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Tbe Very Model of a Modern

Postby KOS » Sun Apr 26, 2009 12:36 pm

Name: KOS
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Semi, here is a lead for you. It's not much, but it might be what you need.

On Beverly Boulevard, on both sides of the street, between roughly Fairfax on the West and Highland or so on the East, lies what is called in some LA Guidebooks "The LA Modernism District", or just "The Modernism District". Thereabouts lie fifteen or twenty small, medium and large emporia devoted to the selling of vintage Modern (ca. 1946 to 1975, with outliers to each side of a couple decades or so here and there) furniture, design items (ceramics, tapestries, rugs, etc.) toys, kitchenware and art. They are all owner/operator sort of places, often with one principal, or a pair of partners.

Some names: Modernica, Modern One, American Skank, Scandia (actually on Melrose), Nautica.

They often need reliable, intelligent, mature (meaning MATURE, not old!) helpers to just watch the place, learn about the artists/designers being sold, move things about (they often have storeerooms on and/or offsite, and rotate stock between there and the showroom regularly), and three or four times a year do the local Modernism shows that require the setting up/breaking down of a display in some auditorium with lots of schlepping across town involved.

Some good things about this type of work: It often pays in cash, with certain benefits to that that are best left unwritten. The shops often open rather late in the day, ten to twelve, and rarely are open past five or six. It's very informal in most places. If you take a day off, no problem, etc. You have a personal relationship with the owner(s). They often are closed one or two days during the week, and need people more on the weekends anyway, so you can continue to do writer stuff during the week. You meet a LOT of other writers and movie type people when you work in these places. That's not only the sort of person that buys the stuff they sell, many of the shop owners are former writers, or actors, or even producers (in one case not even former).

Also, once you work at one of these joints, you get to know the other shop owners, It's an insular world, they all visit one another, talk to and of one another, and a good rep with one will often lead to offers of extra work, or a new place to work when one dries up.

I did this for several years, and met people as varied as Robert Downey, Jr., K. D. Laing and Fred Schneider (sp?) of the B-52s. It's fun work too, if you like cool Modern stuff.

Good luck.


Dolores Quintana

New Beverly Appearance

Postby Dolores Quintana » Sun Apr 26, 2009 1:38 pm

Name: Dolores Quintana
Source: unca20090603.htm
I've waited since I was a nine year old, yes, my parents let me read *ANYTHING*, to actually see Harlan Ellison speak in person. I had missed previous opportunities, but I was very pleased to see the man come out to say hello to the nerds in the line, even if he stopped shaking hands before he got to me. Don't worry, I'm okay about it. The movie was well done and I enjoyed the Q&A. I wish I had time to get in the line for a book, but I had to get some dinner myself. Or, I might have eaten my own foot. Thank you, Harlan and thanks to your lovely wife, Susan and to Josh Olsen for "moderating". The evening represented the culmination of a dream of a girl who never thought she would get anywhere or be anything, before being touched by Ellison's work. The words I read over the years confirmed that I was not so alone in how I felt and that I had the right to be angry about injustices, small and large.

Brian Phillips
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Without the Freakin'...That's MY Line!!

Postby Brian Phillips » Sun Apr 26, 2009 2:15 pm

Name: Brian Phillips
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I can't pass up a chance to shout Hallelujah!

...even if I am a scooch late.

No exscooches but glad of the news,

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Postby JanMSchroeder » Sun Apr 26, 2009 4:44 pm

Name: Jan Schroeder
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To quote two of my favorite writers,

"Shared pain is decreased, shared joy is increased."

"Never surrender dreams."

My suggestion is to take the offers of help and resolve to pay them forward someday.

Jan S.

Clipping Service
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Some great

Postby Clipping Service » Sun Apr 26, 2009 6:18 pm

Name: Clipping Service
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J.G Ballard quotes, from a UK Guardian article:

"I think the enemy of creativity in the world today is that so much thinking is done for you."

"Success, an even more demanding challenge than failure."

"Sex times technology equals the future."

"The most prudent and effective method of dealing with the world around us is to assume that it is a complete fiction."

"My advice to anyone in any field is to be faithful to your obsessions. Identify them and be faithful to them, let them guide you like a sleepwalker."

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keepin' it in the fambly

Postby David Loftus » Sun Apr 26, 2009 6:29 pm

Name: David Loftus
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I'm back from a weekend at the coast, celebrating my beloved wife's latest birthday with our toy fox terrier Pixie along to enjoy the sand and breezes. (It was cold and often rainy, but I like that, because it keeps the crowds away.)


I'm in to help Semi, whenever there's a plan in place.

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money money money

Postby remarck » Sun Apr 26, 2009 7:03 pm

Name: Keith Cramer
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I'd very much enjoy having your Mefisto in Onyx, Death Cell Edition, on my shelf. I remember it being offered for sale in the last great Ellison Book Purge, but I cannot remember the price. It is conspicuously (worrisomly) absent from the latest offering. Is it, perchance, still available? I'll give you $2500 for it, payable in Tiny Tim pinbacks, or whatever currency you choose. (Let the bidding begin!)


