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- Thursday, April 20 2017 19:41:30

THIS sounds like a fascinating book! Already ordered my copy. :)

"Most of our views are shaped by communal groupthink rather than individual rationality, and we cling to these views because of group loyalty. Bombarding people with facts and exposing their individual ignorance is likely to backfire. Most people don’t like too many facts, and they certainly don’t like to feel stupid. If you think that you can convince Donald Trump of the truth of global warming by presenting him with the relevant facts — think again." -- THE KNOWLEDGE ILLUSION: Why We Never Think Alone by By Steven Sloman and Philip Fernbach

Andrew J. Wilson <ajwpublishing@gmail.com>
Edinburgh, United Kingdom - Thursday, April 20 2017 8:5:52

For Jeff Calhoun again


"It doesn't appear that Ellison ever filed a complaint; he says that the studio was eager to settle the case out of court. He puts the monetary settlement in the vicinity of $65,000 and now the Terminator credits include an acknowledgement of thank you to Harlan Ellison."

The video link is broken, but the footage can be found here:


See also:


Denise speaking for myself <ladydebuitleir@gmail.com>
West Hollywood , California - Wednesday, April 19 2017 21:39:57

Simon says twice Daly but speaking for others ...ventriloquism
Hi. This is fun. I like some of Mr. Ellison's writings as did my husband writer producer Vincent Mongol aka Aaron Butler pen names all around.

- Wednesday, April 19 2017 20:9:31

Make that...
...IRRESISTIBLE --- by Adam Alter.

- Wednesday, April 19 2017 20:7:54

Thank you for not paying attention
"just sayin", and thank YOU for not paying attention when, in addition to the "back & forth" I referenced, I mentioned folks who refer to posts that took place -- in internet time -- "ages" ago, making their comments that much more obscure and difficult to relate to or care about.

Any other topics on your mind?
Ellison books?
Books by other writers?
Like IRRESISTABLE, highly recommended!
Or movies?
Albums of music?

The recent good news regarding the sacking of that ambulatory phlegm in human guise, Bill O'Reilly?
Now, if only Fox News would self-immolate. THAT would make for a good week, indeed.


Speaking for others ...
- Wednesday, April 19 2017 15:34:19

Jeff Calhoun
One post per day is one of the few rules here.

Jeff Calhoun <thematrixfiles@gmail.com>
Las Vegas , Nevada - Wednesday, April 19 2017 10:57:57

Thank you et al and etc
Thank you for the response. Can you provide the court and case number for the sealed settlement lawsuit reference in the article of 2011. From 1964 to 2011 that took a while. Don my biz partner and who I represent said he was present when John Dale got a ten million dollar check for Terminator many years ago. I will try and find due to my issues the Cameron methodology of acquisitions a little more in depth.

Andrew J. Wilson <ajwpublishing@gmail.com>
Edinburgh, United Kingdom - Wednesday, April 19 2017 7:3:52

For Jeff Calhoun

Nong Khiaw, Laos - Wednesday, April 19 2017 6:37:38

More on "Octavia E. Butler: Telling My Stories" exhibit


Jeff Calhoun <thematrixfiles@gmail.com>
Las Vegas , Nevada - Wednesday, April 19 2017 5:59:5

The Terminator
Hello. Did Harlan Ellison write the Terminator or basis for such and was it published. Did he sell it to Helmsdale Productions and John Dale. Thanks for any response and a more detailed request is sent by email to Rick.

Just Sayin'
- Tuesday, April 18 2017 19:23:22

Simon et al

Simon -- there was no "back 'n' forth", but thank you for not asking.

Everyone -- thanks for moving on, and the variety of recs.

Maryland - Tuesday, April 18 2017 10:39:35

You're welcome.


Janet Gamache
Victoria , BC - Tuesday, April 18 2017 10:27:26

Dan, Judy, and Steve,

Thank you for your concern.


No offence taken, but expression of regret acknowledged.


Seattle, Washington - Tuesday, April 18 2017 10:4:52

In the news: Jules Verne Time Capsule Discovered
Fun stuff!


Christopher Johnson
escaped and on the lam, see above - Monday, April 17 2017 21:28:48

I promised myself I'd never return but I can type to this:
Firstly, S.Barber, I've grown to love you like a cheeseburger, but Andrew is not out of line.

Poetry is like modern and contemporary art, you don't have to like it all.

I don't think AL's apology is necessary (but I'll soften my criticism with a martini recipe at the bottom).

JG is a NY school poet and, I think, a worthy successor brought to date, of HD and perhaps more recently,of Rae Armantrout, down in San Diego (if I'm guessing JG's age correctly).

HE has never written poetry, except always in his prose.

It may have come from his music taste, or from his disagreement
with himself but there's a a particular rhythm that may have come
from the beating of a rubber ball against a house, perhaps to be the next Lou Boudreau after a tragedy.

S.Barber, the CIA martini: dry vermouth on ice, shaken, poured out; Plymouth Gin on the ice, shaken poured into the glass,

one (not two) drop of Pernod, serve, garnish, regret.

Andrew Laubacher
Lackawanna, NY - Monday, April 17 2017 15:36:25

Janet, I am sorry for my unkind remarks.
I was going to actively avoid posting here for a while, but I see that I have an obligation to respond. I see that I went too far in my (unasked for) criticism of Janet's poem, perhaps not in my original post, but certainly in my remarks afterward.

