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Teabaggers' Comic Book Superhero!

Postby robochrist » Sun Jun 06, 2010 5:32 pm

The XXX Teabag movie version of Batman is on its way!

I don't wanna see what they do to ROBIN in this one (even though he's asked for it since his inception)!!

**BTW, I have decided to resign from the comic book movie adaptations "officially"...having just seen the suit they've given Thor. They put him in motorcycle leathers, for chrissake!

I give up. I TRY to give each translation a CHANCE. But - for myself - none of the movies get it right. Iron Man pulled it off best thus far (and even the "hockey" look doesn't ride with me all that well).

But I'm going to return to my old comics collection and compose myself in THAT universe. It's the only version that works for me.

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