I think your Paypal idea for Semi's predicament is great. I'll gladly participate. Are you doing it? Or, if you get another idea, I'm game.


PS - I've been absent a few days. Been moving. I got out with my sanity intact...but just barely.

Michael Mayhew
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the New Yorker thread

Postby Michael Mayhew » Sun Apr 26, 2009 7:05 pm

Name: Michael Mayhew
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I don't know if everyone hereabouts is already sick of the New Yorker conversation, but I'm wondering if anyone has read the short story in the April 20th issue, "A Tiny Feast" by Chris Adrian. I very much enjoyed it.

I ask because it's an honest-to-goodness piece of magical realism/fantasy, which reminded me, in a sideways sort of way, a bit of Robert Devereaux's "Ridi Bobo" and a bit of some of Neil Gaiman's work.

But here's the thing that's fascinating to me, it also follows, almost perfectly, the form and structure of what Michael Chabon calls "the contemporary, quotidian, plotless, moment-of-truth revelatory story."

So I am left to wonder, is this the exception that proves the rule? A sign that The New Yorker is gradually opening to a wider range of storytelling? A sly bit of self satire?

Grist for the mill. Grist for the mill.


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Postby Adam-Troy » Sun Apr 26, 2009 7:24 pm

Name: Adam-Troy Castro
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And traveling, away from internet for most part. Have missed any other discussions here. But waving.

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Postby Doc » Sun Apr 26, 2009 7:38 pm

Name: Doc
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On the Semi-Writer Affair: What I CAN do, I WILL - just let me know where/how/etc.

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Postby Semi-Writer » Sun Apr 26, 2009 11:16 pm

Name: Semi-Writer
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I am a horrible stickler for rules (well, rules that I BELIEVE in, as opposed to the whole out-of-state vehicle registration thing which was my one rebel stand against society--isn't it enough to be an insured driver with a valid license in a road-worthy vehicle these days?), hence I have waited 'til after midnight to post again.

Did anyone go and see Harlan's latest appearance at the New Bev? What'd we miss? What'd we miss?

To touch briefly on the car situation, know that I'm not turning down the generous offers of aid here out of stubborness, shyness or any other reasons aside from the fact that it is still too EARLY to determine how much help I may need. Other options must be explored.

There are two sections to this situation: one involves landing the new car, and the other involves registering the old one. I need to review both scenarios, and to an extent see how far everything will play out over the next four days, before bringing other people's money into the picture. This is not exactly screaming and smashing expensive china plates against a wall as a certain young man in Chicago once did, but this is heralding an abrupt change. No more living under the radar, bitches! Whoo hoo!

Meanwhile... er, anyone want a couple of 1970s Chromcraft chairs?

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Postby Semi-Writer » Mon Apr 27, 2009 2:01 am

Name: Semi-Writer
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Sorry, second post. Damn it.


(deep breath) I know that I need help. Maybe not right now this week, but perhaps within a month or two. I'm in a major state of denial and it's a hard thing to admit. Very hard. Very, VERY fucking hard, as I've tried to live my life without taking more than I need. So, yes, I guess that I have to lay aside independent aspirations and ask for help, huh?

At the very least, might I suggest that such a Pavilion fund be started for someone that might end up in more drastic circumstances than myself? I'm lucky with my living situation; I won't be out on the street. Others might not be so lucky.

Jason Michelitch

The Dying Fall

Postby Jason Michelitch » Mon Apr 27, 2009 2:10 am

Name: Jason Michelitch
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re: Brad Stevens supplying a link to the last J.G. Ballard story, published in the UK Guardian.

While it IS J.G. Ballard's last story, it is not particularly new, nor is it first being published in the Guardian. It originally appeared in the pages of Interzone in 1996. The editors of that magazine seem very intent on spreading the word that THEY had it first, and have been decrying the manner in which the Guardian has reprinted the story, simply labeling it his "last," as if they had found it in his typewriter just now, without any mention of it having appeared elsewhere 13 years ago.

Just thought I'd pass the word along.

Resuming lurk mode.

Cary Bleasdale
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Possible Copyright infringement?

Postby Cary Bleasdale » Mon Apr 27, 2009 6:21 am

Name: Cary Bleasdale
Source: unca20090603.htm
Mr. Ellison:
Very occasional poster piping up here.
I ran across the website, which contains a number of scans and articles on the subject, and I noticed that they have an essay by you. Specifically: "Hot Damn! The Kind Men Like."

According to the website it is from when you "reviewed Socio Library's 'Little "Dirty" Comics' for the first edition of 'The Staff'" in 1971.

The whole link is

I have no idea if they used it with permission or not, but there is no indication of such on the page, at least from a quick look-see.

Hopefully this is useful. If not sorry for butting in, y'all.

Gary Lee


Postby Gary Lee » Mon Apr 27, 2009 6:29 am

Name: Gary Lee
Source: unca20090603.htm

Please except my apologies for the gender mix-up in my posting, I guess I wasnt paying enough attention.

Im sure thing will work out, I know there are lots of people here who have been in a similar situation, ( I was once down to $1.47 and the next day things turned for the better), and you can always look on the bright side because it will be a very good story when your rich and famous!


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