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Jim Davis
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Postby Jim Davis » Sun Apr 30, 2006 10:40 am

Name: Jim Davis
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"Jim Davis is the voice of reason in a chorus of idiocy, as usual."

Yay! I have a secret admirer! (Now if you would stop anonymously sending surveillance photos of me [with the eyes cut out] to my house, I could sleep at night.)

For all the Val Lewton fans (and I know there's at least one here): A new edition of his 1932 novel, NO BED OF HER OWN, has been published in Scotland. You can order a copy (via at ... 79-8079932

And don't forget, last December, the mayor of Lawrence, Kansas proclaimed "International Dadaism Month" . . . with, of course, the month covering February through October. To see the offical proclamation, go here: ... ation.html

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Robert Morales
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Postby Robert Morales » Sun Apr 30, 2006 11:07 am

Name: Robert Morales
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There's a neat little interview by Deborah Soloman with the great Carlos Fuentes in today's New York Times: ... ln_q4.html

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Anent the decrying of ellisonian fisticuffs:
One of my favorite David Letterman jokes involves a killer whale named Fluffy (or somesuch) living in a popular municipal aquarium. Every day for seven years, the same female marine biologist would go into Fluffy's tank after his feeding and scrape skin samples off his flank to check on his health. One day this selfsame biologist goes into the tank and WHAM! - Fluffy slams his tail into her, knocking her hard into the tank wall. Stunned, the woman tries to get her bearings, but WHAM! - Fluffy slams his tail into her again. Unconscious, the woman sinks to the tank floor. The rest of the aquarium staff quickly draws Fluffy's attention away from her, and a couple of people dive in and save the biologist, who luckily only suffers a broken arm and bruises, etc. Then Letterman comments:

"But what gets me most of all is that people were saying, 'I can't believe that Fluffy - THE KILLER WHALE - would do something like that!!'"

I'm frankly astounded that any of you who've very likely read "The Man Who Was Heavily into Revenge" or "Driving In the Spikes" - both in THE ESSENTIAL ELLISON for a reason - would be so ... shall we say ... "Captain Renault" about Harlan's propensity for severe (but fair, it says here in the bylaws) punishment. Haven't you been paying attention?

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Postby FrankChurch » Sun Apr 30, 2006 1:43 pm

Name: Frank Church
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My name IS Frank Church, now stow it inside that trunk that holds the cup of Christ and the shoes Dorothy wore to go back to her famed Kansas.

Greatful that Harlan is more tolerant then the lot of you.

I just saw a pic of Priest, he looks pretty feeble to me. Would be a lost act of violence to hit such a putz. Better that Harlan hits someone more deserving, like Bill O'Reilly, or Sean Hannity or even Ann Coulter--Yes, she is a woman, but the bitch deserves it.

Has anyone ever read a Priest interview? Jesus, the lies are endless, especially about us as fans of the big H. But, I will leave it there.


Wyatt, Vegas? You a gambler like me? Gambling is an awful thing, but damn it can be addicting. Always trying to beat the house is like the leveling of what I call money karma. The tap runs uphill and hopefully my lefties will ease the flow.

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Postby KristinRuhle » Sun Apr 30, 2006 6:35 pm

Name: Kristin A Ruhle
Source: unca20060606.htm
Duane: Sorry. Probably I had you mixed up with somebody else. (blush) probably Frank or Eric who are prone to saying things like that. Or maybe you were dissing Frank or Eric or both, and I misread it. I'll have to go back and look again.

To the Perrys - CoNGRATULATIONS ON PARENTHOOD - !!! there is nothing better than joy to battle against bitterness, Love to battle against Hate - without Love, can life be worth living at all? I think yours was just the voice we needed here at the right time - even if Chance was what dictated the timing.

Congratulations again on the arrival of your son - welcome to the world lil one!

Steve Barber: I nominate you for POST OF THE DAY! It's brilliant! You said it all! A Grandmastership is a great honor, and means one has touched many lives in many ways, no matter how small. It means you, Harlan, made *some tiny* difference in the world.

I agree, that Priest dude is pretty scummy, going around smearing Harlan's name and making TLDV into a scandal (I'd always thought it was a running joke!) I was a little kid when DV and ADV came out! I suppose he deserves whatever he gets, but as for knocking his teeth out or something....any overgrown naughty playground bully-brat could do Harlan himself has *written* the best vengeance is often a lot more subtle, as in the works Robert M. mentioned. And as for those who cast themselves as Harlan's "victims," I might say "I..well..ALMOST feel sorry for you, but poke a snake, you get BIT!"

I don't *defend* Ellisonian violence, but like the late great Asimov and others, I forgive him.

Well I've been waffling on whether to go to LAcon...I'll go if I can make the Harlan Panel (which if it's like the one at the previous LAcon, just means they'll give him the floor for several hours. I want to make up for having spent the same time elsewhere at the '96 LAcon.) I *had* wondered if there would BE a Harlan panel, depending on whether the Sworn Enemies ran into each other. Now I guess there will! Still, my plans to go to Burning Man (which is the following week I guess) might get in the way.

"I am a professional. Do not try this at home"
---My absolute favorite Ellisonian T-shirt of all time, from the Signals Catalog, sometime in the 90s, I saw it on him once, know Susan got it for him, but while (I think) it fits the man, maybe it doesn't fit his body anymore, or wore out! Let's lobby them to make another one.

Eric Martin
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Postby Eric Martin » Sun Apr 30, 2006 7:38 pm

Name: Eric martin
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Ms. Ruhle, anytime you want to stop citing me in your posts would be not soon enough. I have absolutely no interest in anything you have said or have to say. here or in the forums, and a short review of the archives by anyone bored enough to bother will show that I have very rarely, if indeed ever, have commented on any of your inane and simpering posts.

So cease imagining that I have responded, retorted, or riposted to you in any manner. I have not, except recently in the forums where I have essentially said the same thing I'm saying here. Post away, blather to your heart's content, but leave me out of it.

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