Publishing BS Makes Bad Writing

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Publishing BS Makes Bad Writing

Postby AmySterlingCasil » Tue Mar 11, 2014 1:39 am

Harlan has NO part of the bad I'm talking about. He has singlehandedly fought it all of his life.

I'm just putting it in different terms. There is a new way, a better way. I won't even say "new way." There's a way to make it possible for more to be like Harlan, and to be paid fairly and decently and honestly. Yeah, it involves selling books like 5 Hour Energy Drink. But the thing is, those who make 5 Hour Energy are paid a decent living, have retirement, and medical benefits. ... anism.html

And no, I don't have permission. But yes, I do. I wouldn't be writing this if it were not for my bright star, ever pointing upward.

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