Ellison to sue makers of "In Time" ( Empire Online )

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Ellison to sue makers of "In Time" ( Empire Online )

Postby liam57 » Wed Sep 21, 2011 8:26 am

I posted a comment on Empire Online on this subject - but that's really not the correct forum for Ellison afficionados, is it?

Harlan's pugnacious defence of his own work seems to puzzle the average magazine contributor, presumably because the Spellcheck generation are so used to cribbing most

of it's own output from other, even less well-informed, sources and calling it That'll Do. I'm sure that other fans will join me in a heartfelt No, It Bloody Won't, You Damned

Hack. You can bet your boots that none of the aforementioned bothered even to compare synopses of both stories before uploading the tritest, blandest, laziest and most

unopinionated crap since Steven Spielberg remade Pinocchio.

Ellison is right to pursue any rip-off of his work, and the more watered-down the version, the more vigorous the punishment, I say. Imitation is a form of flattery but theft

is theft.

More power to your suing teeth, Harlan. Make 'em weep!

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