Welcome to S.P.I.D.E.R.

The SPIDER Symposion: in-depth discussion of specific Ellison stories and works.

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Welcome to S.P.I.D.E.R.

Postby Jan » Tue Nov 08, 2005 4:34 pm


Symposium Performing Incompetent Discussion of Ellison Releases

Lucky you. In this place we will deal with specific titles and works by Harlan Ellison.

Come on in. There's warm tea, sugar, cookies and a fireplace, let's assemble and have good conversations about literature. It is the purpose of this forum to serve as a long-term repository of knowledge, thoughts and opinion on Harlan's work that will remain for use and amendment by future Ellison readers. (You will also find reviews of many of Harlan's books in the bibliography section of Webderland itself.)

Some notes about how it's supposed to work: As a sort of minimum requirement, please tell us what you think about the story instead of just asking a question. All posts should deal with Harlan, his works and their themes only. In the other forums there is plenty of room for goofing around, small talk, getting to know each other, and telling each other in detail about how difficult it is for you to find the right book and how you broke your arm when you tried to take it from the top shelf. (The moderator reserves the right to move or delete posts that are off-topic.) You can always say hi, ask questions or complain in our Discussion thread.

Please do not insult anyone, and try not to feel insulted if someone disagrees with you. The whole point of a discussion is to share different viewpoints. All common rules of social behavior and respect apply.

If you want to open a new thread, chose any single work by Ellison as your subject including stories, records, scripts, essays, introductions, childhood drawings etc. We can even talk about stories by other writers from volumes edited by Ellison. Be aware, however, that some works are harder than others for most of us to access. You can also add your opinions to old discussions anytime. We want to keep collecting opinions.

Look at the overview to find out which stories have been discussed so far and under what heading.

We will discuss new works as they are released.

Our forum is a Harlan-sanctioned extension of the Pavilion (the page that led you here) where it is difficult to discuss single works. If you start a new discussion, you can post a sort of announcement there which includes the title.

The moderators are Jan, Barber and Duane. Feel free to contact us if there are questions or problems.

Have fun!
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Postby Jan » Mon Jan 09, 2006 10:46 am

Technical advice: New people have to register, so they can log in and receive private messages from other singles. ;-) If you like, you can also give us some information about you in the Webderlanders section.

Should you need more than 30 minutes or so to write a message, the Bulletin Board forgets you're there, logs you out, and everything you've written will be lost. Don't fret, we have all had this problem, as has Harlan. Several ways to avoid this:

Occasionally hit "preview" to remind the system that you're there.

If you use a browser like Opera, if something happens, you just hit the back button and whatever you have written *is still there*.

You could also write your posts into a notepad or Microsoft Word and then copy & paste them into the browser window using your mouse. Using Word you could also save personal copies for future reference anyway. If you want to do none of this, you can also obviously split your messages into two or more parts if they are long.

Jim Davis wrote:The easiest way to save your posts is the following:
1) Write your post.
2) Hold down your left-hand keypad button, then move the cursor over your text until it's all highlighted in blue.
3) Click your right-hand button. Pick "Copy" from the menu that pops up. Your post is now saved. (If you accidentally delete it, don't panic. Right-click, select "Undo," and your post will reappear.)
4) Click on "Send Message." If your post disappears, go back to the "Post Message" page, right-click to bring up the menu again, then click "Paste" to reenter your text. Try to send it again.

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