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Simon LaFarge
- Wednesday, January 23 2019 22:18:55

The Manbaby

Actually, The Prez is not orange all over, partly due to tanning bed goggles.

- Wednesday, January 23 2019 17:4:45

My, my... are we upset?
"Bix's cardinal sin is his prolixity. He could simply have written WHITE KIDS BAD, ORANGE MAN BAD, SHEMALES GOOD and saved all concerned a great deal of time." Wow, tThat's a nice but fairly sad attempt at simplifying/summarizing my words. No, "white kids" are not BAD (they were under-supervised, under-guided and misguided in the "stand your ground" aspect, yes, but they are not "bad" or "evil" by nature), "orange man bad" (well, yea, ya got me there--he is "bad" by nature, as Trump and his lawyers keep getting caught in lie after lie, over 8,000 misleading truths or outright lies in two years, so you do the math). As for "shemales good"? ANYONE willing to serve this country is "good," not just "shemales"; again, if you don't approve of transgenders, where are all those young, healthy male U.S. patriots to take over, then? Plus, I've seen plenty of men and women who don't identify as transgender but would qualify as "shemales" in your book, so what bothers you about transgenders? Is it the official identifying and surgery, or just dressing up as the opposite gender?

As for my point in coming here, it comes down to that starting word: MORAL. There is nothing moral about the treatment of transgender troops, and for the reasons that I listed.

Want something "Harlan" to make you feel better? "— from The Graceful Lie: A Method for Making Fiction by Michael Petracca

"You create your own Heaven, and you have the opportunity to live in it, but you have to do it on your own terms, the highest terms of which you are capable. So sail this ship through the straits, navigate the shoals, find the island, overcome the foam-devil that guards the girl, win her love, and you’ve played the game on your own terms."
— from "Delusion for a Dragon Slayer," collected in I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream: Stories

"I don't know how you perceive my mission as a writer, but for me it is not a responsibility to reaffirm your concretized myths and provincial prejudices. It is not my job to lull you with a false sense of the rightness of the universe." In other words, I'm not going to sit back and be silent on an issue where religious morality is trying to impose upon social morality.

- Wednesday, January 23 2019 16:42:7

Just Sayin'
Bix's cardinal sin is his prolixity. He could simply have written WHITE KIDS BAD, ORANGE MAN BAD, SHEMALES GOOD and saved all concerned a great deal of time.

Just Sayin'
- Wednesday, January 23 2019 9:23:22


Why would any of that blather bring you HERE? Does it have a connection to any topic being discussed on this board (as if there are actual topics or discussions taking place at the moment)? Did you confuse it for one of the many sites that do encourage such nattering? On the whole, this site is supposed to be a refuge from such things.

- Wednesday, January 23 2019 0:57:24

The definition of righteousness is "the quality of being morally right or justifiable." To me, it's that key word, "moral," that comes into play above all else. Let's face it: anyone can claim to be in the right, and declare that their words and actions are justified, thereby absolving themselves of whatever circumstances may come about from their interaction/interference in a given situation. Being "right" is subjective and based on one's perspective, or the perspective of the brown-nosers hanging out with them... but when it comes to the MORAL angle of a situation, that's where you really separate the ol' wheat from the chaff.

Initially, I thought that I'd come here and go off on the D.C. MAGA-hat-wearing students (one of whom had the audacity to shout "it's not rape if you enjoy it" at the pro-life rally earlier), but that issue is already muddied by the pro-Trump group laying blame on the "black Muslims" or "black Hebrew Israelites" or whatever that first racist group claimed itself to be that "started" it... which that doesn't erase the fact that the students continued it, and that they had no reason to not simply move aside and let the Native American group go about their business--in short, there was no justification for "stand their ground" in that circumstance. But no, that topic is a mess already, one as distorted by the Hitler-era mentality of how "the media is lying to you" as the Trump-Russia quagmire of ever-shifting statements. I mean, when your own lawyer keeps contradicting himself in public, what more is there to say about "truth"?

And then I thought I'd come here and rant about the obvious--the so-called "President" who is placing a $5B (starting fee) of a monolithic memory to his legacy, The Great Wall of Saw-Able Slats, ahead of the well-being of American citizens. Inanimate objects first, people second! That's nice. But again, we live in a twisted world now where the government employees are "spoiled" and get "benefits" that others don't, so it's probably all right that they're going without now, huh? Although it does make one wonder how Trump is going to get the taxpayer money for his wall when this country's workers can't afford to pay taxes in the first place.

