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High Octane Ellison

Postby kevinkirby » Mon Sep 25, 2006 3:35 pm

It seems to me that several Ellison stories could be profitably translated into the "octane" style of a Serenity or Riddick. There have been quite a few adaptations of authors like P.K.Dick or RAH in recent years, so perhaps something is coming around the bend. After pressing for the I,Robot script in the newsgroups, back in the 'nineties while I still had an online account, it was somewhat gratifying to see that version being made with Will Smith. Although perhaps what made it to the screen was something mildly other than Asimov-orthodox, there was still some entertainment value.

Now there is a Bicentennial Man and an I, Robot -- perhaps yet another I, Robot ahead? Or even a three-movie Foundation...if it could only be pumped up with octane & adrenaline, and made into a turbocharged thrillride.


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