I am Kevin (Kirby)

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I am Kevin (Kirby)

Postby K. M. Kirby » Mon Aug 30, 2010 11:22 pm

Sorry, I always freeze up at this point.

Okay, for one thing, I lived up in Cloverdale at the same time as the actress Lana Clarkson. That's sort-of interesting because, after we lost contact in 1975 or so, we both moved down to Los Angeles at about the same time. We were very close for a period; perhaps we became symbiotic, in a sense, but further details might define themselves as compromising information of a sort. In any case, it was only in March of this year that a fellow ex-Cloverdalien discovered me on FaceBook and let slip the full name. So anyway, fully expecting that the person I'd seen in the Powell BART station (around Christmastime of 2009) was my long-lost Lana, I typed in the name at Google...

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