke <dannelke01@enter.net>
- Friday, November 15, 1996 at 08:47:43 (CST)

I'm afraid my ad below doesn't read to easily because the paste feature from a "Word" document doesn't seem to retain the formatting when posting here. If you like I can e-mail the list to you which ought to make it easier on the eyes. Thanks in advance for your time and interest. Barney Dannelke
Barney Dannelke <dannelke01@enter.net>
Allentown, , PA. - Friday, November 15, 1996 at 08:35:56 (CST)

Harlan Ellison related material If you are interested in purchasing any of these items please send a check or money order to: Barney Dannelke, 319 North 8th Street, Allentown, PA. 18102. Add $3 for every 2 pounds. A good rule of thumb is 2 pounds equals about 10 - 12 comics wrapped in backing boards. (All comics are bagged, but not all comics have boards.) Allow approximatly 2 -3 weeks turnaround. Books will be shipped U.S. priority mail (2 -3 days delivery time). E-mail me with your order to reserve your books. Older books have limited quantities. Include a list of your order along with your check (E-mail gets lost sometimes). I've shipped all over the US and Canada. Also Europe and Asia. So far no complaints. Happy hunting and thanks for reading this and stopping by. Again, Dangerous Visions edited by Harlan Ellison Signet J5672 (3rd printing) volume 1. of 2 volume PB set Signet J5673 (2nd printing) volume 2. of 2 volume PB set [sold only as set $8] SignetJ5673 (2nd printing) volume 2. cracked spine $2 Algol Magazine Summer/ Fall 1978 (Includes Fred Pohl essay “Harlan’s World” about Iguanacon and the ERA) $7 All In Color For A Dime ed. by Lupoff and Thompson (Ace 01625) 1970 PB 1st print includes Ellison essay “Comic of the Absurd” condition VG/ upper R corner cut $10 Alone Against Tomorrow (MacMillan) (Collier PB edition w. cracked spine) $3 Analog Magazine August 1978 [1st app. of “The Man Who Was Heavily Into Revenge”] $3 The Beast That Shouted Love At the Heart of the World (Avon SFBC) HC 1st SFBC edition w. mustard boards fine $15 Black Lizard anthology of Crime Fiction (Black Lizard Press) 1987 Trade paperback. 1st appearance of Edgar winner “Soft Monkey” with an intro. by Ed Gorman. $7 Clarion (Signet Q4664) PB 1st edition includes “Dreamers on the Barricades” essay by Harlan Ellison $7 Clarion II (Signet Q5056) Pb 1st edition includes “You Are What You Write” essay by Harlan Ellison $7 Clarion III (Signet Q5503) Pb 1st edition includes “When Dreams Become Nightmares:” essay by Harlan Ellison $7 (Cracked spine) Dangerous Visions (SFBC / Doubleday) (1st printing of SFBC edition / non-gloss DJ with sewn binding / fine) $25 Dangerous Visions #1 (Berkley N1686) PB 1st printing of 1st of 3 volume PB edition (cracked spine) $3 Dangerous Visions (Berkley D2274) 1st single volume PB edition 12/’67 cond. totally beat $2 1st single volume PB edition 12/’67 cond. good / cracked spine $3 1st single volume PB edition 12/’67 condition / fine $5 Dangerous Visions (Signet J6240) 3rd PB edition/ 1st Signet printing / 1975 - orange cover $4 Fish Police (Apple comics) #26 $2 (Harlan Ellison farewell essay) Five Fates (SFBC / Doubleday) [3 copies] SFBC edition w. DJ (1st HC app. of “The Region Between”) $6 Harlan Ellison Discovery Series #1 Stormtrack by James Sutherland (intro. by Ellison) Pyramid N3297 $7 (2 copies) Harlan Ellison’s Dream Corridor Special (Dark Horse) Special #1 $6 (1st printing) [SOLD OUT] Harlan Ellison’s Dream Corridor (Dark Horse) #1 $4 [SOLD OUT] Harlan Ellison’s Watching (Underwood Miller) HC 1st edition/1st printing collection of essays and film criticism $30 Harlan Ellison’s Watching (Underwood Miller) TPB edition/ 1st printing (1/3 of back cover is creased and folded) $10 I Have No Mouth & I Must Scream (Ace 36394-6) [1983 PB revised edition with classic Barclay Shaw cover] $5 [SOLD OUT] Love Ain’t Nothing But Sex Misspelled (1968 / Trident Press) Hardcover 1st edition signed by Harlan Ellison [ex lib. in scuffed DJ] cover art by the Dillons $200.00 the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction July 1969 [1st app. “The Place With No Name”/also F. Leiber issue] $7 January 1971 [1st app. “The Human Operators” with Grandmaster A.E. VanVogt] $5 (3 copies) August 1972 [1st app. “Basilisk” ] $5 (2 copies) March 1973 [1st appearance of “The Deathbird”] $6 (5 copies) May 1975 [1st app. “Croatoan” ] $5 (2 copies) October 1976 [1st appearance of “From A to Z in the Chocolate Alphabet”] $6 (5 copies) October 1979 [30th ann. issue includes “Jeffty Is Five”] upper R corner chewed $4 August 1984 [H.E. Watching installment 1.] $4 October 1984 [H.E. Watching installment 3] $3 February 1985 [H.E. Watching installment 6] $3 June 1985 [H.E. Watching installment 9] $3 August 1985 [H.E. Watching installment 10] $3 September 1985 [H.E. Watching installment 11] $3 October 1985 [H.E. Watching installment 12] $3 November 1985 [H.E. Watching installment 13] $3 January 1986 [H.E. Watching installment 14] $3 March 1986 [H.E. Watching installment 15] $3 July 1986 [H.E. Watching installment 17] $3 October 1986 [H.E. Watching installment 19] $3 June 1988 [H.E. Watching installment 30.5] $3 July 1988 [1st app. of “Eidolons”] $3 March 1989 [H.E. Watching installment 33] $3 November 1989 [H.E. Watching installment 37] $3 January 1990 [H.E. Watching installment 38] $3 January 1992 [H.E. Watching installment 47] $3 Mangle Tangle Tales (Innovation) #1 $3 (inspired by Jingle Jangle comics and the work of George Carlson/intro. by Harlan) New Dimensions 1. edited by Robert Silverberg (Avon 15925) PB 1st edition reprints Ellison’s “At the Mouse Circus” with an intro. by Silverberg $4 Nebula Award Stories (edited by Damon Knight) Pocket 75275 $4 (includes “Repent Harlequin!, said the Ticktockman”) Nightshades and Damnations by Gerald Kersh (Fawcett/Gold Medal R1887) PB 1st edition/1st printing edited with an intro. by Harlan Ellison [Dillon cover art] [SOLD OUT] Nine By Laumer (Berkley X1659) PB 1st printing of short story collection with an intro. by Harlan Ellison $5 [SOLD OUT] Omni Magazine January 1988 (1st appearance of “The Avenger of Death”) $4 October 1993 (1st appearance of “Mefisto in Onyx”) $5 [2 copies] Phoenix Without Ashes : a novel of the Starlost (Fawcett M3188) 1975 PB 1st edition/1st printing (Harlan Ellison and Edward Bryant) $20 Rod Serling’s the Twilight Zone Magazine December 1985 (interviews with Harlan Ellison and Stephen King) $7 [SOLD OUT] Space War Blues by Richard Lupoff (Dell 16292) (1st edition PB expansion of story from “Again, Dangerous Visions” with a new introduction by Harlan Ellison) slight wear $4 Stalking the Nightmare (SFBC / Phantasia press) (HC SFBC edition with DJ fine) $15 UNEarth Magazine #7 Summer 1978 (water damage/ Harlan was contributing editor) $2 Weird Heroes Volume 2. edited by Byron Preiss (Pyramid A4044) PB 1st edition/ 1st printing features Cordwainer Bird in “The New York Review Of Bird” by Harlan Ellison with art by Neal Adams and cover by Steranko $10 Regarding trades - The only things I am presently looking for are Regency editions of “Gentleman Junkie” and “Memos from Purgatory”, pre 1960 fanzine apps. or a clean edition of Sex Gang by Paul Merchant from Nightstand Press. Oh, also the bookplate edition of Medea:Harlan’s World and the wooden boxed “Grimoire” edition of Stalking the Nightmare. Thanks again. Barney Dannelke 319 North 8th Street Allentown, PA. 18102 (addendum 671)
Greg Wade <wade@as.net>
Simi Valley, California USA` - Friday, November 15, 1996 at 01:48:38 (CST)

