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European football thread

Postby Barney Dannelke » Mon Nov 03, 2008 9:45 am

In case this question evolves legs or gains traction;

Barney Dannelke <>
Allentown, PA. - Monday, November 3 2008 7:25:15

European football question
*** Mostly for the "Brit Pack" *** I have a friend, Derek, who I "pal around" with a bit up at Christian's Spring who is another one of these transplanted U.K. ex-pats. At a party in his home this weekend he gifted me with a VERY nice Leeds knitted hat and official team jersey. The hat is nice but the jersey, well hell, these things are damn near lingerie they're so nicely done. The hat was gratis, but the shirt came with a pretty firm obligation that I make some effort to sort of follow the team and get up to speed with some* of the team history - with, which the help of Wikipedia and the Leeds United A.F.C. official site I'm actually going to do.

(* I'm pretty sure there will be quizzes on things going back to 1919.)

Here are the question(s);

What the hell have I let myself in for? I am given to understand this is a little bit like declaring yourself Greek Orthodox or C.of E. in the wrong century if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time. Is it safe to wear this thing in airports? Pubs? Just how serious is all this?

Secondly, does anyone in the Brit Pack have STRONG feelings about all of this? I've not kissed any rings yet so it may not be too late. ;-)

- Barney

Hooligan, PA.


a friend wrote me;

You’re safe anywhere in America… who here as really even heard of Leeds!

If you go to the UK, I wouldn’t wear any soccer shirts… you’re bound to upset someone somewhere if you do.

Finally, supporting Leeds is like being a self-flagellant (or a Jets fan)… only more bloody, more painful, and no help if you wish to make heaven. I haven’t even thought about Leeds United since the seventies, the last period in which they were a factor in English Football that I recall.

Anyway… good luck with your new team….


and my response;


I sort of got a sense of that from the Wiki entry and just a bit from Derek. Derek had that "but just you wait until next year" look in his eyes I've seen on some long suffering baseball and American football fans.

I suppose it's a little like if I made you an honorary Cleveland Browns fan. Ah, well. I'm going to treat it as a sort of window on this culture since I'm seeing a lot more cultural cross-polination then I used to on this front.

And the shirts really are nicely made. Better than most of the NFL gear I've seen.

I only worried about wearing it state-side because I remember some All-Blacks fan having one of his eyes gouged out in Italy about a decade ago and thinking, "ok, that's just two scoops of extra crazy" as opposed to the standard beating one might receive at a tail-gate party gone horribly wrong over here.

- Barney

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