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Maradonia Saga - The Swollen Ego

Postby Kafkahead » Mon May 03, 2010 7:56 am

Kafka Here

It's been a while since I posted anything actually new, but this topic has got to move forward. I'd feel if I hadn't started it, so here it goes: as we all know, in the field of fantasy (either more modern or more tolkienesque), there are great writers who's imagination and writing skills are beyond impressive, medium-quality writers with an average plot writing capacity and with the tendency to use a cliché once or twice in their stories, bad writers and then...We have Gloria Tesch.
This young girl, née circa 1994, decided to write a cliché storm of a Fantasy trilogy entitled "The Maradonia Saga". The plot is literally cliché, the spelling and writing quality is atrocious, she lacks (as Diane Bartels told me once) the "voice" to convey the correct tone to the prose, etc, etc, etc.
Now, if this were to be the only things wrong with the work, I would keep my mouth shut on the subject (after all, all amateurs make mistakes. I should know. I make my fair share). But it gets worse: the girl decided to use a vanity publishing house to get the book on the shelves, and not only that, her massive ego has kept the rest of the writing community in the state of constant nervous breakdown, as she spams Livejournal and youtube about "filling a hole in the fantasy literature world" and using sock puppets to insult people who develop actual constructive criticism.
I, for one, had enough of her shenanigans and wish to help her see that she's annoying people. I thought about asking Unca Harlan about this one, but I'd be just wasting his time, but if in any case, Harlan is interested in telling her bluntly where she fails, I have the feeling she would straighten up.

Either that, or I'm thinking too much like a good Samaritan.

For those of you interested to see the first forty pages of the literary train wreck, here are some links:

http://confessionsofateenagewriter.word ... n-bridges/
This is the opinion of a young writer
Her Blog ... adoniaSaga
A more developed article on her book

Kafka out

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Re: Maradonia Saga - The Swollen Ego

Postby FinderDoug » Mon May 03, 2010 9:47 pm

Kafka - There are a hundred ships you can steer; and there are a hundred you have to let crash on the rocks.

If this was someone who'd written something of exceedingly poor quality and posted it on the web in order to seek attention, then an aside to say, "hey, maybe you want to consider this..." might be effective.

But this is a person who:
- asserts she writes better and more imaginatively and creatively than just about everyone else who's ever lifted a pen
- has a family unit around her who feeds that ego, not only in unflinching praise of her work, but almost certainly with the resources that have allowed her to self-publish three books
- has defined her own criteria for what constitutes a novel (page count) versus everyone else's established guidelines of word count, to feed her claim of being the youngest published novelist (and has others defending this position as well)
- has more semi-anonymous testimonials on her site that the Washington Post has unnamed government sources (the 'psychologist' who is quoted as saying her work will have more staying power than the Harry Potter series stinks of fallacy.)

This is a full-blown miniature cult of personality. This is an entity that cannot be informed, for it exists to perpetuate itself and what it feels is FAME. There's nothing that can be said that she (or her family) will hear unless it is praise (and thus usable to feed the marketing machine). Her mother, an artist who illustrates her books, apparently had the cover art for sale through her website for four figures. These are people looking for money and notoriety. This is where I think the weird claims come from that the film adaptation of her first book is underway. One thinks this would be a huge story, given the circumstance.

Anyone - be it well-established writer or English professor or literary agent who tries to show her where she's gone wrong - will be dismissed as not getting it, or jealous, or irrelevant. She can only be informed by time and life experience and the Inevitable Rude Awakening that will come and carry away with it her notion of fame.

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