Man did this HURT!!!!

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Re: Man did this HURT!!!!

Postby Lori Koonce » Mon Aug 03, 2009 2:23 pm

swp wrote:
Lori Koonce wrote:
reddragon70 wrote:You walked away? Oh man you have more reserves of self control than I could possibly muster. I would be hacking off vital organs to flog on the black market just so I could get the book. Hell I would rather starve then be without the book. I just know there is no way on earth I could have walked from such a great deal, even if I had to beg borrow or steal to get the money I would, somehow.

21 bucks on a 100 dollar book is just as good a deal, and I figure if I really am meant to have it, it will be there when I can afford it. and if it isn't, then there is a better deal somewhere down the line.

I mean who knows, I could end up with a brand spanking new one from the HERC, ya never know.

ya see, that's the difference between men and women right there. I would have bought the book for $21 and then sold it for $80 as a "bargain" to someone else and pocketed the difference, thus avoiding the soup kitchen and putting some much needed dough-re-me in my own pocket. The book would still not be mine, but the possibility for the future would still be there.

Just my idle thoughts.


Hon, you give me way too much credit. There was a time when I'd have done the same thing.

But,I am trying my best to be the kind of person I'd most like to spend time with, and I've recently realized that that kind of behaviour isn't it.

Besides with my copy of the 50 year retrosepctive, It's not like I haven't got the best of Ellison on hand whenever I want it.

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