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Postby admin » Fri May 20, 2011 1:06 pm

I need your help keeping one fan group alive, supporting one fan page, and making another go away so it doesn't confuse people.

HE Fan Page - this is the official Harlan fan group on Facebook. We need a few more members to convert to the new group format and keep it from being archived! Please join, tell all your friends to join, post on various Harlanesque places. I'd like to keep this alive so I don't have to track down the next one that pops up. I'm not sure what triggers us being able to upgrade.

Harlan Ellison Fan Page (GOOD!) - this is the non-group fan page I want us to support. Get everyone you can to like this one. I'm going to be linking this one from the site so if you want to say something nice about Harlan on the wall or put an appropriate link, go for it!

HE Fan Page (KILL!) - this is a duplicate page with little activity. If you made this page, please delete it! Otherwise please go to that page, click the "report page" on the left bar, and mark it as a spam or scam page.

Get as many folks as you can on this! I plan on linking this on the site at some point to show harlan how many fans he has and how much they love him. Try to not call attention where people who might want to spam the pages or post unpleasant stuff will get involved...

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