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Pavilion Digest: September 2007

Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2007 6:35 am
by admin
The following posts contain Art Deco Dining Pavilion messages for the month of September 2007.

An Answer That Beats "Naomi Campbell" For Sheer Dumbness

Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2007 6:35 am
by Adam-Troy
Name: Adam-Troy Castro
Source: unca20071007.htm

You know that "Naomi Campbell" answer on WEAKEST LINK, that you infected the discourse between you and Susan, for hseer stupidity?

I've been hoarding a stupid answer just about that good for years -- and it has the extra added attribute of cosmic surreality.

A bunch of years ago, I was playing Trivial Pursuit with a group of folks including one guy who knew, I mean, absolutely nothing outside the sports category. NOTHING. Orson Welles played Charles Foster Kane in what film? "I dunno, DIE HARD?" G. Gordon Liddy was arrested in connection to the burglary of what hotel? "I dunno -- a Sheraton?" Etc, and so on.

The question that really got us was this one.

"Name the only mammal with four knees."

The correct answer, as I'd gotten on the first try on a previous session with the same set, is the Elephant. Think about it. It is the only animal with four limbs hinged in that direction, evolving that way because the form is advantageous in dealing with elephantine weight. Still. I could live with somebody, struggling to picture the physiognomy of various well-known beasts, coming up with various wrong but reasonable guesses. The Camel? The Llama? The Kangaroo? Hey, they're all wrong but they're REASONABLY wrong.

So: "Name the only mammal with four knees."

Blinking bewilderment on the part of our know-nothing.

He blurts out, "THE WHALE!"

I draw a curtain over the reaction of the other players.


Kathy Ireland

Lucky Me

Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2007 7:40 am
by BrianSiano
Name: Brian Siano
Source: unca20071007.htm
I found a copy of _Men Without Bones_ by Gerald Kersh at the flea market today. Along with an original paperback of _The Outfit_ by "Richard Stark."

Okay, a reply to Sburnap, who writes:
"The SFWA decided that it is OK to trample on the copyrights of people who want to freely give stuff away in order to protect the rights of thse who don't. That's no better than those who publish works without the author's permissions."

But you are getting upset about SFWA's inconveniencing these authors for maybe a week, over works for which they've given up their copyrights and royalties-- and works which are widely available at other websites, such as Doctorow's own Frankly, this is a _long_ ways away from SFWA "trampling" on their rights.

You don't seem to be upset at Scribd's trampling on the rights of authors who OWN their copyrights, and who've been doing it for months, if not years.

If we followed your logic in another context: "How dare they pass laws against police brutality? What about the suspects who _wants_ to be beaten senseless? Their rights are being trampled! Why, that's just as bad as cops beating up people!"

Science Fiction Five-Yearly wins Hugo

Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2007 7:46 am
by tyg
Name: Tom Galloway
Source: unca20071007.htm
Harlan, given your serial has been a long running item in it and your friendship with Lee Hoffman, figured you might be interested that SF Five-Yearly won this year's Best Fanzine Hugo.

(And just to kvell a bit, I somehow ended up presenting the Best Fan Writer Hugo this year and managed to do so without any flubs that I'm aware of)

Adam, re: Cory's complaint. I'll admit upfront to not checking it myself, but per him today (we were on a panel together), a significant issue is that apparently SFWA went after any file at Scribd that contained either "Asimov" or "Silverberg", thus getting a lot of invalid hits which they proceeded to send take down notices about, despite not having any right to do so.


Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2007 8:37 am
by Harlan Ellison
Source: unca20071007.htm

Oboy, Tom, wow wowowowowowowowowow wow!

NISSISSA! rules!

If you cross paths in realtime or electronically with the editors of SCIENCE FICTION FIVE-YEARLY, proud publishers of dear good sweet Lee Hoffman's famous fanzine since her retirement and recent death, tell them hurrah and huzzah from me, from I, from Nalrah Nossile, their indefatigable quintextual serialist!

Oh wow wowowowowow! LeeH lives on!

With a smile and a tear or two, Yr. Pal, Harlan


Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2007 8:41 am
by Harlan Ellison
Source: unca20071007.htm
I is making stoopid flub. I is (as Pogo would say) bewitched, bothered & bemildred.

It is, of course:

NISSASSA! with another "a" and one less "i."

O wow.



Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2007 9:03 am
by Tony Rabig
Name: Tony Rabig
Source: unca20071007.htm
If the SFWA wants to start zeroing in on pirated material on scribd, the group could do worse than to search for any file uploaded by someone using the handle "mondobeyondo." Scribd's advanced search allows a search by uploader -- mondobeyondo shows over 1000 uploads, and display stops at 1000. Scan that list -- I think you'll find most of it probably shouldn't be there.

Bests to all,


Mentions of Pogo and other inconsequentials.

Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2007 11:38 am
by wcf42
Name: William C. Francis
Source: unca20071007.htm
Ok I apologize to one and all. I must have been bugfuck to mention Wikipee. I wonder, though, if we can get our host to explicitly say he created the smashword, then the entry could be edited to read "Ellison claims to have created the smashword 'bugfuck'" and use this as the citation.