ONE OF A KIND! Copy of Edward Bryant's "Among the Dead" inscribed to HE. Fly-leafs and title page contain a treatment of a proposed story collaboration between HE and Bryant with long-hand entries by each dated July of 1980. HE's proposed name for this story - back in 1980 - was "Mefisto In Onyx". As close to an HE original manuscript as anyone will ever get their hands on. Only very, Very, VERY serious collectors will be considered.
Jeff Ammerman <jammerman@dns.tiu.k12.pa.us>
Lewistown, PA USA - Tuesday, November 12, 1996 at 13:01:18 (CST)

I am looking for a paperback copy of Love Ain't Nothing But Sex Misspelled. Doesn't have to be mint, just readable.
Andy Serpa <ac@ktb.net>
Los Angeles, CA - Friday, November 08, 1996 at 15:07:18 (CST)

Harlan Ellison Auction! Through Nov. 16, I'm auctioning off my Harlan Ellison collection! I've got lots of great stuff including signed copies, rare items, and bonus goodies! (Not to mention more run of the mill stuff) Looking for DOOMSMAN, the GLASS TEAT books, or maybe just WEB OF THE CITY? I've got them all! Come see at: http://www.ktb.net/~ac/ellison.html
Aardwolf Publishing <aardpub@aol.com>
Morristown, NJ USA - Wednesday, November 06, 1996 at 15:42:42 (CST)

Available while they last: SIGNED/NUMBERED copies of STRANGE KADDISH (trade paperback) features Harlan Ellison's "Go Toward The Light" and new stories by N. Gaiman, B. Messner-Loebs and others. Edited by Clifford Meth and illustrated by Hugo-noninee Gray Morrow, Dave "X-Men" Cockrum and others. Signed by ELLISON, Meth, and Morrow. Only $18 (includes postage). About 200 left (of 500). Make checks payable to Aardwolf Publishing and mail to 45 Park Place South, Ste. 270, Morristown, NJ 07960. Check out our web site at http://members.aol.com/aardpub/
Gary J. Bray <Harlanfan@aol.com>
Terre Haute, IN USA - Wednesday, November 06, 1996 at 11:56:26 (CST)

Desparately seeking a copy of the new DREAM CORRIDOR comic (here in Podunk, Indiana they have yet to discover culture). Also interested in audio/video presentations including THE MAN. Please E mail all reasonably-priced lists of available items to Harlanfan@aol.com.
Andy Dickenson <Sorry, no E. Home at 3 St.Catherines Mead, Ham Green, Pill,>
Bristol BS20 0HQ, England - Wednesday, August 28, 1996 at 10:27:24 (CDT)

Need SLIPPAGE, HORNBOOK, BEAST, and would love to correspond by mail. SERIOUSLY! Andy.
Joe Barbarotta <JBass@pacbell.net>
Anaheim, Ca. USA - Tuesday, August 27, 1996 at 01:09:08 (CDT)

I'd like to trade a mint copy of Fantasy and Science Fiction mag [July 1977 Harlan Ellison issue]for The Other Glass Teat.
Paul M. Wrigley, Wrigley-Cross Books <wrigcros@teleport.com>
Portland, Oregon USA - Sunday, August 25, 1996 at 16:51:48 (CDT)

For Sale - "City On The Edge of Forever." New York, Bantam, 1977. Fotonovel #1, a paperback, 2nd printing, a beautiful unread copy, Fine. $20 postpaid.
Suzan R. <suzanr@inetnow.net>
Duluth, Georgia USA - Friday, August 23, 1996 at 14:51:50 (CDT)

I am looking for legible copies of the Glass Teat books and Memos from Purgatory. Also, a 1st edition hardback of the 35 Year Retrospective.
Ted Jalbert
Santa Clara, CA USA - Wednesday, August 21, 1996 at 20:32:39 (CDT)

Ellison Videos Wanted: Ellison on Tom Snyder show, on PBS anti-television show, on SCI-FI channel. Send offers to: Ted, 856 Baird Ave., Santa Clara, CA 95054.
Don Brockway <dbrockway@aol.com>
- Wednesday, August 21, 1996 at 01:49:26 (CDT)

Want to buy: MIND FIELDS: THE ART OF JACK YERKA, THE FICTION OF HARLAN ELLISON. 1st Edition, signed by Yerka and Ellison.
Don Brockway <dbrockway@aol.com>
- Wednesday, August 21, 1996 at 01:31:04 (CDT)

TRADE: I have recent Tom Snyder appearance and an hour-long Snyder from CNBC; looking to trade for other audio/video appearances.
Patrick Steele <karmitz@aol.com>
Dayton, Ohio USA - Sunday, August 18, 1996 at 19:29:26 (CDT)

