OK, Motherfuckers, I'm back....SHHHHSS, don't tell!!!!!

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Tim Raven
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OK, Motherfuckers, I'm back....SHHHHSS, don't tell!!!!!

Postby Tim Raven » Thu Dec 23, 2010 1:14 am

Posts from 2003 at the top of the stack? How does a conversation thread start in here? I feel like a stunned monkey being jangled in a bag of rusty hammers....How does this place work?

Jesus Christ on a stick, please hand me a beer, Mr. Jasper.

And I wonder...
Who will be the first Quisling to whine to The Man? I Fucking Double Dog Dare You. Do it.


Happy to be back! Hello Everyone!

Folks who have been around the block a few times have allies and enemies. It’s inevitable. It's what separates us adults from you hypocritical, callow children.

No offense intended. (snik)

I Am,
Your Servant,
With Highest Regards,
No topics too fucked up to be ignored or shunned,
My Clunky Sixteenth Century European Shoes,
And Bowing,
My High and Clean Intellectual forehead touches the cold, cold artistic tile floor,
And So Most Respectfully…
To You,
This Night,
I Am Again,

Tim Raven

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Re: OK, Motherfuckers, I'm back....SHHHHSS, don't tell!!!!!

Postby Moderator » Thu Dec 23, 2010 12:10 pm

Good to see your post, Tim.

Welcome to the "Forum Shoppes". Glad you and Rick sorted it out.

BTW - "The Man" in this neck of the woods would be your humble moderator, me.

Rest assured, I have all manner of whips and chains at my disposal (yes, that's Lori...she knows how to wield them and is my dungeon mistress).

But seriously: Welcome back.
- I love to find adventure. All I need is a change of clothes, my Nikon, an open mind and a strong cup of coffee.

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Re: OK, Motherfuckers, I'm back....SHHHHSS, don't tell!!!!!

Postby markabaddon » Thu Dec 23, 2010 12:32 pm

Ummmm, Tim, hate to break this to you, but I am pretty sure there is no problem with you posting in the Forums. Harlan banned you from the Pav, not from here.

I think you will find that the conversations here are a bit more to your liking than in the Pav.

Regardless, welcome back

oh, and Barber? You are Da MAN! (even if you ain't so humble)
Governments, if they endure, always tend increasingly toward aristrocratic forms. No gov't in history has been known to evade this pattern. And as the aristocracy develops, gov't tends more and mroe to act exclusively in the interests of the ruling class

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Re: OK, Motherfuckers, I'm back....SHHHHSS, don't tell!!!!!

Postby FrankChurch » Thu Dec 23, 2010 1:14 pm

Raven, ya dang neo-con.

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