This would immediately have "smashword" edited out. then someone could add the claim that HE created the word "smashword" too.

Yea, I'm bugfuck today too.

Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2007 12:05 pm
by sburnap
Name: sburnap
Source: unca20071007.htm
Brian Siano: So basically what you are saying is that because Scribd is breaking the law, the SFWA has the right to break the law to fight them?

If the SFWA (or whoever) wanted to sue Scribd in the manner that Napster was sued out of business, or the way HE sued AOL over usenet postings, I'd be all for it. But they have *no* right to claim copyright over works they did not themselves right without the author's permission.

It is not about Scribd's rights. It is about *author's* rights. SFWA doesn't get to break the law by claiming copyright on every work with the word "Asimov" in it just because they are doing it "for good".

In any case, the form of your argument is very familiar. Just replace "Scribd" with "terrorists" and "right to post your work to free sites if you wish" with "habeas corpus".

The law is very clear in regards to the DMCA. The SFWA clearly played fast and loose with that law.

Less common, though still worth mentioning...

Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2007 3:12 pm
by Dorie Jennings
Name: Dorie Jennings
Source: unca20071007.htm
...are those occasions when the copulating mayflies are in fact moving in an anteclockwise direction while engaging in their wee carnal pleasures, resulting in the smashword "buggershins" with which Mr Ellison is also (sometimes) credited.

Either that or "widderfuck."


Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2007 6:15 pm
by Harlan Ellison
Source: unca20071007.htm
The term "smashword" is in common useage. I did not coin it, I merely am aware of its excellent useage and existence. "Bugfuck" is quite another matter. Yes, I guess I made it up, and its mine own creation, but how can I know for sure? If anyone has ANY OTHER etymological or epistimological evidence to the contrary, I am content it should be brought forward. The arcane origin of Truth must always be seriously tracked to its lair.

Yr. Pal, Harlan

The Shadow has left the building (plus "the other Maxwell Gr

Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2007 6:16 pm
by Anthony Tollin
Name: Anthony Tollin
Source: unca20071007.htm
Just a note to let Webderlanders who pre-ordered THE SHADOW #10 (featuring a new foreword by Harlan Ellison, two novels by Walter Gibson and a radio script by Alfred Bester) that your books have been mailed. (And the $12.95 with free postage offer is still good for others as long as they mention HE's Webderland when ordering.)

While I'm on the subject, I wanted to ask Harlan if he ever met one of the other writeres who wrote under the "Maxwell Grant" house name: Bruce Elliott. I assume Harlan was probably published in ROGUE during the years when Bruce Elliott and Frank Robinson were editing the magazine (which also featured monthly columns by Alfred Bester and Robert Bloch). Former-magician Bruce Elliott (who wrote 15 Shadow "novels" during the two-year period when Walter Gibson had left in a contract dispute) later served as executive editor or editorial director of Dugent Publications. Walt Gibson, Jim Steranko and Frank Robinson have all indicated that Elliott was quite a character.

Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2007 6:17 pm
by Harlan Ellison
Source: unca20071007.htm
it's ... not "its"



Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2007 6:29 pm
by Harlan Ellison
Source: unca20071007.htm

I'm trying not to get into this, but might I suggest your post re SFWA's initial response to Scribd might be more on target if you remember the old trope:

90% of what we label "evil" is usually just ineptitude.

SFWA, in this instance, committed no egregious evil act, they just didn't know what the fuck they were doing, and did it wrong, and did it ineptly. I do not think they are getting very urbane and accurate legal advice from whomever it is they took on to replace Chris Valada.

The tone of umbrage should, I suggest, be more properly a sigh of dismay and a shaking of the head as oafs attempt to thrash their way out of quicksand.

Not to mention (and FAR be it from me to say nyaah nyaah, I told you so) that as far as a correct template for this matter is concerned--and YOU even referenced it, though apparently SFWA's counsel hasn't got a shred of a clue--those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it ineptly--Ms. Valada, John Carmichael, Esq., Charles Petit, Esq. and Glen Kulik, Esq. ... and Yr. Pal, Harlan, fought this battle for SFWA already ... and we fuckin' WON IT!

Please circulate this post, especially to SFWA and its sites.

Tell'm Harlan sent you.
Copyright c 2007 by The Kilimanjaro Corporation.


Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2007 6:39 pm
by Harlan Ellison
Source: unca20071007.htm

Yes, I knew Bruce Elliot. Thought he was a charming devil-may-care sort of a guy. Very convivial company. Raconteur. Swell, charismatic guy, by my lights.

But you got it wrong: Bruce was in New York, an avowed Manhattanite. He never edited ROGUE. Me, yes. Frank, yes.
Maybe Bruce did some work for ROGUE after I left, but it was Frankie and I (me?)(whatever) who got Alfie and Bob to do the columns, as it was I who got Nat Hentoff, Lenny Bruce, the cartoonist DAK, and others to work for the Evanston-based magazine. You should ask Frankie, though; he may know more than I on this ... but I think you have ROGUE confused with DUDE and GENT, on which Bruce DID work, in NYC.

Hey, everybody else, THE SHADOW #10 with my essay looks just splendiferous! No collection is complete without it.

Yr. Pal, Harlan