When A Beginner Knows He's Being Shafted

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Postby robochrist » Thu Mar 08, 2007 1:37 pm


"You used copy & paste in your apology."

How do you KNOW this?


The hours are the part of the written agreement not being met right now, of course.

But taking your point about the experience - my MAIN purpose for taking this first gig - the problem is when she took TOO much advantage of the time, quality, and energy I put into it. If I offered you $20 for complex work and you devoted yourself to it all week to make a deadline - staying up till 4 or even 6 in the morning - and THEN I returned to you for revisions and additional requests without offering any more for it...you'd begin to feel a little resentful.

That's essentially what was happening here. This lady is naive about the process and the job of an illustrator (and that's fine as long as I'm paid); it required my lecturing her on several points. The job of an illustrator or designer is problem-solving. I'm being hirerd to solve the problems of layout, optimal design, and the most effective way to interpret the criteria that it best serves a reader.

When it goes TOO far it just doesn't work. If you ask for Fort Knox and you don't feel you should pay what it's worth - well, we're going to have an argument about it.

But I'm learning how to negotiate; where to draw the line, and where to show flexibility. It depends on the intentions and forthrightness of the client.

Of course, I know you're aware of that. But it's the part of this trip that was getting really painful.

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