I am looking for paperback reading copies of the following almost-impossible-to-find Ellison books: WEB OF THE CITY CHILDREN OF THE STREETS A TOUCH OF INFINITY SOUND OF A SCYTHE Please email me with price/condition. Thanks tons and tons...
Paul Wrigley, Wrigley-Cross Books <wrigcros@teleport.com>
Portland, Oregon USA - Saturday, August 17, 1996 at 19:33:06 (CDT)

We have the following Harlan Ellison books for sale: The Deadly Streets. New York, Pyramid, 1975. Wraps, 1st Pyramid edition with new introduction, Near Fine. Dillon cover. $10.00. Dangerous Visions 2. London, David Bruce & Watson, 1969. 1st, stained top edge otherwise Near Fine in rubbed DJ. New introduction. $42.00. Spider Kiss. New York, Ace, 1982. Wraps, 1st Ace edition, suppressed as spine incorrectly lists it as SF, Fine-. $10.00. All The Sounds of Fear. London, Panther, 1973. Wraps, 1st, Near Fine. $8.00. The Time of the Eye. London, Panther, 1974. Wraps, 1st, Very Good-, new introduction. $8.00. The Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World. New York, Avon, 1969. Wraps, 1st, Near Fine, Dillon cover. $14.00. From the Land of Fear. New York, Belmont, 1967. Wraps, 1st, Near Fine. $14.00. Approaching Oblivion. New York, Bluejay, 1985. Wraps, 1st, sunned spine otherwise Fine, new intoduction. $14.00. All prices postpaid. (Wraps means paperback).
Ian Van Mater <ibvanmat@artsci.wustl.edu>
St. Louis, MO. U.S. - Friday, August 02, 1996 at 22:08:30 (CDT)

I'm looking for a copy of the 1977 July edition of "The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction." It was devoted completely to Ellison and happened to be published in the month and year I was born. Please help a extremely fanatic young fan of HE aspiring to start a serious collection of his work. E-mail me at ibvanmat@artsci.wustl.edu if you have any information. Also interested in books, recordings, VHS copies of appearences, and anything with his name on it. Thank You!
Tom Kleinschmidt <TomKle@njcc.com>
Ewing, New Jersey U.S.A. - Wednesday, July 31, 1996 at 08:26:53 (CDT)

I have many Harlan books for sales including first editions and many signed items. Please email me for a complete list. I am also looking for Harlan's recent appearance on Ton Snyder's show on video. I have some older Tomorrow show appearances to trade. Again email me if you have anything.
Jeff Kempin <cappc@ix.netcom.com>
- Friday, July 26, 1996 at 15:50:07 (CDT)

To everyone searching for "Sleepless Nights in the Procrustean Bed" your search is over. You can order it direct from the publisher. Hardcover price is $29. Softcover is $15. The phone number is (909) 884-5813. Call from 9am to noon pacific time. Hope this helps. I'm still looking for the Glass Teat books. If anyone knows where I can get them, please E-Mail me.
r. maranto <aunt_clara_2@wow.com>
dallas, tx usa - Thursday, July 25, 1996 at 23:23:54 (CDT)

for sale: 1 set limited edition prints based on Repent Harleqin.#114 of 1500. signed by author and artist. lovely black and white. make offer.
Mikey Cofer <seekr@pith.com>
- Thursday, July 25, 1996 at 19:29:49 (CDT)

I have two copies of Again Dangerous Vision (HB),one copy of Strange Wine(pb), one copy of Approaching Oblivion (HB) and one copy of The Glass Teat (pb) for sale..
Michael E. Stamm <mstamm@oregon.uoregon.edu>
Eugene, Oregon USA - Wednesday, July 24, 1996 at 16:38:26 (CDT)

For sale: 1 copy each of HARLAN ELLISON'S WATCHING (first ed., hardcover, ex. cond., $30), AN EDGE IN MY VOICE (first ed., trade paper, good- cond., $17) and THE HARLAN ELLISON HORNBOOK (first trade HB, ex. cond., $25), postage included.
Yvonne Nieman <ynieman@itis.com>
USA - Wednesday, July 24, 1996 at 16:14:07 (CDT)

I am looking for the graphics sheets for Disney's computer software, Mickey's Runaway Zoo, Donald's Alphabet Chase, and Goofy's Railway Express. I purchased these when my older grandchildren were of preschool age, and they enjoyed them so much. Now they have gone on to bigger things, but I have two more grandchildren who are now preschool age, and I would like them to be able to enjoy them too. The problem is that I have the software and the manual, but I no longer have the graphics sheet which was included as a separate sheet from the manual. The screen shows a picture of a disney character and in order to get into the program you must match that character with one like it on the graphics sheet and insert the apppropriate number on the screen in order to get into the program. You have two chances and then you have to reboot the program. Hope someone out there can give me some help with where to try to obtain these graphic sheets. Thanks for your help!
Patrick Steele <Karmitz@aol.com>
Dayton, Ohio United States - Sunday, July 21, 1996 at 17:19:44 (CDT)

Very interested in purchasing paperback copies of GENTLEMAN JUNKIE, WEB OF THE CITY and SPIDER KISS. They don't have to be in good condition (I don't care if they're dog-eared, yellowed or with torn covers) I JUST WANNA READ 'EM!!!! They don't have to be first editions, either. Please help me!!!
Moira Russell <MRussell@shadow.sjcsf.edu>
Santa Fe, New Mexico - Sunday, July 21, 1996 at 05:17:55 (CDT)

Verrrrry interested in videos of Harlan interviews, esp. "Politically Incorrect" & any & all Tom Snyder shows. Willing to pay for cost of tape shipping and handling and maybe even a bit extra. Desperate for HE-ntertainment here in the cultral wasteland of NM.
Jill Short
Shingle Springs, California USA - Monday, July 15, 1996 at 16:51:23 (CDT)

For Sale: 1st Ed of Illustrated Harlan Ellison, with 3-D glasses still bound in book. Good+ condition. $45 + postage 1st Ed of 1978 British Edition of Phoenix Without Ashes by Savoy Books with "VideoBack" (3-D - like foil cover) signed by Ed Bryant. $25 + postage. Good condition. Many other titles, many signed and in great condition. Call for information. E-mail not possible until modem is revived or replaced. Call Jill @ (916) 676-7914.
Michael Curtis <mlrcurtis@aol.com>
Grand Rapids, MI USA - Friday, July 12, 1996 at 21:00:34 (CDT)

Too bad I'm not as SERIOUS a speller as I am at being a collector. Sorry about that.
Michael Curtis <mlrcurtis@aol.com>
Grand Rapids, MI USA - Friday, July 12, 1996 at 20:48:23 (CDT)

