1967 - If All Men Were Brothers... by Theodore Sturgeon

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Postby Jan » Thu Aug 02, 2007 12:42 am

Well, "It's You" must be bad because they dropped it from the German edition. :x "Slow Scultpure" is one of the overrated ones, as it takes too long to make its point. It's strange how some stories become more famous than others. I can only presume it has to do with where they were originally published and if someone picked them up for an anthology. Also, in SF circles, only those stories get nominated for things that are technological enough. That's how a lot of Harlan's stories fall through the cracks as well. The two Sturgeon ones Harlan mentioned weren't SF, neither is the simple "Suicide", and I suppose that the only decent borderline SF story in this collection is indeed "Slow Sculpture".

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