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Leon, Nicaragua, - Saturday, July 20 2019 21:0:10

J. Michael Straczynski memoir with Ellison mention


Robert Nason <nightwriterblue82@gmail.com>
Whitestone, NY - Friday, July 19 2019 21:46:49

There was always something haunting about that sound...

- Friday, July 19 2019 8:56:23

::::: sound of outgroove on a "manual" record player :::::

JASON DAVIS <ellison.editor@gmail.com>
BURBANK, CA - Tuesday, July 16 2019 8:59:11

Ellison Under Glass
The first draft of "All the Birds Come Home to Roost" WAS written in public. Prior to the early '80s, when Harlan solidified the practice of having a celebrity (or an on-hand audience) supply material for the story, he often came to the table with a notion or idea already in mind. In some cases, these ideas had been gestating for years, though a one-sentence cue may have been all that was previously set down on paper.

The re-write for PLAYBOY--which consists of three or four pages inserted into the body of the first draft--was undertaken in March 1978. Unfortunately, Harlan didn't retain the first draft, as written in Boston the previous November. The revised typescript is all that remains, so this is the one case where the story couldn't be returned to it's "in-window" status.

Max Perkins
- Tuesday, July 16 2019 3:0:59

Under Glass -- All the birds come home to roost
One of the 29 stories for EllisonUnderGlass, stories written in public, apparently in one day or a matter of days, is "All the Birds Come Home to Roost".

In the intro to that story, in the Shatterday collection, Ellison wrote, "'All the Birds Come Home to Roost'" took many years to write. He then goes on to detail his interactions with an editor at Playboy magazine, working on the story with her.

I think someone was confused when putting together the contents for Under Glass.

One Who Lurks
lurkerville, - Monday, July 15 2019 19:31:3

I'll just leave this here ...

While "Frank Church" would no doubt approve, Those Who Matter will not:


Each work has a form hidden behind the DMCA "button" where you can request removal, but unfortunately it must be done one at a time. No idea how effective it is, either, but you have to be "authorized"(!) to make such a request.

I hope this will suffice for Mr Jaws to act.

Plenty of big names on there. but that is for their reps to deal with.

Tim Raven <timraven@gmail.com>
Fallston, MD - Monday, July 15 2019 16:10:14

Happy Birthday, Susan
Happy B-day! I have fond memories of our efforts among those boxes in that storage place. I hope magical discoveries continue in your life.


Critical Mass
- Monday, July 15 2019 14:11:55

Tell the truth: How many completely incomprehensible stories did he sell on the strength of his name, stories that would have been rejected instantly if the author was not famous? He was good, but overrated.

- Saturday, July 13 2019 16:54:7

Re: Ellison Under Glass ...

Some of us have been waiting ~30 years since Pulphouse announced that title, but even if we had started saving up for it then, wouldn't have that much set aside. Ouch!

Bruce Dickinson
- Saturday, July 13 2019 14:52:45

Menace the Sentence

...and Batman is 80 this year!

Ben Winfield
- Thursday, July 11 2019 12:29:35


Adolf Hitler should have left politics and taken up a new career as a real estate operator.

Frank Church
- Thursday, July 11 2019 7:42:46

The masters of horror talk about their influences with Cavett:


Was Harlan ever on his show?

Hi, by the way. I know you miss me.


I have good news. Human nature is mostly good at the core. From research by Alfie Kohn or Robert Trivers. At core we cooperate and have a need to be free.

- Wednesday, July 10 2019 20:24:59

... What a maroon! What an ignoranimus! ...

How long have you been hanging out here just waiting to intrude with that? Pretty odd to visit a disliked person's place, even in an aptly chosen (username) "disguise".

... What a nincowpoop!

*puts away troll chow*

- Wednesday, July 10 2019 14:17:12

That should be "Someeone who never did like the GUY!"

Everywhere and Nowhere, Nowhere and Everywhere - Wednesday, July 10 2019 14:16:3

necessary title change
Dear Charnel House, shouldn't that be "Ellison Under Ground???" Signed, someone who never did like the day. Refused to read my stories. When I asked him who the fuck he thought he was he threatened to punch me out!

Charnel House LTD <charnelhse@aol.com>
Catskill, New York - Wednesday, July 10 2019 8:1:21

ELLISON UNDER GLASS from Charnel House in 3 editions. Reserve your copy now at www.charnelhouse.com

- Tuesday, July 9 2019 21:39:18

Correction & Addendum
Whoops the WARD MOORE stories I referenced in my prior post are LOT and LOT'S DAUGHTER, not Lot's Wife.

Interesting fun fact, in 1962 a movie was made loosely based on these stories, directed by and and starring RAY MILLAND entitled PANIC IN THE YEAR ZERO! Unfortunately Moore got no credit and no money. It's actually a nifty flick, considered edgy in its day (there is an implied rape) although pretty mild stuff now. It was produced by AIP and used one of ROGER CORMAN's crews and there is some hint that Corman might have stepped in and helped Milland who found it difficult to direct and star.

- Monday, July 8 2019 8:11:58

Le ...