I am looking for and willing to pay handsomely (but that's not to mean I will fall prey to mo' money, mo' money attitudes) for a true first edition copy of ANGRY CANDY. This edition was published by Easton Press (not to be confused with the Houghton Mifflin trade version) in September 1988, and contains illustrations by Kent Bash (artist for ALL THE LIES THAT ARE MY LIFE) including a color frontispiece. Being a seious collector, I would prefer nothing less than NM condition, but will consider lesser grades.
J-P Palmentier <palmenj@gov.on.ca>
Toronto, Ontario Canada - Friday, July 12, 1996 at 06:45:25 (CDT)

FOR SALE: HARLAN ELLISON COMICS. I have the following comics that HE wrote for sale: Detective Comic (Batman) #567, The Twilight Zone (Now Comics) #1, Daredevil #208, The Incredible Hulk #180 and The Avengers #88, 101. I also have the entire Dream Corridor series (1-5) including the Special Issue. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks J-P
Jeff Kempin <cappc@ix.netcom.com>
Oak Park, Il USA - Thursday, July 11, 1996 at 23:21:44 (CDT)

I'm looking for the following Ellison books: Sleepless Nights in the Procrustean Bed and both of the Glass Teat books. If anyone has 'em and is interested in selling, please E-Mail me and we'll talk turkey. Thanks, Jeff (last seen in Windy City searching for out of print Ellison)
Webmaster@cei <wirehead@cei.net>
- Thursday, July 11, 1996 at 22:23:00 (CDT)

If you can read this, this forum is now active. If not, guess you wont' know.
David Best (dbest@hooked.net) Sun Jun 30 16:31:25 1996
Wanted: "The Beast that Shouted Love at The Heart of the World." I have had a couple of different pb versions of this and always felt compelled to loan them out as it was the first HE I ever read. Unfortunately I now have no copies. Yes I should have expected this.

lynne (woodrell@tanet.net) Fri Jun 28 06:18:37 1996
OK, here's the deal. I'm a small town girl, having read only a small amount of HE's work I want MORE! When i was very young my brother gave me a book with the story "juliet" in it. It seems like it was in a "Science Fiction Hall of Fame" anthology but despite having two or three volumes I can't find the volume that this story is in. can someone help me? this was my favorite story of all time and i would appreciate any help anyone can give me. Also any reccomendations for what and where to find other works would be appreciated. I'm also kinda new at this web stuff to so give me a break please. rural Oklahoma is not a literary utopia.
thanks lynne

J-P Palmentier (palmenj@gov.on.ca) Thu Jun 27 08:33:29 1996
I just found a well read copy of the "An Edge in My Voice". This is the 2nd Edition of the Donning Trade Paperback. This book is signed by H.E. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks J-P

David Best (dbest@hooked.net) Sun Jun 30 16:31:25 1996
Wanted: "The Beast that Shouted Love at The Heart of the World." I have had a couple of different pb versions of this and always felt compelled to loan them out as it was the first HE I ever read. Unfortunately I now have no copies. Yes I should have expected this.

J-P Palmentier (palmenj@gov.on.ca) Thu Jun 27 08:33:29 1996
I just found a well read copy of the "An Edge in My Voice". This is the 2nd Edition of the Donning Trade Paperback. This book is signed by H.E. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks J-P

Mike Sutton (IowaCMSutton@wow.com) Wed Jun 26 21:26:19 1996
For Sale: signed 1st edition I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, and signed Pain God (paperback of course)

Michael Eric Stamm (mstamm@OREGON.UOREGON.EDU) Tue Jun 25 21:02:19 1996
I have the following for trade or sale, if anyone is interested:

2 copies, in varying condition (fair to good), of the 1st edition of THE GLASS TEAT

1 copy (good-minus) of the 1st of THE OTHER GLASS TEAT

1 copy (good-minus) of the 1st pb of LOVE AIN'T etc.

and maybe (if I can find it) 1 copy (good minus) of the pb of STRANGE WINE.

Adam (Bera@bnlbio.bio.bnl.gov) Mon Jun 24 10:59:50 1996
I am looking to purchase any of the following:
Memos From Purgatory
The Harlan Ellison Hornbook
The Illustrated Harlan Ellison
The Glass Teat (volumes I & II)
The books need not be in mint condition (or even in good condition; I'm
not a collector, merely an avid reader - therefore, the books need only be legible.) I have nothing to trade, except those funny pieces of paper with the portraits of dead statesmen on them. Please contact me if you have any merchandise to offer.
P.S. - I'm also looking for videos of Harlan appearances - Buzz Clips,
Politically Incorrect, etc.
Thank you, fellow fanatics, bibliophiles and sycophants.

Sid (sslivko@aol.com) Thu Jun 20 10:58:23 1996
Looking for a reprint (downloadable?) of a story from HE's Dangerous Visions called, I think, "The Eighth Day" about God running and hiding from Man. I use it for my HS Bible class. Anybody out there able to give an old HE fan a hand?

Brian (gumball@teleport.com) Sat Jun 15 11:06:16 1996
I am looking for a VHS copy of Harlan on Politically Incorrect (with Peter Boyle, Meatloaf, and someone whom I did'nt know). I keep telling my friends about this episode and they all think I'm full of shit. Please, please, please, help me rub their face in it. Thanx

Chris Thomas (cthomas@irus.rri.uwo.ca) Tue Jun 11 11:41:40 1996
Hey! I am looking for a VHS copy of the Harlan interview on the
Tom Snyder show from a few months back. Anybody out there able to
supply me with a copy? I am willing to pay for the cost of the tape
and S&H. Thanks!

Jack Nessel (basho@Gramercy.ios.com) Mon Jun 10 16:51:19 1996
I have for sale a first edition of Harlan's Love Ain't Nothing But Sex Misspelled (Trident, 1968). Ity's nearly fine in a nearly fine dj with the slightest amount of wear to the extremities but. The price is $175 net including postage and insurance. The book is returnable for any reason within a week of receipt. Terms: E-mail to confirm availability (or to get more info). Payment with order, please.

Matt B. (mjbernet@iupui.edu) Mon Jun 10 16:15:16 1996
I'm looking for the the Limited Edition copy of Mind Fields. If anyone knows where I can purchase this, preferably over the WWW, please email me. Thanks.

John P. Imgrund (imgrund@pacifier.com) Sat Jun 8 01:33:56 1996
Finally a place I can get the few remaining books I don't have yet. I am looking for 3 of his beginning books, The Sound of the Scythe, A Touch of Infinity, and Children of the Streets. I also have an extra From the Land of Fear to give away to any collector. Please leave name address and asking price and I'll get back to you.
Thank you. Now to catch up on all the information I've been missing. Later.
John P. Imgrund

Mikey Cofer (seekr@pith.com) Tue Jun 4 19:28:12 1996
I am looking for any Harlan Ellison books,mags,AV, or anything.
If you want to sell something fast email me. Everything will have a
good home with a serious collector.

