2 Tix For Napoleon @ SF Film Festival, March 31

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2 Tix For Napoleon @ SF Film Festival, March 31

Postby FinderDoug » Mon Feb 06, 2012 7:58 pm

West Coast Webderlanders (Especially in the San Francisco Bay Area):

As mentioned in passing in January in Art Deco, changes in my 2012 travel plans have necessitated the cancellation of a trip to San Francisco in March. As a result, I have a pair of tickets to the San Francisco Silent Film Festival's presentation of the US premiere of Kevin Brownlow's complete restoration of Abel Gance's 1927 silent epic NAPOLEON, with live score by Carl Davis, who will be conducting the Oakland East Bay Symphony.

Screening is at the Paramount Theatre of the Arts. The entire program runs from 1:30PM to 9:30PM and includes two intermissions and a dinner break (the film is about 5 1/2 hours long.) More info here:


The tickets are for Saturday, March 31 at 1:30PM (doors open 12:30) and based on the seating chart, they're located in the front row, center aisle of the middle balcony - a nice location with an aisle in front of you, reducing the odds you get a large cranium in your way. Caveat: balcony is stair access only.

I picked these up at a discount when they went on sale - my price was $70 + $2 facility and $11.50 convenience charge = $83.50 each/$167 for the pair. Since then, these seats have increased to $90 + $2 facility & $12.50 convenience charges = $104.50 a piece. But because there are still quite a few seats left for all four screenings through Ticketmaster, and because I'd like someone to use them, I'm selling them for $125 for the pair (sorry, not willing to split them.)

If anyone is interested, feel free to drop a response here or message me directly.

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