Convention Goers Beware

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Convention Goers Beware

Postby kevinkirby » Thu Nov 29, 2007 8:17 pm

If you've never stayed in a hotel for any reason, the following little video may still interest you. If instead you have spent a lot of time in hotels, perhaps doing the convention circuit or even just on occasion, then the events shown could provide an explanation for otherwise mysterious symptoms:

Apparently the little paper covers they put on a room's drinking glasses don't necessarily guarantee all that much in terms of sanitation.

Of course, if you've ever stayed in one of San Fran's decrepit "hotel" relics that many here must resort to for housing, then the events in the video are indeed not all that shocking. There are no maids in these ancient inns; and once an excremental tenant gets started on a plague-spreading rampage, one finds that there are no public disinfectant crews to dampen their Typhoid Mary-like episodes before the next monthy cleaning run.

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