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Scrapings from Off the Tube

Postby kevinkirby » Mon Jul 02, 2007 5:45 pm

Hey, it isn't much, but I've been getting some degree of entertainment lately from the Cartoon Network. In between the Science Channel and Discovery Network shows; away from the news commentary contrivances, 24 and On the Lot; apart from the rare movie broadcast or Supernatural, I've been picking up some good fun from things like SAUL OF THE MOLE MEN, ROBOT CHICKEN or METALOCALYPSE.

These titles are basically animated shorts that started popping up while channel surfing, and it took a while for them to sink in, but it's well worth the ten minutes each to keep up with new episode.

Saul: Mind bending fantasy/parody that deserves the cheesy monicker"sci-fi" perhaps better than any other sf show currently airing.

Metalocalypse: Strange gothic humor from a twisted metal-head perspective. An essential view of somebody's hard-rock anti-aestheticism, it's totally hilarious but not at all recommended for anybody in their correct mind.

Robot Chicken: Some people who know how to get good punch lines by animating, frame-by-frame, those plastic articulated dolls that often make good playfriends for those with a youthful mindset. These jerky mini-movies can often seem mean-spirited, but rarely do they fall completely flat.

I mention these shows in passing, only because there has to be somebody else, somewhere, who's also derived some enjoyment from them. Do collections of every episode exist? Would a complete run of one of these cartoons even be tolerable?

I know not.

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