But, no, it's the subject of transgender troops that gets my dander up today. It's the same kind of prejudice that kept "the weaker sex" from becoming regular active-duty and reserve-duty members of the U.S. military, because it was decided (by men) that women didn't have the intellect and coping mechanisms for full-on service. It was the same discrimination that German-Americans dealt with during World War I, that was faced by Japanese-American and other Asian-American troops during World War II, and by African-American troops in pretty much every era we've had. I mean, what are the arguments? That transgenders aren't "mentally sound"? That's the same crap that kept black men from doing more than cook duties in the Army, because they were "savages" and "not smart enough" to handle anything else. Is it the medical expense issue? Because from an expense perspective, if you look at ANY military base, the cost and complications of regular pregnancies, followed by the needs and expenses for regular child care, FAR outweigh any transgender surgery costs/issues that could ever arise--and they're not banning women from service for it. Is it "integrity"? What is integrity? Because less than 10% of this nation's "straight" patriots even bother to join the military, and even fewer stick with it and serve more than one term. In the event that we get into another war, there will be no choice but to reinstate the draft to dig up the appropriate number of troops--as it is, in 2017, Trump authorized a recall of pilots due to three out of four billets being emptied--only this time women will have to be in the draft to make up the numbers.

So, yea, I've got an issue with a government that relies on a volunteer military and, rather than deal with those personnel based on their evaluations and record of service to the country, decides to thin the herd and discriminate without even giving them a chance. Meanwhile, anyone with a "prior" just needs a waiver to get in the military; the delusion of a "fresh start" is overshadowed by the reality that certain criminals will never change their ways. Like how I don't see the "President" railing against the nearly 50% binge-drinking rates. Being transgender doesn't kill someone else; being an active alcoholic in the military does.

And in the words of Roger Rabbit, "Thanks. I needed that."

- Tuesday, January 22 2019 18:0:17

Harlan the music enthusiast
Re-read one of HE's tributes to Robert Silverberg wherein Harlan writes of the two of them turning each other on to various things, such as RS to HE: hot pizza, HE to RS: the music of Thelonious Monk.

Black Cow. Anyone know if Harlan ever wrote of the music of Steely Dan?

- Monday, January 21 2019 9:57:42

C'mon guys

Harlan said this was one of the few holidays that had any meaning for him. Let's behave accordingly.

Brian Phillips: Nice quiz, but too short. I also got 100%. Truefen would probably like more obscure/challenging options.

- Monday, January 21 2019 8:27:29

I snort derisively

Neither of those is a new development, Kenny. But do keep an eye out for the other ones, esp. since you don't seem to have much else to do.

Brian Phillips <luciuscyrene@gmail.com>
McDonough, GA - Sunday, January 20 2019 16:13:49

I got 100%, how about you?

- Sunday, January 20 2019 15:8:12


A big chunk of *the* populace.

Kenneth Stevens <stevens.kenneth@gmail.com>
Knoxville, Tennessee - Sunday, January 20 2019 15:6:49

I preen

The year is barely five percent gone and already a couple of my 2019 predictions are looking spot-on.

China's government is estimating that 2019 will see that country's lowest rate of economic growth in 28 years. That probably isn't going to go over very well with a big chunk of populace.

And my wildest prediction, the one about a controversy arising over the use of parabiosis by Silicon Valley oligarchs, already came true. A medical startup called Ambrosia, which charges $8,000 per infusion of blood from teenagers, has just opened shop in San Francisco.

- Saturday, January 19 2019 20:11:57

a full 24 hours
KS: It would be polite if you could understand time and actually wait a full twenty four hours before attempting administer another one of your wedgies.

largo, fl. - Saturday, January 19 2019 15:47:11

So sad.....
Pilot was great,the rest was as I remembered, slow and predictable. RIP Jack Lord. Best to lovely Susan.

- Saturday, January 19 2019 15:42:7


As usual, you're woefully behind the times. Stand-up comedy is dead. It was replaced years ago by audiences of corpulent, blue-haired cat ladies who clap like trained seals whenever Hannah Gadsby pauses during her latest gender studies lecture. Oddly, however, none of them ever laugh.

largo, fl. - Friday, January 18 2019 20:27:43

Just watched fully restored pilot for Hawaii Five-O
Loved it,dated from cars,loved it,for '68 featuring sensory deprivation torture of McGarret,very graphic, wish HE took a shot at it.