Mikey Cofer

Paul Nesja (pnesja@yamamoto-moss.com) Tue Jun 4 18:00:36 1996
I've recently picked up two copies of San Diego Lightfoot Sue (intro by Harlan) at a library book sale. I'm willing to sell one at cost ($2.00) + shipping.
I've also come into a large box of comics from the early sixties. If you're interested in purchasing any or all, I'll e-mail a list to you.

Bea Marie Blessing (dutch@serv01.net-link.net) Mon Jun 3 13:44:41 1996
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David Ray (Dray@mssmtp.msmailgw.intermec.com) Sun Jun 2 01:01:15 1996
Wanted: Harlan Ellison reading Lovecraft's The Rats In Thw Wall released by The Centauri Express. I have to trade:1)Harlan live in Vancouver B.C. 5/24/92. 2)Harlan on the Larry King radio show 8/27/93.
Please e-mail David at Dray@mssmtp.msmailgw.intermec.com

Carl (PontiX@aol.com) Sat May 25 19:00:37 1996
I have for sale copies of the following in great shape.
Please make an offer.

Sleepless Nights in the Procrustean Bed - Essays
Published 1984, trade paper edition, Borgo press.

Seven Science Fiction Plays - which includes "The City on the Edge
of Forever" and an essay about its writing by Ellison. Published
in 1976 by Pocket Books. Paperback.

D Wilkins (d_wilkins@msn.com) Sat May 25 08:36:33 1996
Job Placement:
Have an EDI specialist. 14 years experience in large companies.
Resume available. Looking for position in So. Cal area.

Employment offered
Oracle programmer need in Orange County area (CA).

Joseph Callan (pcallan@taconic.net) Fri May 24 19:09:51 1996
Go-kart wanted must be under $200.00

Jerome (eberts@intouch.bc.ca) Fri May 24 06:49:31 1996
Sorry, didn't mean to type "cherry," I mean to say "cheery." There are, I assume, a few people who might have misunderstood. Well, what can I say? To hell with them.

Jerome (eberts@intouch.bc.ca) Fri May 24 06:44:04 1996
I have a copy of "Alone Against Tomorrow" which is a first-edition, absolutely mint-condition and beautiful volume. It is subtitled "Stories of Alienation in Speculative Fiction," which makes it a conundrum, coming from the most cherry of sci-fi authors. The stories range from the strange to the weird, and it is copyrighted 1971 by Harlan Ellison himself. The slipcover (dust-jacket) is in perfect condition, and if I don't receive a stunningly, indecently large offer on the volume, I will not sell. Because I know what I have here. I have a first-edition copy of a Harlan Ellison book, and anybody but a serious collector can go suck for it. Anyway, I might also have a first-edition copy of Dangerous Visions II, but I have to check for that.
So, love to all, but I am a very poor person and looking for mucho buckos.
Thanks for reading this, folks,

Hank Graham (hank@seafloor.com) Tue May 21 01:45:19 1996
I'm looking for a copy of the hardcover edition of Tim Powers's "The Last Call." Thanks!

Clsgman@aol.com Sun May 19 18:11:49 1996
I'm looking for a copy of Slippage. Either edition although I'd prefer the Zeising edition.

Joel W. Tscherne (calvin@apk.net) Wed May 15 09:41:26 1996
Hi. I'm looking for a copy of The Glass Teat (the first book). I unfortunately don't have any other books to offer in trade, so please list your desired price.

Dean Burton (Strangeada@aol.com) Sun May 12 00:25:46 1996
I'm looking for Sleepless Nights In The Procrustean Bed,
Harlan Ellison's Movie And Gentleman Junkie. Any condition and
any printing and either SC or HC. No falling apart books, please.

Vicki Brown (vsbrown@ix.netcom.com) Fri May 10 20:51:13 1996
FOR SALE: HE paperbacks, $5.00 each, you pay postage. Includes The Time of the Eye, Rockabilly, Phoenix Without Ashes, Partners in Wonder, Paingod, Over the Edge, DV, Again DV, Beast That Shouted Love, Alone Against Tomorrow, Ellison Wonderland, Earthman Go Home!, Doomsman, The Deadly Streets, Memos from Purgatory, I Have No Mouth, From the Land of Fear. HE hardbacks, prices vary, inquire about prices on specific titles. Includes DV, Again DV, Love Ain't Nothing, Shatterday, Partners in Wonder, Deathbird Stories, Beast that Shouted, Approaching Oblivion, Alone Against Tomorrow (1 copy each of Alone Against Tomorrow and Deathbird Stories are signed by Himself, 1 copy of each are not.) HE misc., inquire for prices, include a copy of Science Fiction Greats, Spring 1969, All Harlan Ellison Issue, Fantasy & Science Fiction, July 1977, special Harlan Ellison issue, Vertex, April 1974 interview tihe Harlan, Vertex, 1975, cover stoy "In Fear of K" by Harlan, Penthouse, April 1977, Hitler Painted Roses by Harlan, Publisher's Weekly, May28, 1973 article on SF Writers including Harlan, Genesis, June 1974, Somehow I Don't Think We're In Kansas, Toto by Harlan.

Bodkin (bodkin@tribeca.ios.com) Wed May 8 10:51:13 1996
does anyone know where I can get my hands on City on the Edge of Forever?

Liegh DeBose (liegh.debose@24stex.com) Mon May 6 14:42:05 1996
I'm looking for a reprint of the screenplay of the not-broadcast but alledged to have been made story called "Nackles". It's was printed in the old Twilight Zone magazine some years ago and would like to get any information regarding it (Volume/Issue #, etc..) If their is an on-line version that would be even better.

Phil Forshlager (philfor@erols.com) Sat May 4 21:59:49 1996
I am looking for Dream Corridors Issue 3 and beyond. Any help would be appreciated.

