Ellison Picture Gallery: Book Photos

These pictures are all thumbnails of larger image files. To view the full image, click on the picture or the accompanying text. The images on this page were all taken from various Ellison publications. Where such information was available I have given the photographer or artist proper credit.



From The Essential Ellison

Harlan on the set of some movie or TV show or something. Hell, for all I know it could be the Little Miss Easy Bake Oven Pageant, 1967. I just scan 'em, I can't always explain 'em. Photo by Curtis Lee Hanson. (Note: HE says this is from the set of Burke's Law in the 1964-65 season, when Harlan's script "Who Killed Purity Mather" was being shot. During the shooting of this show, Harlan fondly recalls that the crew actually set fire (on purpose) to Sound Stage 13 of CBS Studio Center (formerly 4-Star Studios). - Ed.)
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Harlan's reaction on learning he has his own web page! Okay, so it's an old picture. Maybe he was prescient. Photo by Bill Dignin.
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Ellison standing outside of the original Ellison Wonderland, his treehouse home from 1962-1966 in Beverly Glenn, CA. It's not there anymore, so if you try to brachiate by you will be sorely dissapointed. Photo by Bill Dignin.
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Ellison in a chair. Words fail. (photo by Dan Tooker)
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From An Edge in My Voice

Photo from the first installment of the column. (photo by Michael J. Elderman)
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Harlan on the picket line, protesting CBS's cancellation of The Lou Grant Show. From installment 28. (photo by Gary Leonard)
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Picture from installment 33, the "Shitty Day" column. (photo by Richard Todd)
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Harlan reading his column on Norman Mayer, installment 55 of the series. (photo by Nancy Melynn McKay)
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From The Harlan Ellison Hornbook

The first logo for the Harlan Ellison Hornbook, by Gahan Wilson.
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The second logo for the Harlan Ellison Hornbook, by Tim Kirk.
It looks a LOT less blurry close up. Sometimes thumbnail images are not pretty.
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Ellison with his dog Ahbhu, from the Hornbook. (photo by William Rotsler)
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From Other Sources

HE 24 hours after his cataract operation 10/02/95. After this photo he was dubbed by his wife Susan as "Marvel's newest superhero: Soup Strainer Face."
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Harlan in his Ellison Wonderland office, wearing a "tacky red velvet bathrobe". From the back cover of the book club edition of Approaching Oblivion. (photo by Max Katz and Karen Friedrich)
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The gorgeous jacket art from the back cover of The Essential Ellison. By Leo and Diane Dillon.
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HE with his pal, Jimmy the Cricket, from the back cover of the Donning softcover edition of An Edge In My Voice. (photo by Suzanne Gibson)
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Shot from the cover of Harlan Ellison's Watching, reduced in grayscale by your truly. If only I could find a good place to make this transparent and put it on the main web page... (photo by Stathis Orphanos, one of the foremost photographers of eminent literary figures in the world today. You can see more of Stathis's work at: www.orphanos.com)
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Hey, I know! I could take that last picture, drop it down to 4 colors, then save it and make the black color transparent with GIFTOOL. Then I could put it on the comments page to the left and below the title, so it looks like he's leaning on NOTHING, just like the book cover! Hmmmm....maybe it would look better if I flopped the black and white so he'd show up better. Or I could shade the background down some so the white comes out more, or just go to a mono background. Here, give me that napkin...

(The previous paragraph was included as a demonstration as to why, if you ever find yourself seated next to someone who designs web pages at a dinner party, you should run. I don't care if you've got Richard Feldman on the other side and Robin Williams across from you, RUN. Trust me.)

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