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Alexander Mackay <alex.mackay@virgin.net>
Inverness, Ross Shire Gaelic West Highlands of Scotland - Monday, February 12 2018 6:15:53

Leo and Diane Dillon Art
FTAO Mr Steven Heining
Many thanks for your response. I got the Dillon book. It wasn't cheap! However it is a treasure indeed. Sadly it doesn't have all the HE covers but I am enjoying it.
I live in a very remote place and HE books were impossible to get. Also HE books published in the UK had different covers. Over the years I have managed to acquire the American first editions with the superb Dillon covers.
I think a collection of just their HE covers would appeal.
Incidentaly HE first appeared on UK tv in 1976 on a very obscure show not broadcast outside London. His first UK books were 1973! The Dillon covers did not appear on UK editions. It's been an odyssey to collect them!
Thank you again for taking the time to reply.

Jeff R.
Philly, - Monday, February 12 2018 5:46:50

Dear Ezra:
The Federal building in which I work contains a picture of a smiling Trump. It's even worse!

E. Kang
- Sunday, February 11 2018 18:54:44

To Ezra - "Ifestiophobia"


Love that one! LOVE it!

(Sadly, Ifestiophobia is a bit epidemic in the nation right now, brought on by bouts of science and data; there is no known vaccine as yet, meds like reason and logic having had no effect)

- Sunday, February 11 2018 18:17:53

Jason, how dare you take a weekend off! You're doing good work man. Take your time.


You folks need to have some compassion. Alan obviously suffers from Ifestiophobia, a debilitating condition. There is a vaccine but it's so rare that there is no profit in developing it for Big Pharma. Sufferers are condemned to hide at home. Thank god for the internet, huh, Alan?


It's traditional to hang portraits of the current President and his Veep in the lobby of federal buildings. NOAA has its headquarters and command center not far up the street from where I live and I've gone by there for years wondering what its innards looked like and being a weather junkie I finally decided to take the tour since they were having an open house yesterday.

There were Trump and Pence looking down on us as we waited in line to get through security. Pence's portrait is a standard politician bland happy to be here pretend smile but Trump's is something else altogether. I think he's trying to stare down the camera with what he imagines is his alpha male dominator gaze but the effect is just the opposite of what he probably intended. You can almost see the eels squirming in his brain. It is very disturbing. Perhaps a smile would have been worse.


The Space X launch was pretty cool but did anybody but me find the Tesla Roadster payload just a little crass? But this is what you'll get when space exploration is ceded to commercial interests (which seems inevitable), billboards on the Moon and Big Mac wrappers on Mars.

largo, fl. - Sunday, February 11 2018 14:48:55

1 of 5 Social Scientists proclaim Marxist/Socialist allegiance
Gatekeeper forgive second post,misinformation must be taken to the mattresses. Society is being played,pushing us to fight another Civil War,welcomed by many.

Jason Davis <ellison.editor@gmail.com>
Burbank, CA - Sunday, February 11 2018 14:13:41

We're still packing and shipping orders from Day One. My apologies for the delay. As I prognosticated--in the RABBIT HOLE, the HEB mailing, and the Kickstarter update--there were a few technical issues that couldn't be foreseen until the site went live.

If you ordered, but haven't yet received a shipping confirmation, it's almost certainly because the combination of items you ordered has proven difficult to pack to my standards. We're working on it and the last orders will go out by Tuesday Afternoon.

The site is presently offline due to A) Selling out of several items, and B) An unexpected software update that made all the images look like rubbish. We plan to relaunch with replenished and new stock (and prettier pictures of the books) after I take a weekend off.

Some Other Person
- Sunday, February 11 2018 8:29:41


Step away from that mirror!

largo, fl. - Sunday, February 11 2018 4:58:13

Now I see why so few remain.
What is present is lowest human denominators, gutter swine by all accounts,sad really,no one would ever expect you to realize YOU are the enemy of the people, logic surpassed for rudeness,your time has passed,just crawl back to your crypt.

Steven Heining <lmh2753@gmail.com>
Niagara Falls, NY - Saturday, February 10 2018 23:3:55


In response to your 9 Feb. post here, this is your lucky day, sir!--AKA, yes, Leo & Diane Dillon's unf------believable art has been collected (it's not a "complete" compilation; on the other hand, it IS the only one extant...at least to my knowledge). Anyhow, beyond being crammed front-to-back with the Dillons' virtually-indescribable masterpieces, these interspersed with text about the Dynamic Duo's life/career together, the book's intro was written by (of all people) this very site's host, HE!

Just shoot over to Amazon to discover more about 'n' likely even buy THE ART OF LEO & DIANE DILLON, edited by Byron Preiss before it was issued way back in 1981. There are still many copies available; but of course, the cost will depend on your preference of hardcover or paperback/new or used...

720 Tenth Street
Apartment 1409
Niagara Falls, NY

- Saturday, February 10 2018 21:41:9

Two Headlines on one subject -- two different inferences


The racism behind the writing of the second headline is not only obvious, it's no surprise given the network that came up with it.

Anyone who regularly imbibes is an asshole of the highest order.

- Saturday, February 10 2018 14:8:21

err, previous post should read HEARSAY.

Bruce Dickinson
- Saturday, February 10 2018 14:1:45

informed opinion issue
I don't recall "alan" ever revealing specifically where he has received his information over the years. Seems more like spouting others' heresays.

- Saturday, February 10 2018 10:41:47


Nice one.

