First Stab at a Clarkson/Spector Movie

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First Stab at a Clarkson/Spector Movie

Postby K. M. Kirby » Tue Apr 20, 2010 11:19 pm

If the rumour can be believed--and if the BBC actually goes through with it--plans are already underway for a film on Lana:

If you ask me, one of the inbred freaks in the Rollins movie "Wrong Turn II" might fit the bill as a Spector. And when the huge brillo-pad wig is finally removed for a mugshot, we see...

I wonder who's writing the script. Hopefully it will include the early years in Cloverdale/Asti, along the Russian River. This movie also shouldn't shy away from the fact that Lana had von Willebrand's Disease (they need medical verification, of course) which is precisely why there was no choice but to try to pull Spector's Colt Cobra away from an already-severely-bruised tongue. Even if he'd spared her life, his victim would have been disabled and homebound for several days from the bruising and swelling.

That's my conclusion, anyway, as an uninvolved layman with no public relations experience or professional interests in the case.


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