Stefan Hall is currently a graduating MA candidate from the Department of English at Virginia Tech.

BIG THANKS TO THOSE WHO AIDED (and sometimes abetted): Dr. Len Hatfield, my primary reader, mind scrambler, and exemplary mentor, Dr. David Radcliffe, my secondary reader who provided fantastic insight into my hypertextual myopia, Marc Petersen, my co-conspirator, friend, and emergency expert on Delany, and my English 1106 classes where we have been exploring the genre of graphic novels for an entire semester (much to their dismay). I'd also like to thank Dr. Bob Siegle, Dr. Christine Kiebuzinska, and Dr. Margaret Downs-Gamble for continuing the training of my mind. Finally, I'd like to thank Gary Wolfe for providing encouragement for the project and Harlan Ellison (the man himself) for taking some of his time to call a poor graduate student and talk.

The impetus for developing this project, aside from a requirement to graduate, arises not only from my respect for Harlan Ellison as a writer but also from my interests in diverse forms of literature, popular culture, and theory. Having the chance to integrate a wide variety of my professional and personal interests has occasionally been a challenging task but a very rewarding one as well.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, complaints, or criticisms about this site.

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