Social Insecurity

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diane bartels
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Re: Social Insecurity

Postby diane bartels » Mon Apr 16, 2012 6:22 pm

Hi Chuck. It has taken me a long time to respond to your posts about your sister. Partly cause of busy and partly bc it brings back memories and not good ones of my own days on SSI. In my experience, trying to get anything done without have a Social Security lawyer helping is just about impossible. If one will take your sis's case though I dont know, as she has already been on benefits. Not knowing where she lives, it's hard to compare to me in Chicago. But it might be worth calling a few. They should not ask for fees but take them from any monies they get back from your sister on a contingency basis. Also if she lives near a Univ with a lawschool, they may have a clinic that will help. And if she gets or has gotten SS, she is eligible for federal Medicaid prescriptions. Also most of the drug comp. have financial help plans but you have to get the forms from each co., fill them out, have your docs fill out their portions. In other words, if one was capable of doing all the things one needs to to get SS. and Medicaid and drug help, one would be capable of holding down a job. But your sister is very fortunate to have you for her brother. Let me know if I can help further anyway. I hate the bastard turds too.

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Chuck Messer
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Re: Social Insecurity

Postby Chuck Messer » Tue Apr 17, 2012 2:50 am

My sister has a decent attorney. She's also contacted Rep. Ed Perlmutter's office. It's just waiting until the other shoe drops, and it's raining army boots.

I'll take any solidarity or whatever. It's just nice to be able to vent my frustration with the way humanity has been treating my family.

Some people are wedded to their ideology the way nuns are wed to God.

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