Charles Miller (n8741466@cc.wwu.edu) Fri May 3 08:32:03 1996
Wanted: The Man with Nine Lives/A Touch of Infinity (Ace Double)
Children of the Streets (aka The Juvies)
Demon with a Glass Hand (DC Graphic Novel)
I've been scouring the used bookstores for years trying to find these titles, with no luck whatsoever.
Charles Miller
Western Washington University
Bellingham, Washington

David Damico (ddamic@lsumc.edu) Thu May 2 14:16:08 1996
Hello everyone. I am an Ellison novice and am just beginning to build my collection. I would appreciate anyone with paperback versions of his books for sale to e-mail me with their intended titles and selling price. I could pick these up at used bookstores if I am VERY patient but wanted to see what the Ellison crowd had to offer. You may e-mail me anytime at "ddamic@lsumc.edu. I have access to e-mail only during business hours. Thanks in advance.
David Damico

Ken Hutchinson (Grinne@aol.com) Wed May 1 17:41:03 1996
ELLISON BOOK PACKAGE DEAL for $125.00: Signed hardcovers of An Edge In My Voice & Shatterday, paperbacks of Web of the City & No Doors No Windows

Jeff Hall (wvud@mvs.udel.edu) Mon Apr 29 14:28:27 1996
I am looking for an old record from the collection(1984-86?)which
begins with,"If there anyone in the audience here today who is so
unhinged and unnerved by the language they hear everyday...".it
finishes on the first side with his story of how he mailed a dead
gopher to his publisher.call me at (302) 292-1075 or write me at 900
kirkwood hwy apt g-5 Newark,DE 19711.Sorry I don"t own a computer.

D.T. Shindler Sun Apr 28 12:27:15 1996
Have various Ellison items for sale (i.e., [proof copy of] The City on the Edge of Forever, Angry Candy, "Crazy As a Soup Sandwich [prestige & regular comic formats]," signed copies of the stories "From A to Z in the Sarsaparilla ALphabet" and "Keyboard," issues one - through five of "Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor," and more!) These are all extra copies of books and such that I already have (and I have more than one copy of many items). Feel free to write me at P.O. Box 9398, Kansas City, MO 64133 for a complete list of items and prices.

Ladd Ehlinger Jr (jaime108@traveller.com) Fri Apr 26 21:21:40 1996
I am a filmmaker. I am seeking a visionary investor to finance my next film;
a Pope Gregory to my Michelangelo.

If any of you happen to be investors who can front appx 500k, and
also happen to be browsing through a Harlan Ellison homepage, then perhaps
we should talk. This is indeed throwing seeds into the wind, but what the hell.

I have been working on a screenplay for nearly 18 years now; in the
meantime I have written and directed two small, low budget feature films,
but have yet to make the one film that I know will encompass my life's work. I am perhaps anachronistic; my work is certainly unique. I do not get along with hollywood types. I've met a few here and there and have found them an intensely inspid bunch.

My authors of choice (yes, I read often) include Nabokov, Borges,
and of course, Ellison. Directors of choice: Welles, Peckinpah,
Truffaut, Godard...

The screenplay that I wish to make next is about a man who wants to
kill God, and has a plan.

Please e-mail me if you happen to be someone interested in such an endeavor, or if you know someone.

- Ladd Ehlinger

Ken Mellott (kwmaero@mail.usa.net) Sat Apr 20 16:54:16 1996
Space Adventure
Toy & Collectibles Show

October 19, 1996: Colorado Springs, Colorado

45+ tables with everything related to space adventure toys and collectibles (action figures, comics, cards apparel, ceramics,, pins, books, apparel, etc..) , like Star Wars, Star Trek, E.T., Babylon 5, Lost in Space, Buck Rogers, BattleStar Gallactica, Flash Gordon, etc.
Tables available: $25. Admission $3 Free drawings every hour!

E-mail me for more details or for flyer on the show.

Scott Wachtler (jdsal@delphi.com) Fri Apr 19 15:22:59 1996
I'm looking for a copy of The OTHER Glass Teat. I have been looking for it for years with no luck. I have many copies of The Glass Teat if anybody is interested. Thank you.

Elf Sternberg (elf@halcyon.com) Wed Apr 17 00:05:03 1996
Looking for a copy of An Edge In My Voice. Does anyone know if the
forthcoming Edge: The Collected Ellison is anything like AEIMV ?

Nick Papaseraphim (papase95@interport.net) Tue Apr 16 19:19:37 1996
I have a few Ellison Books for sale on my Science Fiction list. You can email me for a list or you can check out my website:




Tamzen Cannoy (tamzen@worldbenders.com) Tue Apr 16 00:49:58 1996
While cleaning out boxes and shelves, I have come across the following
rare Harlan Ellison items:

1. Magazine, _Knight_ Vol 5, No. 4, Jan 1966. Men's photo/sexy story
magazine with the first appearance of the story "Punky and the Yale
Men" later retitled "Love ain't Nothing but Sex Mispelled". Cover by
Leo and Diane Dillon.

2. Magazine, _The Comics Journal_ 1980 Winter Special. "A Hell Raising Interview with Harlan Ellison" conducted by Gary Groth.

3. Magazine, _RBCC 151_ Harlan Ellison Special. August, 1980. Entire
magazine devoted to Harlan. Contain: interviews, comic strip
adaptations of "Basilisk" and "Soldier", photo spread on Ellison
Wonderland (the original one, I think), and many more Ellison devoted

4. Comic, _Harlan Ellison's Chocolate Alphabet_. 1978

5. _Phoenix without Ashes_ by Edward Bryant and Harlan Ellison. This
is a British edition, 1978. First British edition printed by Savoy
Books Ltd. It's very unusual and part of a series Savoy did with 3D
(sort of) foil covers called "Videoback".

6. _Stalking the Nightmare_. First edition Phantasia Press, 1982 This edition was limited to 3200 copies of which 700 were signed and boxed. This is the trade edition from the remaining 2500.

Email me at tamzen@worldbenders.com for more complete descriptions
and prices.

Tamzen Cannoy
President, World Benders, Inc.

Jeremy Lassen (jlassen@mindcrime.ax.com) Mon Apr 15 23:12:03 1996
HE's story, "Sensible City" was published in a "mens" skin magazine
called "New Rave". I have a copy of this fine publication, which lists
back issues which are available, but I have NO IDEA which on his story appeared in. If any body has a copy of this magazine, please let me
know which issue (date, number) his story appeared in. If you for
some reason want to part with a copy of this magaizne, let me know. I
will pay a REASONABLE price for this mag, if I can get it before June 2

Jeremy Lassen (jlassen@mindcrime.ax.com) Mon Apr 15 23:03:36 1996
I have an audio tape of an appearance by HE, were he reads two short
stories, and rambles on in his usual entertaining manner. The
second story is complete, except for the LAST SENTENCE! :(
anyway, will trade copies of this (btw, it is an okay quality tape --
NOT studio quality) for copies of Sci-Fi buzz appearences, or any
other equivalent goodies...
e-mail me for details.

Ron Paquin (rpaquin@panax.com) Sat Apr 13 12:27:52 1996
I'm looking for the following books (as, it appears, are everyone else!):

The Sound of a Scythe
Vic & Blood
Sex Gang
A Touch of Infinity
Children of the Streets
All the Sounds of Fear
The Fantasies of Harlan Ellison
Dreams With Sharp Teeth
The Glass Teat
The Illustrated Harlan Ellison
The Other Glass Teat
The Book Of Ellison
The City on the Edge of Forever

I have available for trade paperbacks of the following titles:

Spider Kiss
Ellison Wonderland
The Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World
Over the Edge
Deathbird Stories
Phoenix Without Ashes

I'd also be willing to trade for video or audio footage of HE (of which I have zero).