- Friday, January 18 2019 19:36:40

I agree with Rob
And catch Kenneth's act of nonsense at Zanies the next time you're in Nashville.

Kenneth Stevens <stevens.kenneth@gmail.com>
Knoxville, Tennessee - Friday, January 18 2019 17:37:16


You're just frustrated that you can't place dunce caps on those who have the temerity to disagree with you and force them to write ideological self-criticism while Red Guards stand around shrieking abuse.

The good news is that at the rate things are going, you may eventually get get your wish. The bad news is that even if you do, other people will still snicker behind your back when you misuse "ironically" in a sentence.

Toilet Bowl Blues
- Friday, January 18 2019 13:30:52

One glance after some 6 months to see what this place looks like, out of curiosity. Ironically sad to see that the place got usurped by a couple of hollow, "I-don't-learn-nuthin", pathological right-wingers who have about as much exciting stuff to say as a backed-up toilet. It's like a once-proud museum got vandalized by bad graffiti artists.


Kenneth Stevens <stevens.kenneth@gmail.com>
Knoxville, Tennessee - Thursday, January 17 2019 17:49:56

Chuck Messer

The motorist in question was arrested within minutes after I was hit. Not only did three witnesses see him run me down, come to a stop, and then speed away, leaving me unconscious in the middle of a four-lane highway, he also has a string of previous DUI convictions and was driving on a suspended license, so I am hopeful that he will be convicted and do some serious jail time.

But this is Knoxville, the place that the late, sadly missed horror writer Karl Edward Wagner liked to call the city of bad vibes, and the very real possibility of a miscarriage of justice exists. Anyone familiar with "the Knoxville Horror"--a case so sickening and grotesque that it makes "The Prowler in the City at the Edge of the World" look tame--can tell you that.

Speaking for others ,,,
- Thursday, January 17 2019 17:38:30

Thanks, Chuckles
I missed a few days. But the reasons for the rule have pretty much vanished. Still, it's only polite to heed it.

Chuck Messer
- Thursday, January 17 2019 6:1:59

A Humble Reminder:
Guys, the rule here is one post per day. It's stated rather clearly above, along with the reason for that rule.

Flouting that rule shows disrespect for Rick Wyatt, who created this discussion nook, and for Harlan Ellison who specifically requested that rule so no one person or group of people could monopolize the conversation.

Kenneth: Is there any chance that they will catch the dipso that ran you down? Good luck on your continued recovery.


Bazooka Joe
- Tuesday, January 15 2019 23:54:9

your stand up routine will be funny

- Tuesday, January 15 2019 23:50:56


Thanks for the kind words, Nason. At least I when I mispell your name I don't do it pseudonymously.

And I very much hope your health is good.

As for myself, my therapists seem quite surprised at what they call my "accelerated recovery" from being run down by that drunk driver. In short order I have gone from being bed-ridden to rolling around in a wheelchair to using a walker to not realizing until half an hour later that I walked off without my cane.

All that seething hatred for modernity makes me strong. No wonder our would-be oppressors malign that particular emotion so.

Kenneth Stevens <stevens.kenneth@gmail.com>
Knoxville, Tennessee - Tuesday, January 15 2019 23:7:49

Frank Church

Being an economist is like being a TSA officer. Both occupations are rightfully shunned by those possessed of even a modicum of intelligence and good character. By their nature they attract those such as that vat-grown aspie Paul Krugman or the fat, smirking creep who felt up my girlfriend at the airport last year. Such dysgenic refuse live only to abuse their petty power by lording it over their natural betters.

Still, unlike you, I know enough about Marx and Smith to grasp that both men, being products of that intellectual clusterfuck we call the Enlightenment, advocated a policy of free trade, the swiftest and most certain method ever devised of reducing the standard of living here in the West to that of India or Eritrea, all so that today's billionaires can eventually count themselves trillionaires.

"Muh socialism." You're little more than a ventriloquist's dummy used to mouth slogans.

- Tuesday, January 15 2019 16:7:3

I support Susan selling the comic books. Some here may be offended.

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