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Udder-ly Astounded

Postby K. M. Kirby » Mon Mar 05, 2012 10:35 pm

As I discovered last night, a series currently running on the Science channel turned out to be that one which includes The Discarded. I was happy to catch most of it, after realizing that it actually was this particular show, as I had indeed surmised only after about the eighth airing of a preview. Despite a recent development involving berserk-o neighbors, which now forces me to watch my tube sans sound (no headphone jack on the Panasonic hsgv-22544a or whatever it is) or risk ear-shattering window slams, wall bashes and even a recent explosion of broken glass from an overzealous noise warden; yes, despite my new visuals-only regimin, this one-set wonder episode lived up to its much-remembered hype.

I loved the way John Hurt and his vestigial twin have their final tete-a-tete, leading to that unmatched scene of anguish after the suicide. The pathetic 3-way marriage was hilarious, leading up to total dismay as all those new characters pile into the boat. That was a good one--or, at least, it appeared that way--and I'm glad I finally caught it on the commoners' satellite airwaves.

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