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The Ellison Want Ads

1995 Archive

Nick Papaseraphim (papase95@interport.net) Fri Dec 29 23:10:31 1995
I've been an ELLISON fan for years and I've accumulated most of his books.
I'm selling part of my Ellison collection, as well as other sf books.
You can emailme for the list or you can point your browser at:



Jeff (not one yet) Fri Dec 22 23:58:40 1995
Any Ellison. Possible trades. Know someone who has TWO mint cond. copies of DOOMSMAN..will get her address, e-mail. Must sign legal document saying novels won't be turned over to the Great Author of the Galaxy :) Snail mail is 519 Ely Road Hixson TN 37343. Phone is (423) 877-3822.
Also have copies of Hulk and Avenger comix. Wife has several copies of DREAM CORRIDOR special numero uno. RICK: we have pics of 'Harl' from Painesville, Sherman Oaks, San Diego and a couple of other places (we've also a couple from DragonCon, but I guess you have enough of those). We can scan them and send them to you if you want.

Steve Armstrong (admin@bookshop.com) Fri Dec 22 02:00:32 1995
For the latest selection of out-of-print books by Harlan Ellison,
go to http://www.virtual.bookshop.com/htbin/catalog?harlan+ellison
The list changes weekly and currently averaging at about 100 titles
for sale.

Seth Johnson (sjohns14@students.wisc.edu) Thu Dec 21 18:22:47 1995
Looking for a copy of the Ellison interview on the Tom Snyder show last spring. Email me if you have it and I'll cough up for copying and/or S&H. . .

Nathan Beeler (dogberry@u.washington.edu) Wed Dec 20 01:27:46 1995
Wanted: 2 good copies of The other glass teat. Paperback or hardbound works for me.

J-P Palmentier (palmenj@gov.on.ca) Tue Dec 19 09:14:09 1995
Hi! I am looking for the address of Borderlands Press in Baltimore,
MD. Could someone please e-mail me the address and/or 1-800 number.
It should be listed in the inside the cover of some of their
releases e.g. No Doors, No Windows and The beast that shouted love ...
or on some of the flyers that were sent out by HERC. I have stupidly
misplaced mine.

Thanks in advance.


Jeff Mariotte (MystGalaxy@eworld.com) Sun Dec 17 12:34:53 1995
We're Mysterious Galaxy, a sf/fant/myst/horror bookstore found in real time & space in San Diego, CA and on the web at www.cts.com/browse/jnee/mg.html. We've had Harlan to the store for a signing, and carry whatever we can get our hands on by him. There's no longer any signed stuff in stock right now, but now that we've seen this page we'll be sure to let everyone know when he's coming back. Check our web site for other signed firsts that may be of interest, as well as other author appearances, etc (like Ha

John Butler (Sewerpik @batnet.com) Sat Dec 16 23:19:15 1995
Need the following. Paperback or hardcover. E-mail me with condition and price

NIGHTSHADE & DAMNATIONS:Stories of Gerald Kersh (1968)-Editor


Rick Wyatt (webmaster@harlanellison.com) Sat Dec 9 16:15:36 1995
I am currently looking to expand the Picture Gallery and am seeking photographs of Ellison. If you have any, no matter how shabby, please consider mailing me a copy. I will be happy to return them to you and reimburse you for postage. Alternatively, send me e-mail with a graphics file attachment. Thanks!

Send photos to:
Rick Wyatt
525 Northridge Apt E
Atlanta, GA 30350
(770) 392-0353

Gerald Tucker (gtucker@fox.nstn.ca)
Good Morning! We are a real & 'net book and stamp store. We carry only about 10,000 different Science Fiction and Fantasy titles, new and used and stamps and stamp collecting supplies. We ship worldwide and would be happy to send you a list of what we have to offer. Thanks!

Visit our new home page at http://fox.nstn.ca/~gtucker.


Thomas Pluck (stripey@winternet.com) Mon Dec 4 00:56:24 1995
Hi, I'm looking for Ellison's books "Children of the Street" &
"The Sound of a Scythe," readers if possible.
Please email me if you have them to sell or know of leads.

Richard Perloff (rperloff@csulb.edu) Sat Nov 18 09:29:58 1995
Aaaaargh! Help me! For 20 years, I've been spreading the gospel according to HE, loaning my books to anyone who'd listen. Now, as I rapidly approach middle age, I find that I'm missing a lot of key titles. I need: Gentleman Junkie, Love Ain't Nothing..., No Doors No Windows, Web Of The City, Memos From Purgatory, and Sleepless Nights In The Procrustrean Bed. And, while I'm at it, let me post the naive question of the decade: why are the vast majority of HE's works always out of print???

Ron Paquin (rpaquin@panax.com) Sat Nov 18 09:28:54 1995
Looking for:
The Sound Of A Scythe
Vic And Blood
Sex Gang
The Fantasies Of Harlan Ellison
Dreams With Sharp Teath
The Other Glass Teat
The Book Of Ellison
Please e-mail with any leads.

edward a traenkner (neve@magicnet.net) Sun Nov 12 13:50:05 1995
i have heard that i have no mouth cdrom game is coming out at the end of this month..
have been waiting quite a while since i first heard the game was coming out..

