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scattered Ellisonia links

Postby Anthony Ravenscroft » Sat Mar 03, 2007 1:01 pm

I'm digging for a particular scrap, but all sortsa stuff keeps popping up, so please route/use as appropriate -- let it be known that I do not in any way support unauthorised "free" text, though it's so hard/expensive to find non-English Ellison in this whacky nation that I do like to see how his stuff works in other languages, so I sneak the occasional peek, & I don't know whether the other stuff's worth alerting the Zombie Lawyer Brigade about so I'll leave that to others.

download Ellison books

Ellison v. Robertson/AOL$file/0255797.pdf?openelement

"Frank Sinatra Has a Cold" -- this link requests the filtered ("HTML") version because Google has the PDF flagged as "potentially harmful to your computer"

I love Ellison's writing... but $8.70 per e-book? Where the hell's he gonna sign it?

more free Ellison fiction
"El Merodeador En La Ciudad Al Borde Del Mundo"
Visiones Peligrosas I
"Articulos (Varios Autores)"

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