The Littlest Bog Man

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The Littlest Bog Man

Postby kevinkirby » Tue Jan 23, 2007 9:46 pm

I just saw a PBS rebroadcast called "The Perfect Corpse" for the second time, and -- IMO -- some of the examiners' conclusions seem premature and probably inaccurate. Here's a url for the show's transcript:

News reports & magazine articles can also be found for the ancient in question, currently named the Clonycavan Man.

Anyway, the thing is, they've decided several things about him which aren't necessarily correct. For one, after finding out that he used a hair product made from Iberian Pine, it was concluded that this must have been a wealthy local celt who was importing the stuff. Completely ignoring the fact that waves of Iberian Celts were invading the British Isles at about the date of his bogging. Couldn't he have been a scout, straying too close to the holy site of Tara?

The people on this show also seem to think that his head was shaved in preparation for ritual blows. What? How about a sidelock, maybe; an Egyptian hairstyle of that period?

The angle of the axe-blows was also taken to imply that he was kneeling at the time of his end. Yet the show also proclaimed Clonycavan Man as being unusually diminutive in height. IMO, this guy went down fighting a numerically superior foe in a very strange land.

As legend had it, Celtic Ireland was indeed overwhelmed at one time by the Iberians -- possibly some who had intermixed with the ancient Egytians while engaging in mercenary activities in the Eastern Mediterrannean. Some of these may have had wooly hair, like this "bog man" apparently does, in addition to being short and having large, porous noses.

We know them today as the "black" Irish, because some African/Nile characteristics still stand out.

But on this PBS program, they've recreated him as a light-skinned kid with no shaved head and close-set eyes. If this were my movie, this short and tough fighter would have a tall sidelock, dusky skin, dark eyes and probably much better armor than the Celts he met up with. Maybe the druids hid him in the sphagnum because they knew more would soon be following after.
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