Final Hours for a Trek-related Auction

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Final Hours for a Trek-related Auction

Postby kevinkirby » Sat Oct 04, 2008 10:04 pm

Somebody on this forum may be interested, fascinated even, by this thing I was led to by the newsgroups (now Google Groups) ====>

This is the sort of one-off item one often spies in the lairs of science-fictionally related sorts, and its a bit newer than most of the stuff I remember from the sixties. It also appears to have some utility as an actual scientific device, per se. Much like a highly detailed Mars globe I spotted at that recent LACon -- a planetary representation which I subsequently utilized to confirm my semi-published guesses about True Polar Wander on the Red Planet -- this Star Trek prop on eBay could also be used some day for a similar, very real discovery...

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