Jerome Bixby's The Man From Earth NO SPOILERS!!!

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Jerome Bixby's The Man From Earth NO SPOILERS!!!

Postby tuttle300 » Thu Jan 17, 2008 7:44 am

I dont see a posting for this and it seems to scream for a post
so here it is-

I have Jerome Bixby's The Man From Earth
The story is about a college professor who decides to leave town--a few of his friends throw him a goodbye party and over the course of the evening---when they press him for a reason for his departure ----
he reveals that he is an immortal and is actually thousands of years old!

I just got it from netflicks and I plan to watch it tonight so please if you have seen it we can discuss it here BUT please do not spoil it for anyone else by revealing the ending

Now this film (direct to DVD) came out in November 2007

The story (as I researched what I could online) was nursed into being since the 60's by Jerome Bixby (most noted for some Original Series episodes of Star Trek) including him dictating and finishing it by telling the tale to his son on his deathbed in 1998

Over time this little independant film was able to get filmed with a quite noteable cast who obviously worked for very little money. (hats off to them all for that generosity so that fans may enjoy the film)

BY the way there seems to be little info online about the budget--anyone here aware of the budget?
Since it IS in fact a direct to video and not an official theatrical film (as far as I am aware) is there anyway to know if the film (by the producers or Bixby's estate) is considered a success?
I saw the DVD at Wal mart over the Holidays and hesitated to buy it then but I have it now and wanted to discuss it with anyone who HAS seen it

Anyone here aware of any behind the scenes tidbits that might make the viewing experience even better?
Anyone have additional tidbits about Bixby?

I am by the way Franky4post from the Ellison message board and I love films especially small indy films such as this one where actors famous and not so famous go out of their way to do little films like this one for either personal beliefs or personal reasons or simply because it would fulfill a contract (but I kinda doubt that about the contract thing as if I were such an actor and I did something to just get out of a cntract I'd stillt ry to get some CASH for my time---No, I believe that many actors do little projects like this practically for free is because they really like the material and understand the budgetary troubles.)

Anyway I am here in part spreading the word about the film so anyone interested can also check it out and see it.

There are supposedly two commentaries with the film and over the weekend I plan to listen to those as well but please chime in here now with your thoughts and comments

So anyway--heres the post and I will watch the film tonight and come back to join the conversation

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Postby Moderator » Thu Jan 17, 2008 9:56 am

Thanks for the reminder to add this film to my own Netflix account. I'd read a few articles and visited the website, but neglected to "take that final step" and actually watch the thing.

Unfortunately, none of the "usual" sources give much production detail, so I haven't run across anything that answers your budget, etc, questions.

Enjoy the film.
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Tony Rabig
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Man from Earth

Postby Tony Rabig » Thu Jan 17, 2008 3:24 pm

Saw it last week (amazed to find it in the rental store here in Parsons, KS) and liked it a lot.

Don't know the budget, but it had to be low -- set almost entirely in one room, no mondo-CGI moments. I wouldn't be surprised if somebody did a stage production of it some time.

Talky, but GOOD talky.

Rented it, watched it, and will be purchasing from Amazon the next time I order from them.


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