Rich Shea (Shea005@wcsub.ctstateu.edu) Thu Nov 9 12:48:44 1995
Since I can't get to the USENet group I figured this was my best shot. I'm looking for someone who knows a lot of the Ellison catalog. I'm doing a research paper on some of his writings, and am looking for anything that has a prominent element of psychological pain/torture. Just from the little I've read, things like "I Have No Mouth...." and "The Whimper pf Whipped Dogs" and "Broken Glass". If anyone has suggestions for further titles I should read, please email me.

Michael Lyon (lyonx008@gold.tc.umn.edu) Mon Nov 6 19:10:52 1995

A copy of the fabled Frank Miller adaption of Ellison's "Mefisto in Onyx" (graphic novel); will pay for postage and all that funky stuff.

Also; For Sale (if interest warrants):

First printing of Ellison's "I Have No Mouth & I Must Scream; good condition; slightly warped, but totally readable.

Carrie (rhiestan@utcvm.utc.edu) Wed Nov 1 12:56:28 1995
I WANT ANY ELLISON YA GOT, okay??!!!!!My snail is 605A Mtn. Trail Hixson, TN 37343, (423) 870-9874

Dave Asselin (pmack@shore.net) Fri Oct 27 12:51:38 1995
For sale, best offer:

_Deathbird Stories_ pb Dell 1980
_Aproaching Oblivion_ book club HC 1974

I am willing to trade for other books/authors, if anyone's interested.

Claudia Gutwirth (cjg3779@is2.nyu.edu) Thu Oct 26 21:17:36 1995
I have available the following--for sale, best offer: Gentleman Junkie (Ace paperback); Ellison Wonderland (Signet paper); Deathbird Stories (Dell); Memos from Purgatory (Ace); Love Aint Nothing But Sex Misspelled(Ace); I Have No Mouth & I Must Scream (Ace); Approaching Oblivion and Dangerous Visions (both SIgnet). These are all paperbacks, all in very good condition.

Seth Johnson (sjohns14@students.wisc.edu) Tue Oct 24 17:14:19 1995
Looking for a copy of _An Edge In My Voice_ and/or _The Harlan Ellison Hornbook_, in reading condition, not collectable condition.

Sean Terwilliger (seanter@ix.netcom.com) Tue Oct 17 19:33:36 1995
Seeking _Doomsman_, _Sex Gang_, _Children of the Streets_ & _The Book Of Ellison_. Thanks!

Richard Allee (HPickwort@aol.com) Sat Oct 14 15:57:16 1995
Looking for copies of The Glass Teat & The Other Glass Teat (any
editions). Also for Ellison's Gerald Kersh anthology, Nightshades &

Duncan Delp (dgs@earthlink.net) Thu Oct 12 22:09:22 1995

I'm looking for a tape of "Paladin of the Lost Hour" from the new Twilight Zone from a few years back. I will be happy to compensate for your time and trouble. Can you believe it? - as big (I mean too many Zagnut bars) a Harlan fan as I am, I've never see n this! Thank Ye.

10/06/95: Geoff Burkman (gburkman@erinet.com)

Notice to All Within Range of Dayton, Ohio

Hello, fellow Ellisonites. I run a small entertainment exchange in Dayton, Ohio called Renaissance Music Media. Particulars are in the phone book. I always carry about anything regarding H.E.that I can get my hands on (at least, when it first comes out) and will happily try to fill your want lists. I deal CDs, CDRom, tapes, videos, records (yes, vinyl still lives--tho the prognosis is grim), laserdiscs, comics, books, trading cards; in short, stuff. I've been in the ratrace for nearly twenty years now and it's time to flex some digital fingers and reach out to that vast cybermarket. So, like I said, feel free to send me your wants and I'll see what I can come up with. Long live Harlan.

Oh, okay, here's the address & phone number:
1924 S. Smithville Rd. Dayton, Ohio 45420 or gburkman@erinet.com
(513)-258-1038 (I don't open until 12 noon eastern)

09/15/95: Sarah Bradberry (calleach@landsend.apana.org.au)


Readable copy of The Beast That Shouted Love At The Heart Of The World. Will pay postage, doesn't have to be in perfect condition, just readable.

09/12/95: Stephanie Coulthard (scoultha@rpms.ac.uk)


Scarce Ellison paperback for sale. Digit D230:- The Deadly Streets
Slight spine rub, neat inscription ffe, small bc crease, but still a nice copy of this very elusive item. Taken from owner's personal collection. 140 (uk pounds) FIRM, buyer pays postage. Money payable in U.K. Sterling only, please.

Reply to scoultha@rpms.ac.uk or Kids, Crime and Chaos Books (specialists in 50's and 60's Counter-Culture Paperbacks), P.O. Box 148, Northolt, Middlesex, UB5 5TR, U.K.

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