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My city? What do YOU care what my city is?, - Thursday, October 8 2020 19:47:37

Hey Cadge:
Did Harlan have a will? Did Susan? Did he or she die intestate? Are there any claims on the estate? What about other heirs of beneficiaries? What about Harlan's niece? Did Susan have any family? How much of the estate will have to be transferred to them? Did they leave any debts to settle? What is the total value of the estate, and how long will it take to inventory and appraise? Is there an estate attorney? How long will the probate take? What the fuck is your hurry, and what business is it of yours?

Fucking vulture.

- Thursday, October 8 2020 16:50:40


Answering a question with a question, eh? Okay, I'll play along: which of those words eludes you?

Cadge Caylor
- Thursday, October 8 2020 4:30:3

"even without the complication of indeterminate heirs?"

Do tell, Sy. How do you know this? Or did you just make it up, since you don't now anything?

Cadge Caylor
- Thursday, October 8 2020 4:30:1

"even without the complication of indeterminate heirs?"

Do tell, Sy. How do you know this? Or did you just make it up, since you don't now anything?

Hey, Cadge!
- Wednesday, October 7 2020 13:36:20

You itching to move in there? Sounds like it!

- Wednesday, October 7 2020 10:42:15


Strike "over", insert "only". Do you have any idea how long it takes to arrange an estate sale, even without the complication of indeterminate heirs? Hint: longer than you seem willing to give it.

Do you live near enough that you could even take advantage of such a thing? If so, why not swing by, as someone suggested a while ago? If not, "let it go" and find a new obsession. We can do without the updates until there actually is one.

P.S. WHAT lawn?

Cadge Caylor
- Wednesday, October 7 2020 8:39:1

Ellison Estate Watch, part 2
Nothing. Not a peep. The manor is still off-market, and there have been no announcements on any of the major auction sites about Ellison artwork, rare books, or bric-a-brac for sale or bid.

It's been over two months now - how much more boxing and cataloging is there to do? And someone is paying property taxes on the home - that will get old soon.

One imagines a sheen of dust is now settled over the place. Soon the little creatures will start to move in. One can just imagine the state of the lawn now.

The other one
- Tuesday, October 6 2020 16:56:53

Bruce D.
Is that YOUR "meds"?

Bruce D.
- Monday, October 5 2020 14:51:41

Yes indeed!

I'll be reading "How's the Night Life on Cissalda?" this very night.

ben joseph <nuclearshark44@yahoo.com>
London, southwark - Friday, October 2 2020 1:47:11

United Kingdom
I never was a Harlan Ellison arse-kisser, I found the man problematic though often awesome.I found the work problematic though frequently beyond awesome.I retired from full time work 18 months ago and am now indulging in a prolonged orgy of reading.Everything from history,politics,psychology,sci-fi, crime fiction,etc.I have to say Harlan Ellison is the writer more than most that has consistently blown me away with the power and richness of his work.I don,t say he,s better than other writers .He ain,t nessecarily.To me ,his work engages and brings you into the story, even when it,s shit as it often is, in a way that far too few other writer,s do.Why can,t they all write like that? Cos it would make reading boring i guess.The word entertainment has become much abused in recent times,but it should not be so.As long as the entertainment is not mindless, as long as the entertainment is stimulating and enriching, then let it roll bubba.Ellison always engages, always entertains, even when, as i mentioned already , he presents us with simplistic foolishness.I love Ellison,s stories, even the crap, for that reason.Even the crap, has something of the Ellison magic and energy we find in his masterworks.For me , there,s no such thing as an entirely worthless Ellison story.There are some other genius writers I want to get into now, that i think i was discouraged from reading in the past because of their high crap quotient. I,m talking about Phillip K. Dick , Ted Sturgeon,among others.In this co-vid nightmare we,re living through, reading, above all else has become my major release.Above music,P,C. games,food, drugs,etc.Even in this brave, new, high tech world,just reading printed words on a page, remains for me the ultimate release.Mercifully, used books are not expensive to buy online.My immediate objective is to buy ALL the significant Ellison books i can.So far I,ve only got Deathbird stories, Shatterday, Strange wine, and Slippage.I,m awaiting through the post the edgeworks edition of Beast that shouted love.I realise, in conclusion how grovellingly worshipful this post must seem.Still i maintain I am no Ellison arse-kisser.I love this man for what he gave us.And I am grateful.

Bruce D.
- Thursday, October 1 2020 18:23:16

Take your meds before beddy bye time, everyone.

- Thursday, October 1 2020 12:18:41

::::::: "The silence between the notes is just as important as the notes themselves." - Mozart ::::::

::: And in THIS case, a distinct improvement! - Me, capital 8 :::

Kenneth Stevens <stevens.kenneth@gmail.com>
Knoxville, Tennessee - Sunday, September 27 2020 15:8:20

Jeff R.
Why are you writing all that insane shit?

You Don't Have To Be Snarky..
- Saturday, September 26 2020 20:57:50

...just because you don't know what color the police cars in Stafford, Indianacare, either!

How long do you think Harlan and Susan will stay dead, anyway. The man has deadlines to meet!

Try it and see...
- Saturday, September 26 2020 18:58:30

It's rarely painless for those left behind, but in your case we will gladly make an exception. Gladly.

Do You Really Think That Suicide Is Painless?
- Saturday, September 26 2020 17:25:27

I was gonna ask my Mom, but she killed herself before I had a chance to. I remember the funny look she gave me when I asked her what color the police cars are in Stafford, Indiana. I hope that question didn't drive her over the edge.

- Saturday, September 26 2020 16:21:48

:::::: *film melting even as it is projected* ::::::

- Tuesday, September 22 2020 20:21:26

Aren't there land mines? Vicious guard dogs? That type of thing? Barbed wire fences? All the things that make life worth living? Don't the ghosts of Harlan and Susan haunt the place, still promising to finish THE LAST DANGEROUS VISIONS Someday?

- Tuesday, September 22 2020 18:56:10

Fact Finding Quest to Ellison Wonderland

Perhaps somebody reading this who lives in the L A area will muster up the courage to journey to the Lost Aztec Temple of Mars in Sherman Oaks and report back what the status of the estate is and any future plans regarding sales.

- Tuesday, September 22 2020 13:9:33

Adorable Artie Simek, as he was called...
...was the best letterer Marvel Comics ever had! And don't forget it! Not only could he play the harmonica and the spoons(!), but he also thought that the Apollo 11 moon landing was a fake! Sui generis, truly!

I am NOT Ringo Starr EITHER!
- Tuesday, September 22 2020 8:40:41

So there!

I used to love Ringo on THE MONKEES every week...

NOT Ringo Starr
- Tuesday, September 22 2020 8:3:43

Time takes time. Why are you in such a hurry for something you know cannot be rushed?

Cadge Caylor
- Monday, September 21 2020 18:2:49

DJ - also in a later episode of the 1970s mini-series Centennial, a Sheriff Bogardus.

Ellison Estate Watch - NOTHING. Silence runs deep. House not for sale. Swag not online. No information on the auction sites (the Ellisons have used Heritage in the past).

A lot of coin is sitting there, principally in real estate and artwork. Sooner or later, someone is going to want that coin in their bank account. The big question is who - the Ellisons were childless.


Trolling, trolling, trolling...
- Monday, September 21 2020 15:17:43

That's the spirit
Keep it up!!!! Do you think Harlan and Susan still tried to make whoopee when he was in his 80s, and stroke-ridden? My God, what a depressing sight that must have been!

- Monday, September 21 2020 11:55:30

There have BEEN 3 women on the SC for some time. And the Court has nothing to do with Amendments. Go fish.

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