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Brian Phillips <luciuscyrene@gmail.com>
McDonough, Georgia - Tuesday, December 12 2017 5:10:32

Paul Hull under his own power...
From Kathrine Hull:

"If you know Paul as well as I do, you know he’s very particular about the way he looks. (A real life Vanity Smurf even, and I say that with love) So, I’m sure he would probably object to me posting this video since his beloved hair is a tad messy, but screw it I’m doing it anyway. He’s moving the chair all on his own :) We are so proud of how hard he is working. He would love some visitors at some point that might be convenient, feel free to text me and we can work something out. "

E-mail me for the phone number if you are going to be or are near Austin, Texas.

Thank the Lord for PROGRESS!

- Brian Phillips

Kenneth Stevens <stevens.kenneth@gmail.com>
Knoxville, Tennessee - Monday, December 11 2017 16:1:16

Prediction for December 4, 2017
TIME will not name Satoshi Nakamoto as its person of the year, thereby demonstrating why no one who isn't on blood thinners reads it.

- Monday, December 11 2017 11:33:25

2017 Prediction
Roy Moore wins, indicating that the Democrats are well and truly screwed.

Roy Moore loses. Democrats decide that 2018 and 2020 are safe bets. Democrats find most middle-of-the-road presidential candidate possible, and run an actual bowl of oatmeal as the VP, because they want to play it safe. Promptly fail to regain the House, Senate or Oval Office.

Stay tuned to see which way the Dems will shoot themselves in both feet on this one. ...

Joe Woods
- Monday, December 11 2017 9:3:27

2018 Prediction

"Wrecking Crews" comprised of radical feminists, lesbians and transgenders will smash and destroy restroom urinals with sledgehammers as symbols of male exclusivity and dominance; soon all public urinals will be removed and laws requiring men to sit when urinating will be passed and enforced with toilet seat alarms and sensors .

Brian Phillips
McDonoubh, GA - Sunday, December 10 2017 0:42:19

Paul Hull and Stay Safe
Prayers to all those affected by the California fires.

Kathrine Hull update for Dec. 7th:

"I had a meeting with Paul’s care team today. They told me he is meeting all goals and progressing ahead of schedule. Kirin then was able to send me this great photo...he walked with some assistance a short way. We are so proud. I did tell Paul about all of your generosity and he says “thank you.” So do I."

For those of you not on Facebook, it is a picture of Paul Hull out of his bed, wearing a brace on his neck and standing up.

- Brian Phillips

laura from Lausanne
Phoenix, AZ - Friday, December 8 2017 23:14:51

Thank you to Jason for update
Concern over the fires in Southern California has brought me here and pushed me out of lurk mode to say thank you to Jason for letting us know the situation of the fires with respect to the Ellison home.

I'm glad to know Harlan and Susan are not currently in any danger, and I hope that won't change.

My thoughts go to everyone in the area. Stay safe,

- Friday, December 8 2017 22:8:58

One of the engines of change in this world is what I call the "misery index". If you put people in an intolerable situation, sooner or later, they will no longer tolerate it. That's what's happened here. It's inevitable. People can only take so much.

I felt I had to put up with a lot of crap back when I was young and cute. Guys acted like I owed them sexual favors just because I was within the vicinity. I hated them and hated the attitude which was prevalent among many men, and some women as well.

People aren't willing to take that shit anymore. I'd say that's a good thing, that's all. I just am worried about those who would exploit the situation for their personal gain. They'd be in the minority, but it would be used by the promoters of the rape culture against the real victims of sexual bullying and rape.


- Thursday, December 7 2017 14:48:10

No, this really is a revolution. One group is seeking to displace another under the guise of promoting equality. Just think of all the cushy media jobs and corner offices that must be filled now.

James Levy <James.P.Levy@hofstra.edu>
Becket, Massachusetts - Thursday, December 7 2017 11:48:49

Thanks for the update re.: fires

Thank you for letting us know that the fires, which look on a map to be near Sherman Oaks and the hills above where Uncle Harlan lives, are still some distance away from his home. I dropped by just to see if he and Mrs. Ellison were OK.

Best wishes to Harland and Susan. I just picked up an original hardcover of Approaching Oblivion and will soon have a complete set of all my favorite Ellison masterworks.

Brian Phillips
McDonough, GA - Thursday, December 7 2017 9:39:36

Paul Hull GoFundME and...

Also, Lawrence O'Donnell has written a book about the 1968 election, which means that N____ is mentioned. Hear O'Donnell's remarks here:


- Brian Phillips

Chris Beckett <cmbeckett1972@gmail.com>
Hampden, ME - Thursday, December 7 2017 7:5:35

Joe W
You might have considered Levine's lack of decency.

It's tiring to hear people lament how allegations of this type have brought about the "downfall" of "talented people."

First, should actions of this kind (alleged, but unsurprising and certainly not unconvincing) be perpetrated on another human being?

Second, why do so many never ask 'what might have been for those too traumatized to follow their dreams?' Is it possible we might have been introduced to an even higher level of "genius" as compared with those predators who attained so much? I think that is highly likely. But we'll never have that, because they were degraded, harassed, and shunted aside by those who already had the power.


Chuck Messer
- Wednesday, December 6 2017 21:58:31

It's not a revolution. It's people saying, "I'm a human being, goddammit! Treat me like one!"

The risk is creating yet another wave of hysteria that can harm the innocent as well as the guilty.

Kind of like the way certain immigrants are being treated.


Kenneth Stevens <stevens.kenneth@gmail.com>
Knoxville, Tennessee - Wednesday, December 6 2017 17:54:20

Joe W

It has often been observed that all revolutions devour their own children.