Robert Thoms (RThoms9821@aol.com) Fri Apr 12 20:47:43 1996
I would like to purchase the following items:1) VHS videotapes of Ellison's appearances on Tom Snyder, Politically Incorrect, SciFi Buzz, and so on. 2) Ellison scripted episodes from Twilight Zone, Babylon 5, and other shows.3) Audio cassettes of Ellison's Hour 25 shows.Looking forward to hearing from you.....

Michael Lee (miker@slip.net) Wed Apr 10 01:49:32 1996
I'm looking for copies of the following:

1. Harlan Ellison's Movie
2. Sex Gang
3. (and to a lesser extent) The Illustrated Harlan Ellison

If anyone's got a copy they would like to sell or trade for, please email me back. For trade, I've got:
The Beast that shouted love (Avon)
Doomsman (Belmont)
The Glass Teat (Ace)
...Plus some other obsure stuff. Thanks A Lot!


Tamzen Cannoy (tamzen@worldbenders.com) Tue Apr 9 02:01:41 1996
I have the following collectable editions for sale:

_Deathbird Stories_, Paperback, 2nd Dell printing March 1977.
_Partners in Wonder_, Paperback, 3rd Pyramid printing, 1976.
_Doomsman_ , Paperback, 2nd(?) Belmont printing 1972.
_the Glass Teat_, 1st Paperback printing, Ace 1970.
_From the Land of Fear_, 1st(?) edition Belmont December 1967
_Paingod and other delusions_, First printing of first edition,
December 1965 7. _Earthman, Go home!_ (original title: _Ellison
Wonderland_). Second printing of 1st edition, December 1964.
_The Illustrated Harlan Ellison_, 1st edition December 1978,

Email me at tamzen@worldbenders.com if you are interested in any or
all of these books and I'll send you the full details.

Tamzen Cannoy
President, World Benders, Inc.

Mark Malamud (MarkMal@Microsoft.com) Tue Apr 9 01:28:06 1996


I am interested in obtaining the original IguanaCon manuscript for "Count the Clock that Tells the Time."

BONHO (BONHO@aol.com) Mon Apr 1 18:01:08 1996
Want the following (readable condition is the only thing I care about!):


I have some doubles of his other works, and am willing to trade. Please email with books and prices.


Victor G. Catano (Catano@acsu.buffalo.edu) Mon Apr 1 13:10:34 1996
WANTED: A copy of "Gentleman Junkie." My rat-@$%& english teacher borrowed it and then lost it, so now I need a new one.
I'm not picky about the edition or if it's "Pristine Mint" condition. A recent edition in decent shape with all the pages will suffice nicely, thank you.

John Butler (bss@sirius.com) Sat Mar 23 18:14:27 1996
Need the following. Also need Snyder appearance and others. E-mail me with what you have, Thanks:

NIGHTSHADE & DAMNATIONS:Stories of Gerald Kersh (1968)-Editor

Dave Asselin (pmack@shore.net) Fri Mar 22 14:26:26 1996
John Anderson:

Please contact me re: Ellison on video. I have several tapes full of SCiFi Buzz, Tom Snyder interviews, etc. that I would like to trade with you. (You didn't leave a valid e-mail address!)


- Dave

jonathan oldfield (oldfield@sprynet.com) Wed Mar 20 19:39:22 1996
i was wondering if there is any of his books that i can download
without having to pay for them?

S.M. Mossberg, BOOKSELLER Wed Mar 20 17:59:22 1996
Several Ellison collector's item books available, including:

First edition, personal file copy, lengthy inscription by Ellison,
of DANGEROUS VISIONS (Doubleday, 1967). First copy, attested
to by Editor Ellison. 1350.00.

HARLAN'S ELLISON'S WATCHING: 1st Edition (Underwood-Miller 1989),
one of 600 numbered copies signed by Ellison. Very fine. 90.00.

MEDEA: HARLAN'S WORLD: 1st Edition, one of 475 numbered
copies signed by all authors. Very fine. 300.00.

1st Edition, one of 475 numbered copies signed by Yerka and Ellison.
Very fine. 250.00

MIND FIELDS: 1st Edition - 90.00

SPIDER KISS: 1st Edition, very fine - 25.00

STRANGE WINE: 1st Edition, signed by Ellison, very fine - 125.00

For price/availability updates, vastly more detailed information,
a full catalog, or to order any of these books contact:

50 Talcott Road
Rye Brook, NY 10573

Telephone: (914) 937-6400 FAX: (914) 939-6176

John Anderson (Maxsilent) Tue Mar 19 10:58:20 1996
I'm looking to trade video and audio of HE (and HE related) appearances and adaptations. I have on video: "Gramma", "Crazy as a Soup Sandwich", "One Life Furnished...", and "Shatterday" from the new Twilight Zone, "Djinn, no Chaser" from Tales from the Darkside, and HE's 2/95 Tom Snyder appearance. On audio, I have HE's Guest of Honor Speech from I-Con (don't remember the date but I think it's April, 1994), and the HE Roast (fundraiser to help HE's legal fees in the Terminator suit). I'm looking for anything that I don't have, particularly ALL Sci-Fi Buzz clips, old Tom Snyder appearances, Politically Incorrect, and HE's infamous speech at the Philly comic con. Thank you.

Alex Schor (aschor@pniltd.com) Fri Mar 8 07:42:40 1996
WANTED! LIKE DESPERATELY! LIKE WILLING TO PAY MONEY FOR a copy of "The Illustrated Harlan Ellison" in good-to-excellent condition. If you're willing to part with one, get in touch with me by e-mail!
Thanks ahead of time,
Alex Schor

Kris(ten) L. Homyk (if72@jove.acs.unt.edu) Thu Mar 7 17:44:51 1996
I'm no longer looking for An Edge In My voice, but thanks guys, for all the response!

Mark Gerlach (geemark@aol.com) Tue Mar 5 15:43:29 1996
Have a number of HB and PB Ellison including first ed. Shatterday .I do have a copy of first trade soft cover,an edge in my voice,SIGNED.That book I will take offers on.Please email me for other prices and books.

John Bryant (Bakd38a@prodigy.com) Fri Mar 1 14:14:07 1996
Looking fot the Ellison TV series The Starlost. No one can find any copies of this show.
Will paid decent $$$ for any videos. Please E-mail me if you have any info.