Are you (still) "stuck in Lodi" (again), and avoiding the ongoing earthquakes at your usual haunts?

largo, fl. - Sunday, July 7 2019 6:55:26

I wouldn't call Dreams with Sharp Teeth forgettable...
I would say incomplete and scattered. So many issues and topics HE has never commented on and the platform was there and waiting,there just wasn't the curious bartender,same with Bradbury,maybe I should have ignored privacy concerns friends always reminded me of and just brought those donuts over to their homes and asked the damn questions myself.

- Friday, July 5 2019 22:57:56

More wisdom, not unrelated. The Gospel of Thomas, Saying 70-

"If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you."

Not entirely satisfactory though is it? I've known people to whom I would not give this advice. Of course it privileges the inner world. The mystic, seeing the god in everything, sees not where the god is not. But at least this wisdom appreciates the destruction frustration brings.


Does anyone know Pat Frank's 1959 novel ALAS,BABYLON? It's an "after the bomb" thriller written the year before I was born.I don't think my parents ever really believed me but I have clear memories of both the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Kennedy assassination. I was too young to conceptualize the events of course. But i absorbed images and mostly feelings filtered through the consciousness of my parents. Feelings, in the first instance, being scared shitless, and in the latter genuine, profound grief even though they were rural Georgia hardcore fundamentalists who voted for Nixon precisely because Kennedy was a Catholic.

I say all that just to admit I've always had a bit of an obsession with the post nuclear War genre of fantastic fiction. The idea haunted my imagination as a child. It still does to a degree even though WW3 has become somewhat less likely. (Today we have other fears. Global climate change is apocalyptic but it's a different kind of apocalypse.)

ALAS, BABYLON is an entertaining page turner. A massive bestseller, as far as I can tell it's never been out of print. Frank was very knowledgeable about the military and Cold War politics so his set up for the War in his novel has a lot of verisimilitude. If WW3 was going to take place in 1959 this is exactly how it might have happened. But all that is background. The novel is about a group of courageous survivors and how they overcome the dangers and deprivations of their destroyed civilization. And overcome they do! In his introduction Frank writes that a major motivation for writing the book was to show how terrible a nuclear war would be but one can't shake the impression that for most of the survivors the war was the best thing that could have happened!

This I think is the secret of the novel's success. It's vastly entertaining to read about the adventures of the survivors and the clever ways they navigate their ruined world. Bad things happen but their new lives have the clean edge of participation and heroism denied to them in their civilized life. There is a subtle but perceptible subtext in the novel about the corrupting influence of modern civilization. And implicit in the narrative is the biblical idea of a righteous remnant purified by a refiner's fire.

There are two primary areas which will remind you you're reading a 1959 bestseller. No surprise that it's the racial attitudes and the gender attitudes. This amply demonstrates the old adage that if you wait long enough one can go from being considered a liberal to a conservative without changing a single idea! For 1959 Frank would definitively be considered a liberal but nevertheless there are a couple of cringe worthy episodes. And as far as gender relations, no assault rifle totin' babes here! Let me just say 'housewife' is still an official job description after the apocalypse.

Anyway I listened to the audio-book on a recent solo road trip. Enjoyed it very much. Actor Will Patton does a great performance. Just for the record my favorite "after the bomb" fiction is Ward Moore's novelette LOT and its sequel LOT'S WIFE. Real hard to find but definitely worth it.

Lodi, NJ - Thursday, July 4 2019 6:24:49

Erik Nelson documentary

I thought DREAMS WITH SHARP TEETH was a bland, forgettable documentary. However, I am really curious anout Erik Nelson's new one called THE COLD BLUE on the Memphis Belle B-17 and the Allied bombing of Germany. The article has a couple of mentions of Harlan Ellison.




I loved listening to Duo Guardabarranco back in the 80s. Their beautiful songs of love, anti-war themes, and the ecology really touched me. I especially loved their song "Dale una Luz" (my favorite song about Nicaragua--favorite is "Nicaragua Nicaraguita"). This is a great tribute video in memory of the Nicaraguans who were killed in the brutal crackdown on the mass anti-government protests of April last year. The images of the Nicaraguan landscape are beautiful, as are the stunning blue and white sea of Nicaraguan flags. Katia Cardenal and her daughter, Nina, sing at the end of the video.


- Wednesday, July 3 2019 8:47:35

:::::: instrumental break (on broken instruments) ::::::

Chuck Messer
- Sunday, June 30 2019 11:10:19

Harlan read and studied widely, often picking up bits of wisdom, working his alchemical magic and wording them in a way that made them more emotionally resonant or simply funnier. He may well have read some Freud and been inspired, or directly quoted him -- with attribution, of course.


Janet Gamache
Victoria , BC - Sunday, June 30 2019 9:53:53

Yes. The wonderful quotation is the work of the dreamer: Mr Harlan Ellison.

I cannot recall reading whether Mr Ellison was influenced by Freud.


- Sunday, June 30 2019 9:44:54

Robert N.

Janet's quotation is from Harlan. I wasn't aware that Freud believed in happiness.

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