I regret bringing the subject up at all; however, I am more sorry for any offense that I might have given to Janet. I was a jerk and did not think about the impact of what I was saying. There is a great deal of truth in the old saw, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." I will try to take this to heart.

May I be forgiven?

Steve Barber
- Monday, April 17 2017 15:1:6

And in case it wasn't clear

ANDREW: I think an apology is in order.

Steve Barber <thumbnailtraveler@verizon.net>
- Monday, April 17 2017 14:59:4

Speaking as...

...perhaps the only remaining "official" voice hereabouts (Rick, Harlan and Susan all off playing with their health and personal projects) I should probably tamp down what could be a new version of some of the nastier encounters over the last few years. Dan, Ezra, thank you.

ANDREW - I would have to agree with Dan's assessment of your dismissive post as both mean-spirited and unwarranted. You may elect to get into a shouting match, but it's a matter of decorum and not literary criticism which are in question. Janet's poems are most welcome and appreciated. I don't believe she was posting to request reviews of her work, but to simply share a piece she thought worthy of sharing. As have many of us over the years.

To put it another way: I post links to the sample chapter from my book and to my blog. Both involve art, both textual and graphic. If you were to offer a few thoughts about the quality, and couch it in helpful terms I would appreciate the comments. Several highly successful authors, editors and photographers I respect have given me suggestions and the work, I think, is better for it.

On the other hand if your public criticism was limited to "Your text is weak and repetitive, and the pictures are amateurish. This should be burned and buried with the rest of the trash", my guess is that would earn you a sharp poke in the nose.

KEENEY - Thhhffft right back atcha, mon ami. ;-)

California - Monday, April 17 2017 14:55:56

This is maybe my 4th time to post here, but I've been a steady reader of this board since 1996. I've seen some slimy and hateful comments, but the one Andrew recently made takes first place. For what possible reason did you feel it necessary to be so mean spirited and hateful to a gentle soul who has done nothing to deserve it.

Coventry for a few days isn't really the punishment I have in mind. Go. And don't come back. No one will miss you for even one freaking second.

Janet Gamache
Victoria , BC - Monday, April 17 2017 10:20:30


The words inside the quotation marks come from Harlan Ellison’s magical short story, “The Museum on Cyclops Avenue.”


Thank you.


Maryland - Monday, April 17 2017 10:12:52

Andrew Laubacher
I'm a long time lurker here and I don't usually jump in, but I have to now. That so-called review of Janet's poem was nasty, mean spirited, and just a shitty thing to do. Janet is one of the very few people on this site who has NEVER said a mean word to anyone here and never attacked any other poster. She writes poetry and posts it here for everyone's enjoyment.
It may not be to your taste, but there's a simple solution to that. Skip over it. I sometimes read them and other times don't. But you seem to feel that you had to jump in with this two sentence review - 'Breaking up sentences randomly and adding arbitrary punctuation does not turn something into poetry. Or at least not good poetry'.
That's so very fucking clever of you. There's no context and no explanation of your reasoning. Just two sentences. That's like me watching a movie and then posting my review as 'This movie sucks. I hated it'.
I hope you feel happy and satisfied now that you struck out at someone that you don't even know with a nasty review just because you could. And it's someone who hasn't ever done or said anything to you.

Don't tell me that you're entitled to your opinion because that's a bullshit excuse for just being mean for the sake of showing how clever you are. Your opinion would mean a lot more if you had gone into some more detail about what you liked and disliked without the condescending attitude. You even added later that the poem was nice. Don't you think that would have been a good thing to add to your original statement? At least it shows that you actually tried to read it and reason through why you didn't like it more than just it's a whole sentence broken up.

I don't have a dog in this fight and I don't know Janet. I'm sure that she can defend herself, but this just pisses me off because it's so unfair. People who post here have been here for years and it's supposed to be more collegial. You should be ashamed of yourself for treating someone like that who's only trying to say what she has to say in poetry. Either be more respectful in your reviews and opinions or keep them to yourself. There's a way to make a point without being a dick about it. You can call me any names that you want - I don't give a damn. That doesn't change the fact that you acted like an asshole and I feel that you owe Janet an apology.

Jordan Owen <jordanowen@me.com>
Atlanta, Georgia - Sunday, April 16 2017 22:39:34

United States
Hello all-

Just checked up on my band, Leaving Babylon, on Encyclopedia Metallum and found that thanks to his guest appearance on our first album, Harlan now has an entry on the site: http://www.metal-archives.com/artists/Harlan_Jay_Ellison/559869

The Ellisonian aura reaches far and wide indeed!

Andrew Laubacher
Lackawanna, NY - Sunday, April 16 2017 19:40:50

Poetry Corner
I'm all for the occasional bit of doggerel, Ezra. I just like it better when trying to read it doesn't make my eyes bleed or induce headaches. The poem was nice; the structure was pretentious crap.

Now excuse me while I exile myself to Coventry for posting twice in a day.

- Sunday, April 16 2017 18:14:2

Hey , check out the books at the 50 second mark

The rest of it's crap but I was pleasantly surprised

- Sunday, April 16 2017 16:2:34


Starting a sentence with an upper case letter and ending with a period doesn't make your post literary criticism. Was this the highlight of your day? A snarky comment to Janet? I like her stuff. It brightens up the place. Janet has something to say and she says it. The next time you have nothing to say then try saying that.

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