Regarding Spook Country

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Regarding Spook Country

Postby kevinkirby » Sun Dec 02, 2007 7:47 pm

It's not science fiction. It seemed like it could have developed into a longer story. The ending was like a quip about current events. Still, it's a great read with the added twist that it's about current events.

Thankfully, this latest work abandons the present-tense mode of Pattern Recognition. When things on the page are described as happening now, they seem to happen less in a literary sense, but more in the way that chewing gum can stick to the back of one's throat. One recent work, Dan Simmons' THE TERROR, successfully combines chapters of present tense with other methods, including journal pages. Novels written entirely in present tense are like choose-your-own-adventure puzzle books, in a way, or like treatments for screenplay proposals. Interesting as an experiment; unappealing when you're not accustomed to hearing about things while they're in the process of occurring.

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