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SAN DIEGO, California - Saturday, March 25 2017 21:56:12

Rick ~ feel better!
And just adding to the glad tidings that the Pavilion is back in biz, if still absent our host. I know Robert N and I feel better.

Mark by the beach

Janet Gamache
Victoria, BC - Saturday, March 25 2017 20:0:39

What if...
not one
who entered the lists
went unheralded
hope full
hero bound
to try
despite the odds
a champion
one for all

at long last
have got...
That Essay
off my chest.
I’m glad
you stayed
with me
for the journey.”

and all for one

John Q.
- Saturday, March 25 2017 4:46:4

Trump and the Clinton News Network actually have something in common, i.e., few retractions and even fewer apologies.

- Saturday, March 25 2017 0:44:52

CNN's Harlanesque report
I think Trump brought out the Harlan Ellison in CNN's reporters and contributors -- and in Jake tapper -- especially with this article on all of Trump's inadequacies. :)

"...the President climbed into a big-rig tractor parked outside the White House, sounded the horn like an excited boy and pretended he was driving. (He hadn't looked so happy in weeks.)"


debbie <yerkesd@mailbox.sc.edu>
columbia, sc - Friday, March 24 2017 12:32:16

Welcome back!
A very happy welcome back to the Pavilion from a long-time lurker! Thank you, Rick! I'm sorry to hear you've not been feeling well. Hope you feel better now.

Jordan Owen <jordanowen@me.com>
Atlanta, Georgia - Friday, March 24 2017 11:53:37

Deathbird Stories review/discussion podcast
Hello all-

Glad to see the site is back up. It's disconcerting when the one 100% worthwhile site on the web goes down. Anyway, my ongoing book podcast, BookTalk with Jordan & Stefan, did a three part review/commentary on Deathbird Stories. Would love to hear thoughts from fellow Webderlanders.

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Steven Dooner <sdooner@comcast.net>
South Weymouth, MA - Friday, March 24 2017 10:35:33

So Great to Have The Together League Together Again!
Thank you, Rick!

It is wonderful to see this ol' Maxwell gurgling and coughing down the road again.

I live for any updates from The Together League and await any instructions on actions that might need to be taken against Mr. Gutman or The Russian.

Steve Dooner

Ben Winfield
- Friday, March 24 2017 9:40:50

Good to see the Webderland back online. Now, if only the rest of the forums were to be re-activated. But I'll take what I can get.

In the meantime, best hopes, wishes, and thanks to Harlan and Rick.

Steve Barr
Kansas City, MO - Friday, March 24 2017 6:42:54

United States
Whew! SO happy that this site is back. The fuse is still burning! Looking forward to getting my copy soon. All the best to you all.
Rick, continue to feel better!!

Douglas Harrison
- Wednesday, March 22 2017 21:51:5

My very best wishes to Rick.


Janet Gamache
Victoria , BC - Wednesday, March 22 2017 20:5:11

Harlan Ellison's Art Deco Dining Pavilion is back
Thank you.


Ben Winfield
- Wednesday, March 22 2017 9:35:13


Please...someone...anyone, make it stop.

largo, fl. - Wednesday, March 22 2017 7:30:19

Best regards to HE and Susan
Best to all,what a beautiful day to just sit by a window and just write.

Tim Richmond
- Wednesday, March 22 2017 5:16:26

All the best to Rick. Hope you're feeling better my friend. Love to you and while I'm here to dear Susan and Harlan as well. Tim and the other Richmonds.

Brian Phillips
McDonough, Georgia - Wednesday, March 22 2017 5:6:32

It's nice to see this stuff in one place!
Has that blasted whistling stopped? Good, I can post now.


- Brian Phillips

- Wednesday, March 22 2017 1:3:0

A LITE FUSE & a Harlan Ellison-related article
It now looks like the LIMTED edition of A LIT FUSE:The Provocative Life of Harlan Ellison by Nat Segaloff will be shipping in late April. So expect to see a copy, if you ordered, by late May.
Other editions will follow in "summer" and later this year.
This story mentions Harlan Ellison's window-writing events: and it offers interested writers an opportunity to do something similar, albeit with certain caveats.


Robert Nason <nightwriterblue82@gmail.com>
Whitestone, NY - Tuesday, March 21 2017 22:51:3

So where have all you people been? I've been whistling by myself here for weeks wondering where everyone went.

Alejandro A. Riera
Chicago, Il - Tuesday, March 21 2017 21:18:32

I'll be darned…
Well, howdy, folks…glad to see that our house in the world wide web didn't burn down after all. Thankee thankee thankee to whomever was able to fix this wee digital hiccup.

- Tuesday, March 21 2017 20:20:54

I forgot what I was going to say
but I'm sure it'll come to me...

Someone in contact please pass my good wishes on to Webmaster Rick in hopes he is on the mend.

Andrew Laubacher
Lackawanna, New York - Tuesday, March 21 2017 19:41:31

Welcome back!
So glad the Pavilion is back in operation.

Tim Raven <timraven@gmail.com>
Fallston, MD - Tuesday, March 21 2017 19:33:30

Cool, I've been checking for weeks
OK, so lets start again with the politics...or maybe if it's appropriate to separate an author's personal views from his or her creative works. Or maybe religion...NOT!

Glad the site is back, I hope Mr. Wyatt is OK.


Alex Krislov <Alexkrislov@cs.com>
Shaker Hts, OH - Tuesday, March 21 2017 18:44:51

What's the frequency, Kenneth?
Hey! We're back from the Shadows again!

A nod to Rick Wyatt with wishes for continued improved health, and a tip o' the chapeau to Steve Barber for keeping us all in the loop. And a big Hello! to Harlan and Susan, too.

Lori Koonce
San Francisco, California - Tuesday, March 21 2017 16:13:17

My only place for mostly serious discussion and sanity in the universe that is the Internet has finally returned.

Maybe I won't be needing that therapist after all.

Chuck Messer
- Tuesday, March 21 2017 15:57:44

Oh, Frabjous Day!
Caloo, callay, etc. I hope this is a good sign for both the Ellisons and Rick Wyatt, who had some medical problems.

Everybody do the zombie stomp!

I, We, Us.

Chuck Messer

Lord Oliver Huggsover Lovejoy
- Tuesday, March 21 2017 15:46:1


I haven't been this pleased since I'd chucked the heartless creature, Runty Boon over the edge Niagara Falls and watched as he tumbled through the cold mist into even colder darkness. Oh, my joy! Please, consider this a crushing embrace.

I, We, Us,

Ollie Lovejoy for The Together League

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