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Re: "Grimm"

Postby David Loftus » Wed Oct 03, 2012 12:26 am

Thanks, Chuck!

I'm so busy elsewhere these days, I just don't drop into the Ellison boards or even the Pavvy very often.

I do speak French, but I wouldn't say I'm fluent. I know what it's supposed to sound like, and I've always been a great mimic. What's scary is, I think the other two actors in my scene -- the other two Reapers? -- were not only pros up from Hollywood but fluent in French, to boot.

Everybody keeps asking me when I'm going to be on the show again. My episode seemed like a perfect opening for a recurring character, but so far I've heard nothing from the show. I looked up the author of my episode, and unlike the creators and a stable of their favorite colleagues, mine was the only episode this guy has written for "Grimm." He doesn't have a huge resume of other credits, either, but I've found evidence of other projects he seems to have in the works.

So it's entirely possible my character will NEVER be back; he could turn out to be a loose end that none of the other writers for the show pick up. Which would be a bummer.

What's cool is, I lead walking tours of downtown Portland these days, and about one in four tours I turn up somebody who's a "Grimm" fan and remembers my episode. I jog their memory because the tour route goes right past the bar where my scene was shot. One gal was from Glasgow, Scotland area -- on her honeymoon!
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