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Postby robochrist » Mon Dec 18, 2006 4:22 pm

My most recent orgasmic dvd experience was renting SHACKLETON with Kenneth Branagh.

Even though it sometimes fell short dramatically, Branagh was flawless in the title role; completely convincing. He reminded me how much I take him for granted as an actor sometimes; likewise, the film mini-series reminds me that survival stories - in their potentially profound metaphors - ride with me BIG time. Explains why I have so many of 'em in my film collection. The story form has a huge impact on me.

British Explorer Ernest Shackleton disappeared in the Antarctic with his crew in 1914; no one knew what had happened to them for almost 2 years once their ship, the Endurance, got trapped in the ice and finally went down.

How they got through it totally blows your mind.

I remember seeing the Nova documentary, so I had a lot of good information to match against the movie. The film does a great job with accuracy, and you really feel like you're back around the years of 1915.

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