Kris(ten) L. Homyk (if72@jove.acs.unt.edu) Sun Feb 25 15:38:33 1996
Also looking for a copy of An Edge In My Voice -- willing to pay fair or even gruesome price for it. REALLY WANT a copy (VHS) of the original hour-long version of the episode of the New Twilight Zone (or whatever it was called) titled "Gramma" -- will eat fried worms, sell soul, whatever for this...THANKS...--KRIS

Richard Allee (HPickwort@aol.com) Thu Feb 22 20:20:20 1996
Looking for a copy of An Edge in My Voice.

Bill (wdavis@roanoke.infi.net) Wed Feb 21 23:24:50 1996
Looking for Borderlands Lt Ed "City on the Edge of Forever"

M.MacKeznie (mamack@phys.ualberta.ca) Wed Feb 21 21:13:38 1996
A book dealer friend has for sale several copies of Ellison books which are all unread, signed, 1st editions (unless otherwise noted) hardcovers: Again Dangerous Vision, Alone Against Tomorrow, Approaching Oblivion, The H.E. Hornbook (1st trade), No Doors, No Windows (ltd. ed., 1000 copies) and Shatterday (3rd). Contact wilson@nbnet.nb.ca for more info or prices.

Tom Kleinschmidt (TomKle@njcc.com) Tue Feb 20 19:24:59 1996
Selling collection of Harlan books, magazines, etc... Contact me for a
complete list via email.

Tom Kleinschmidt (TomKle@njcc.com) Tue Feb 20 19:24:31 1996
Selling collection of Harlan books, magazines, etc... Contact me for a
complete list via email.

Steve Van Nattan (stevevann@aol.com) Tue Feb 20 19:10:03 1996
We want used BADGE A MINIT equiptment.
Want to add a family income project.
Thanks for any direction.
Send price and description.

Troy Wayne (musi5@menudo.uh.edu) Sat Feb 17 15:21:47 1996
Oh yeah, any television interviews/appearances or lectures would be greatly appreciated as well. :)
I'll pay S&H and tpae costs.

Troy Wayne (musi5@menudo.uh.edu) Sat Feb 17 15:17:43 1996
I'd like to get ahold of video tapes of the Ellison episodes of the 80's Twilight Zone revival. The ones I know of are "Shatterday", "Crazy as a Soup Sandwich", "Paladin of the Lost Hour" and another whose title escapes me (man goes back in time and befirends himself as a boy). Also, any other teleplays of his stories that made it to the tube. Thanx!

Jason Kuroshima (yu104681@yorku.ca) Fri Feb 16 17:34:44 1996
yu104681@yorku.ca is the correct address sorry about that.

Jason Kuroshima (yu104681@yorky.ca) Thu Feb 15 23:33:20 1996
Up in the 'Great White North' of Ontario Canada, we had a pbs program called Prisoners of Gravity a program which talked to authors and artists in comics, fantasy, s-f and horror about a theme of the week. HE(I love that abbreveation! It makes him sound like a GOD) made semi-regular apperances talking about several different topics, including his side to the fact that Jim Cameron ripped off the idea of 'Terminator' from HE's work on The Outer Limits. (How many people knew that?) Anyway they reccently canceled the show and I am trying to get copies of the show. If anyone has any info about this please save me som fortan E-mail me at yu104681@yorku.ca or if your interested in getting copies for yourselves I'll see what I can do to help. (note As far as I know his appearances were brief segments in the midst of many other authours. If I'm successful I try splicing his segments together into a highlight tape for those interested. I'll write again later when I have more info. Bye.

jeff (not one yet) Thu Feb 15 12:54:38 1996
Uh, I like, moved or something. So, disregard my address, and the Phone number is wrong. Plus, I am not married to that skeezer with the pics from Dragon.

Tom Conti (tomc@netpath.net) Tue Feb 13 09:27:11 1996
Please help! I am looking to buy ANY Ellison stuff, especially any signed hardcover or paperbacks. Please E-Mail me if you can help! Thanks a lot,


Keith McCrosky (z_mccroskyka@titan.sfasu.edu) Mon Feb 12 12:39:23 1996
I am seeking the Ellison appearances on the Tom Snyder Show and on
Politically Incorrect. Will Pay S&H.

Susan (phoenix@ionet.net) Wed Feb 7 23:25:26 1996
Looking for a copy of Dangerous Visions (the original). Hardback or paperback, as long as it has all pages and is readable. Will negotiate price, pay shipping. Thank you!

Paul Was (Noxturne@aol.com) Sun Feb 4 17:36:36 1996
I need Harlan's appearance on Politically Incorrect, and his appearance on Stan Lee's Bio on A&E. That's all.

EDward A Traenkner (neve@magicnet.net) Sat Jan 27 02:01:09 1996
I am looking for a copy of The beast that shouted love at the heart of the world and also love aint nothing but sex misspelled

Cyndy Davis (davi8519@blue.univnorthco.edu) Sun Jan 21 23:27:26 1996
I had the wonderful oppurtunity to meet THE MAN and talk to him (and of course, sign books). But, I am a college student and need money. I have an extensive collection of Ellison (and others) and are looking to sell at reasonable prices. Unfortunately, since I am also an English major, I am looking for anything I don't have. Would be willing to trade a signed copy of a combo of books I don't have. Please email me with any info on unpublished works of Ellison. I am also taking classes on Stephen King and Philip K. Dick (which you MUST read), so if anyone has info - SEND IT! PLEASE! Thanks in advance - Cyndy

Beth Fri Jan 19 08:16:41 1996
Looks like that li'l ol' tax refund will keep me going a bit longer. Please disregard the ad below unless you're making an offer I would be silly to refuse.

Beth (witkowski.7@osu.edu) Thu Jan 11 11:04:13 1996
Night and the Enemy, hardcover, limited edition, signed and numbered by HE and illustrator Ken Steacy;
Vic & Blood, hardcover (leather?), limited edition, signed and numbered by HE and illustrator Richard Corben;
All the Lies That are my Life (HE's twist on The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas), hardcover, illustrated by Kent Bash;
DV and Again, DV, three book paperback box set;
Mephisto in Onyx, first edition hardback, still in shrinkwrap;
Mindfields, still in shrinkwrap--

Many other Ellison hardbacks and paperbacks (including Deathbird Stories (hardback), Doomsman, The Illustrated Ellison, both Glass Teats and other hard-to-finds).
Make an offer. I hate to part with any of these, but if it can help prevent me from declaring bankruptcy, I'll consider it.

John Taylor (imajica@atw.fullfeed.com) Tue Jan 9 16:03:24 1996
I have a copy of Harland Ellison's book MIND FIELDS, signed,
limited edition signed by Ellison and Yerka. It is in mint
condition and in a slip case as issued. If interested please
e-mail me with questions and/or offer.

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