The Ellison Chat Room

Okay, Look:
The chatroom doesn't exist anymore.

Even when it did exist, it often didn't work.

Even when it worked, it usually didn't work very well.

And even when everything was working just GREAT, there was never more than one person in there.


I feel you should get SOMETHING. Thus, to simulate the experience of an actual, working chatroom without all the messy software and hassle, I've put up a big text box that you can type stuff in. I've even put a couple starter chat messages to get you going. So have fun!

Enter the chatroom

There's really not much point in scrolling through all this shit. This is just a bunch of blank lines I put in to give some space between the sarcastic fake chatroom explanation and the sarcastic fake chatroom when I decided to do a link so the sarcastic fake chatroom all fit on your browser at once but was too bored to actually make a new page for the sarcastic fake chatroom.

So all I'm going to put here are five or six neat words I got out of one of Neil Gaiman's Sandman comic collections and then there's nothing until you get to the sarcastic fake chatroom.






See? I told you!


Ellison Webderland Chatroom

There are people online with you.

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