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Frank Church
- Wednesday, August 5 2020 11:52:37

They should let me live there. Smile.

I would sell the stuff, help society a bit.

Cadge Caylor
- Tuesday, August 4 2020 15:34:3

Anyone know who to ask about getting a refund on the balance of my Rabbit Hole subscription? I'm assuming those won't continue.

Jes Franken
- Tuesday, August 4 2020 13:1:51

Saul Trabal, a home of that size in Sherman Oaks will be worth several million dollars. The collections inside are probably at least that much, if not more. So, if you have at least five million $ to spare to purchase the property and its belongings from the estate, and then a few hundred grand more to get the licensing and necessary public fittings (bathrooms, emergency exits, accessibility, etc) to turn it into a literary museum, please do.

Frank Church
- Tuesday, August 4 2020 11:49:4

Susan died! omg, so sorry to find that out. Her heart got taken so she wanted to exit, heart and all to whatever other world can be explored. Much love to all.

Wear a mask, show love with your eyes and turn this junkyard country into a Trump-free sanity fest.

Steve Evil <evening_tsar@hotmail.com>
- Tuesday, August 4 2020 9:45:6

I had only the briefest interaction with Susan - in Cleveland (2008? 2007?). She sold me a book (the one with all the crying babies on the cover, possibly emerging from cabbages - since lost in a flood). She appeared amused when I pulled $20 US out of my sock. She radiated friendliness

As long as she was around, I felt a part of him was also still around. Now they've both left, and only shadows remain.

While Unca Harlan was a prickly personality and made his share of enemies, by all account she was a gentle soul. Perhaps the trolls here might show a little human decency and lay off for a bit.

I wouldn't count on it, but one can always hope.

-Steve E.

- Tuesday, August 4 2020 9:37:52

Historic House Designation
Preserve Ellisonwonderland for posterity!

Saul Trabal <ghost_kingdom@yahoo.com>
Hoboken, New Jersey - Tuesday, August 4 2020 9:4:49

The Ellison Home Becoming A Literary Museum
With the Ellisons gone, I hope their home-the Lost Aztec Temple Of Mars-will be turned into a literary museum. I've long wondered what would happen to that house if the Ellisons passed away. There is so much history in that house...

Alan Stephen <J.stephen4@sky.com>
Aberdeen, Scotland - Tuesday, August 4 2020 4:17:9

Shocked to read the passing of Susan I met Susan once she was a lovely lady my heart is saddened in her passing.

Jeff R.
Philadelphia, - Tuesday, August 4 2020 2:35:35

Susan Ellison, R.I.P.
Well, maybe now the trolls that have infested this board like rats recently will go away. I hope dear, dear Susan never bothered to read any of their recent posts. Well, at least she's with Harlan again. Somewhere.

Robert Nason <nightwriterblue@.gmail.com>
Whitestone, New York - Monday, August 3 2020 20:15:21

Susan Ellison's death shocked me. I didn't expect it at all. She was a warm and gracious woman who will be greatly missed. I'm glad that she and Harlan had so many happy years together.

Northern California - Monday, August 3 2020 19:43:14

May we please take a moment to say farewell to the Electric Baby, the irreplaceable Susan Ellison.

Paul Hull <Vaughnrichards@yahoo.com>
MD - Monday, August 3 2020 19:26:32

Two years. Jesus effing nonexistent christ
If ever there was reason to close the Pavilion, it’s now. Seriously.

Dear Roddenberry's Ghost
- Sunday, August 2 2020 12:28:15

As the Ghost of Gene Roddenberry, are you still as much of a womanizing drunken pothead and cokehead as you were down here?

Ghost of Gene Roddenberry
- Sunday, August 2 2020 10:39:10

Dear whoever, nah, once you get up here you forget quickly about all the blather and bloviation down below...ESPECIALLY about anything you did for kopecks. Harlan is one of the crew now, and if we even bring up teevee shows, which we don't, it's just for a chuckle at ye chowderheads who made them into such a biggie in your lives.

Dear Roddenberry's Ghost
- Friday, July 31 2020 21:48:12

Ever since he's been there, has Harlan been giving God an earache and a migraine, whining and moaning, bitching and pissing, about how Roddenberry rewrote his "City of the Edge of Forever" script?
Does God really give a damn?

Ghost of Gene Roddenberry
- Friday, July 31 2020 5:40:59

Hip hole and hupmobile
You wish, pallie. Actually as I pen this little missive, old Harlie is sitting here right now with me and Dez Arnaz in the Great Beyond Bar, drinking his Shirley Temples without the cherry while the Cuban and I pound the rickies and do our usual Friday morning grab-assery. All is well up HERE - it's down there in the alley that things look a little faded. Roust yourselves, wombats! How long can you dumpster-dive, really?


The Galloping Gourmet
- Thursday, July 30 2020 20:23:5

Ellisonian Chilli
One pound of Gene Roddenberry, half a pound of William Shatner, followed by some Adrian Samish and Gary Groth. Mix well and cook. Some mighty fine eating!

- Thursday, July 30 2020 11:29:46

Anybody got the recipe for Ellison's execellent chili?

That's EARY tale, not ESRY
- Wednesday, July 29 2020 9:21:53

I should have stayed in bed today...

That's Esry TALE, not TILE
- Wednesday, July 29 2020 9:20:35

I made a faux pas, which is French for screw up!

An Eary Tile
- Wednesday, July 29 2020 9:18:59

I've got an obstruction in my left ear. How do I get it out? ?

Matt <stalepie@outlook.com>
GA - Wednesday, July 29 2020 8:53:55

Review of "Jeffty Is Five" by Marvin Flores

largo, fl. - Tuesday, July 28 2020 19:37:9

Saw a list of Border Patrol poundage seizures...
How do you get hooked on pills? What a gruesome life experience.I remember HE texting advice on allowing a junkie back in trust,don"t do it was his advice.

Couldn't DO It, Could You?
- Monday, July 27 2020 8:31:24

I thought not!😁😁😁

- Sunday, July 26 2020 1:36:18

Name ten world famous SF writers who were shorter thsn Little Harlan! Can you DO it? Can it BE done? Given his overall stature, how big do you think his you know what was? Bigger than Milton Berle'sss??

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