Pavilion Rules

Rules for the Art Deco Dining Pavilion: Discussion of the man and his work.

As the main Pavlion page says: Here's the deal. This is Harlan's little breakfast nook at Webderland. When he's not here, we chat about him and his work. When he is, we act like we're guests in his home. That's about all there is to it. What does this mean? Well...

One post per day per person. This includes any aliases or alternate personalities. The intent is to give the less frequent posters and new people room to be heard, so try to wait as close as possible to 24 hours before posting again. Please do not try to be clever and post late at night then early in the morning, then say "but it was different DAYS!" The ONLY exception is if YOU, specifically, are asked a DIRECT question from Harlan, or are given explicit permission for a double post. Followups to accidental sends or typos are frowned upon but grudgingly accepted - as long as they IMMEDIATELY follow the original post (no noticing it ten minutes later then posting a correction).

Do not copy stuff here. If you found something cute or interesting that is relevant to Harlan or an ongoing board topic, either post a link or tell us where to find it. Don't copy it in here. Quotes of a paragraph or less (a few lines) of non-copyrighted material are fine, just don't try to push the envelope. Do not under any circumstances post anything without referencing the original offer, and NEVER post copyrighted material here except with explicit permission from myself or Harlan.

No Anonymous Abuse. Anonymity is allowed on this board to encourage those who are shy, who want to voice a possibly unpopular opinion, or who might otherwise fear to speak out. However, it is not to be used a shield. If you post anonymously (without a real name or without a real e-mail address) and are abusive, insulting, or otherwise violate the spirit of being a guest in someone else's home, your post will be deleted. If you persist, you will be banned.

No Threatening Behavior Credible physical threats are a no-no. If you can't get mad at someone here without telling them you are going to knock their teeth in or leave dog crap on their doorstep, go somewhere else. This sort of thing, or any other real-world threat such as invading someone's privacy or threatening to call them or show up at their home, is grounds for immediate banning. Of course, there will always be a certain amount of give and take on this board and a bit of joking or facetious material of this type is expected. But you better make sure it's ABUNDANTLY CLEAR you are not serious. If you think it may not be clear, just don't risk it - and don't think I'm stupid enough to fall for the "ha, ha, I'm just joking" bit when the subtext is that maybe you're not.

Don't try to get cute with these rules. If you find a loophole in these rules and try to get clever with it, bear in mind I tend to get about twice as mad at this as if you'd just broken the rule in the first place. Also, if you think what you have to say, or the correction you want to make, important enough to break one of the rules, think again. The last twenty or thirty times someone thought this, they were wrong.

If you do not follow these rules, you are subject to your post being modified or deleted. If you included an e-mail address, I will usually send it back to you with a brief explanation. Frequent or chronic abusers of the rules are subject to being banned from the board for as long as I feel is necessary.

If you don't feel you can follow these rules, visit the Webderland Forums instead. You can post as often as you like there, or copy as much non-copyrighted material as you want. The other rules stand there as well.

ANY QUESTIONS? E-mail me at and ask!

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