Harlan's VOYAGE episode

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Harlan's VOYAGE episode

Postby robochrist » Mon Oct 30, 2006 7:46 pm

Per my appraisal of Richard Basehart in the Pavilion a week ago, I rented the first season of VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA on dvd.

I saw Harlan's episode, PRICE OF DOOM, and indeed, found slivers of Ellison themes lost in a jumble of character references and world-conquering villainy.

I really wanted to find out what Harlan's original script was like, but could find nothing online about it (other than tv director James Goldstone declaring he could not get comments about from Harlan).

The episode paled next to a handful of other VOYAGE episodes like THE SKY IS FALLING, HOT LINE, and SUBMARINE SUNK HERE - which were better focused on theme (believe it or not) and very, VERY well acted. They stood up at LEAST as well as the average STAR TREK episode; better, in fact.

I came to realize that when this show succeeded - which, mind you, was not too often - it was mainly all about the acting. An excellent cast and guest cast frequented the show, and now then they absolutely kicked ass.

The themes that worked best were obviously the survival plight when the sub went down and what the circumstances brought out of the men. I really enjoyed a couple of those.

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