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Cody Organbank

Postby kevinkirby » Sun Sep 02, 2007 4:55 pm

For what seems like decades, my friends and I have been "pulling" the internal organs from these goons who live in the park...and freely distributing them to anybody who needs a quick, in-house transplant. Nobody seems to mind. The sleeping park-dwellers just wake up with a sore bum; none the wiser and sporting some fancy new scarification. Many lives are saved in this fashion.

Or at least, until recently...when this one bum started whining and putting up a fuss. Will you just imagine the impertinance of this worthless, over-the-hill human eyesore?

So anyway, we decided to bring him back to our lab to see what his problem is. Every argument is employed on him, but to no avail. Certainly, he comprehends the facts in his case. He only "needs" one kidney, after all. Parts of a liver can be taken out, with few ill-effects. The list goes on...yet even so, this ambulatory artifact continues his insistance that he has some sort of right to remain a non-donor.

Oh well, it's happened before. That's why we keep a cement mixer up at the ranchero...

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