Just Sayin'
- Saturday, February 10 2018 9:41:39


You were by no means unclear. Perhaps alan merely reads as well as he writes. In which case one has to wonder how he got interested in Harlan.

Interesting that when his typing style was criticized some time ago his excuse was an oversized screen. Now that his incomprehensibility is the (lingering) issue, THAT is somehow the fault of his phone.

Marci Kesserich
Asheville, NC - Saturday, February 10 2018 6:42:8

Degenerates with keyboards

Perhaps I was unclear.

If your science is as poor as your language skills, you are not be competent to participate in a discussion on climatology. Think about it.

No one cares what you are trying to say. And "trying" is the operative word here, as you're borderline illegible. I consider it appalling that such mangled scribblings are defacing Harlan's board. Either learn to write like an adult or go away.

largo, fl. - Saturday, February 10 2018 4:7:4

Yes Marci,I should edit better
But for some reason when hitting send message words scattered get changed,changing sentences,there meanings,can't find why,so quickly. Maybe time for new phone.
Listen,stop bullshitting,your aware of core samples,your aware of the great comets, not to mention lingering volcanic activity,Earth heals.

Steven Heining <lmh2753@gmail.com>
Niagara Falls, NY - Saturday, February 10 2018 0:4:21

A belated trio of tidbits:

(1) A tentative THANKS to those Confidential Couple of You who've privately e-mailed me the sort of "tips" that I was requesting in my 27 Jan. appeal here ("tentative" thanks since I hope your tips will prove to have been sincere, not prankish). The current status of those leads? They're being investigated by an indefatigable private eye, who happens to owe a big favor to my veteran-cop uncle...

(2) Just wanna tell an empathetic Mr. Tibor C. that, man, I was humbly flattered by your 31 Jan. communique. You are someone so, so shy to have viewed this forum's usually-provocative content in silence for over a year; and yet you now bravely step onto the stage simply due to the "Voice of Reason" trying (trying but not succeeding) to flatten Yours Truly. Needless to say, I look forward to your future insights re said incidents...

(3) Gotta admit it--a well-read Mr. Robert Nason quickly "beat me to it" with his 3 Feb. post! That's to say, he then-pegged EUREKA as the sadly-neglected Poe "mind- AND soul-blowing trip" to which I had cryptically referred/promised to sometime discuss when putting up my own 3 Feb. post here! By the way, when I said later "discuss," I was/am NOT promising a SUMMARY of EUREKA: A PROSE POEM (subtitled AN ESSAY ON THE MATERIAL AND SPIRITUAL UNIVERSE), this 'cause its countless analyses already exist in biographies 'n' on websites. Anyhow, for those of you who care: no, I haven't forgotten completion of that task; I've just been too busy of late...

720 Tenth Street
Apartment 1409
Niagara Falls, NY

Andrew Laubacher
Lackawanna, New York - Friday, February 9 2018 18:2:35

For Chuck Messer
Thanks for the explanation, Chuck! I'm sorry for the snark; I really was having trouble reading your intent. You're right, it was an odd post.

Bob Ingersoll <Bingersoll@mindspring.com>
Cleveland, Ohio - Friday, February 9 2018 17:18:59

STAR TREK NEW VISIONS # 20 “Isolation”
The latest issue of the fumetti-styled STAR TREK book that John Byrne writes for IDW came out this week and it features Edith Keeler. (Not sure in what capacity as I haven’t read it.) But I remember that Harlan wanted to be alerted when anyone or thing from “The City On the Edge of Forever” was used. So just Incase he didn’t know, consider this an alert.

Chuck Messer
- Friday, February 9 2018 16:47:31

Never cross brains with Marci, unless you know what you're doing.

Sorry about my odd post on Tuesday. I was in a bad place. What the hell, I needed a couple of days without internet.

Andrew: Yes, I was being sarcastic. That's why I put the quote marks around "Junk" and "Good" science. There are several instances of little pet scientists who have tried to tell us that smoking doesn't cause cancer, that leaded gasoline, pumping lead into the air was no big deal, etc. They'll tell you anything you want to hear -- for a fee.


Alexander Mackay <alex.mackay@virgin.net>
Inverness, Ross Shire Gaelic West Highlands of Scotland - Friday, February 9 2018 16:2:21

I have long admired the art of Leo and Diane Dillon, particularly their covers for Harlan's books. Are they published as a collection?

Marci Kesserich
Asheville, NC - Friday, February 9 2018 15:9:49

Harlan never liked functional illiterates either

Once you've attained competence with English grammar, perhaps someone will care about your opinions on climatology.

That your writing is so sloppy and ill-conceived should suggest to you that your thinking is sloppy and ill-conceived as well.

largo, fl. - Friday, February 9 2018 3:22:26

I didn't say Climate was not changing,that's been proven...
I said Climate reports on many fronts from many sources have been falsified to make it seem we are on the way to extinction as a species. History has shown when absent of diety,humans find another prophetic belief to satisfy longing of importance, Weather historically goes from calm to extreme then resets and over thousands of years repeats. Add human deception for monetary gain and you now introduce Climate Apocalypse scenarios. Hawking is a fool.

Steve Barr
North Kansas City, MO - Thursday, February 8 2018 7:52:25

Sorry for the re-post. The LINK is broken!

Steve Barr
Kansas City, MO - Thursday, February 8 2018 7:48:33

Harlan Books Online
Hey Wyatt, I think the looks to to new bookstore is broken here.
Just FYI

Jason, the redesign looks great!

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