The Better Half of The Reeston Name?

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Is Melissa the Better Half?

I don't want to answer, bacause Scott will read this, and he gets into some snits...I mean really, and he drags your mother into this!
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Melissa Reeston
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The Better Half of The Reeston Name?

Postby Melissa Reeston » Wed Jun 18, 2003 12:56 pm

Okay, what to say about myself;

Well, I'm married to the at times somewhat frustrating Scott R., who frequents this area. I've given birth to three children, and I can say to the men here that they do get off lucky.

I share that small vanity of women when it comes to discussion of age, so I'll pass on that one.

I came to reading Ellison in particular, and speculative literature in general after marriage, but have come to enjoy the fiction as much as the husband does. Sorry, I'm not much for comic books, but my son 's burgeoning interest keeps me abreast of the doings in superhero land.

The only cinematic genre I love more than David Lean films are Gojira (Godzilla) movies. I do believe that these underestimated epics concerning enviromental catastrophe; misunderstood creatures trying to find their way in the world that doesn't try tolerance; the egregious arrogance of our political and militaristic systems in feeling that the way to come to terms with the unknown is to destroy it, speaks volumes to the plight of so many who find themselves dispossessed in our world that places progress over humanity. Besides, the films make me laugh.

Besides my life, kids and husband, my one great passion is pottery and ceramics. I am an accomplished potter, working the clay since I was five. I do make a fair living at it, and enjoy the relaxing nature of turning the wheel. I also enjoy canoeing, camping and swimming, skiing and skating. The little town we live in, Englehart, in Northern Ontario affords me the opportunity to do all of the above.

I do have a master's in Early Childhood Education, which has come in handy quite often in the co-operative raising of the kids.

So, that's enough for now.

Love to all, Melissa

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