The #MeToo crowd has unleashed forces that they cannot control.

- Wednesday, December 6 2017 15:33:49

Girl gangs Biker boys
Book about Juvie lit from the 1950's to the 1980's

Blurb mentions Harlan Ellison

Joe W
- Wednesday, December 6 2017 13:29:6

It's been several days since the neo-McCarthyites have destroyed someones reputation or career, without proof, based on what might have happened decades ago. James Levine, the great conductor and music director of the Metropolitan Opera, being the latest downfall. Have you no sense of decency, Madams or Sirs?

Jason Davis <ellison.editor@gmail.com>
Burbank, CA - Wednesday, December 6 2017 10:48:14

Los Angeles Fires
I'm on my way over to the Ellisons' house after I finish typing this. At the moment, they are outside the area of the nearest fire. (The fires near me a few months ago were closer to me than the current crop is to them.) No need for worrying on their account--fire-wise--at the moment; the atmosphere, on the other hand, is like that of Hell, so breathing should be kept to a minimum.

I'll be there most of the afternoon, working in Harlan's files, and will update--if necessary--upon returning home.

Doc <drdespicable@gmail.com>
Los Angeles, CA - Wednesday, December 6 2017 9:24:23

Hokey Smokes, Bel Air is ON FIRE!
Dear Harlan & Susan - if you're in danger, please flee for your lives. But do let us know when/if you're safe!

Dennis C
Glendale, CA - Tuesday, December 5 2017 22:14:19

A Harlan mention
Harlan is mentioned in this report about Quentin Tarantino possibly doing a "Star Trek" film:


Steve Barber <thumbnailtraveler@verizon.net>
- Tuesday, December 5 2017 9:10:48


"Hi friends. I have not updated much as I haven’t been with Paul. I had to return to Chicago to earn some income.

"Paul is in a neuro rehab facility. He still has a trache and a feeding tube, but we are being told he is improving everyday. My great friend Crystal visited him on Saturday and Paul and I were able to FaceTime. He is mouthing words and after a lot of hard work on his end, I heard him tell me he loves me. I cried a lot during that FaceTime call.

"i have had to start a Gofundme page to get some money for Paul’s rent and utilities. Please feel free to share this, please Paul’s friends from the Harlan Ellison board especially, since I don’t have access there. gofundme.com/pauls-rent-and-utilities
We also are in need of rides for Paul’s mom & daughter from the apartment in the arboretum to the rehab center in south Austin. Please text me at 512-412-8259 if this is something you might be able to help with.

"Thank you for everything, as always."

Done and done.

Those of us who have been privileged to spend time with this man - he toured Finderdoug and me around downtown Austin a few years back - he's an extraordinary and giving person. If you can't donate, please spread the word.

E. Kang
- Tuesday, December 5 2017 8:26:17

Taking A Break From It All

Could you imagine Rodney Dangefield and Joan Rivers as a married couple - talking to a marriage counselor, yet???

Joan: "A man can sleep around, no questions asked. But if a woman makes 19 or 20 mistakes, she's a tramp."

Rodney: "My wife met me at the door the other night in a sexy negligee. Unfortunately, she was just coming home."

- Sunday, December 3 2017 6:2:29

Now this is for Talking Head fans and is damn funny. It is work friendly so enjoy:


Janet Gamache
Victoria , BC - Saturday, December 2 2017 20:2:5

It would seem
there are
at ease
with relative

"proved wrong...
they recant...
say no...here's
what it looks like

cool and

"One can only
love them
for it"

who remain

noblest part
of the
The ability



Steve Barber <thumbnailtraveler@verizon.net>
- Wednesday, November 29 2017 6:45:4


I'm glad the line shocked you, it was intended to be shocking.

My point is that people who are "outraged, outraged I tell you" over Weinstein, Spacey, Franken and others - to which we startlingly add Matt Lauer today - and yet remain utterly silent or, worse, defensive regarding Trump, Moore and others is angrily offensive.

I deeply try to see the best in even my political opponents. We count three deeply conservative couples as good friends. I mean good, lifelong friends.

They're all aware I hold them individually responsible for the administration of Donald Trump.

But Conservatives, meaning right-leaning, alt-right, and everything in between, who are defending Trump while vilifying (Bill) Clinton are committing hypocrisy of the highest order. They are selecting political agenda OVER moral decency. They voted for a man who had, in his own words, tried to f*ck a married woman and grabbed women by the p*ssy whenever he apparently felt like it.

And they went ahead and voted for him anyway. Agenda over Morality.

And I completely agree there's a vast gulf between accusation and guilt. But the public mindset no longer accounts for it. Our national mob mentality has moved beyond Innocent Until Proven Guilty to condemnation at even the hint of scandal.

Except for conservatives who value Power more than Propriety.

And that's a very dangerous base from which to run a country. History teaches us repeatedly that such societies rapidly decay and turn on themselves, usually opening the door for a strongman to take power.

Under Trump America has ceded the "Most Respected Nation" standing in the eyes of the world. He's demonstrably delusional and dangerous.

This isn't a political screed, it's an ethical one.

Not sure if anyone else watches the Arrowverse shows on The CW, but the two night crossover was about the most fun superhero-genre television has had in a long time.

largo, fl. - Wednesday, November 29 2017 5:0:13

God!! I'm glad I never called myself a Democrat....
Glad I'm not Frank Church.

Jeff R.
Philadelphia, - Tuesday, November 28 2017 10:39:18

Lori Koonce
Answering your direct question, I never said, and never would say, that the accusations should not be investigated.

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