Anyone for a side of NFL with their Politics?

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Anyone for a side of NFL with their Politics?

Postby Jono » Fri Oct 21, 2005 11:55 am

I truly believe that all adult Webderlanders will appreciate a family-friendly area where their children can safely go without hearing such foul language/fightin’ words like ‘Bush’, ‘Chomsky’, or for Canadians, ‘Mulroney’. With this public service in mind, Are You Ready For Some Football?! (and if not, fake it).

This has been a dismal-at-best betting season, so far. After a scintillating 12/15 start, the following few weeks have been a picking nightmare - 5, 4 etc., until last week when I managed to achieve mediocrity with a 7/14 week. This has left me with a pathetic .452 winning percentage (I do take some solace from Toronto Sun NFL writer Rob Longley having a worse record at .430!). Still, onwards and upwards especially since some trends are becoming apparent by Week 7.

The Line:

Favorite – Line – Underdog (Home Team in Caps):

MIAMI – 1.5 – Kansas City

ST. LOUIS -3 – New Orleans

Green Bay-1.5 – MINNESOTA

Indianapolis -15 – HOUSTON

CINCINNATI – 1 – Pittsburgh

PHILADELPHIA -3.5- San Diego

CLEVELAND -3- Detroit

WASHINGTON -12.5- San Francisco

SEATLE – 3 – Dallas

OAKLAND -3- Buffalo

CHICAGO -1- Baltimore

ARIZONA -3- Tennessee

NY GIANTS -2- Denver


My Picks:

Dolphins – Chiefs: Although The Fish are an unimpressive 2/3, Ricky got his feet wet last week and I have almost no confidence in Dick Vermiel’s Chiefs. Dick reminds me a lot of Mike Holmgren in that both won a Superbowl when having a superlative quarterback that they coached into raising their games those years, but without a standout quarterback, eh – not so much. I still have vivid memories of Dick cracking up during the Jaws/Harold Carmichael era in Philadelphia.
Dolphins, – 1.5

Rams – Saints: A battle of 2/4 teams. Although the Rams threw a scare into me last week, they’re still such a goofy team I find it difficult to support them. This team finds new ways to lose almost every week. Now, although the Saints aren’t any great roaring hell-on-wheels, they seem a lot more consistent than the other bumblers.
Saints, +3

Packers – Vikings: So the Pack win a game, and everyone figures its salad days again in Green Bay. Wrong. Brett is still so far over the hill, he’s half way down the other side! The Vikings, on the other hand, are nowhere near as bad as their 1 /4 record would have you believe. I mean they got rid of that big suck Randy Moss, didn’t they? That’s got to be a good thing! And with all the Love Boat press they’ve been getting, I’m betting that that will foster a nice Us vs.Them mentality and the Viks will come out at home ready, mean and nasty! This team would be my Dark Horse for a playoff pick, but then again, look at the division they’re playing in. A .500 record may well be enough to win this Sad Sack grouping.
Vikings, +1.5

Colts – Texans: 6/0 vs. 0/5. 15 points? No problemo.
Colts, -15

Bengals – Steelers: Two words: Ben Roethlisberger.
Steelers, +1

Eagles – Chargers: Had to really think about this one. Phily – at home, coming off a weeks rest and probably still smarting from a Cowboy drubbing. They should be ready. But the Chargers were divisional winners last year for a reason. Ok, Breez may not be McNab, but L.T. sure trumps T.O. And I’m sure that the Eagles are due to implode for having the gall to sign that buffoon.
Chargers, +3.5

Lions – Browns: Another battle of bottom feeders-the question being: who’s worse? That would be the Lions, if for no other reason than the Browns are at home.
Browns, -3

‘Skins – 49ers: Another tough choice. No question in my mind that the ‘Skins are a better ball club, but jeeze! 12.5 points? I perceive the ‘Skins to be a very fragile team, confidence-wise, but Joe Gibb does have them overachieving. Hmm. Wrestle, wrestle. Ok, with some misgivings:
‘Skins, -12.5

Seahawks – Cowboys: You’re kidding! Giving points to Drew and the ‘Boys? Against one of the most inconsistent teams of the last few years? Please!
‘Boys, +3

Raiders – Bills: Another tough one. Ok, Kerry Collins sucks; we all know that, but I’m less than blown away with the Bills just because they made a much needed quarterback change. Time to come back to earth, Tinkerbelle.
Raiders, -3

Bears – Ravens: Jeeze, it’s been a long time since you could say ‘Da Bears!’ without making a joke. As far as the Ravens go: again, two words – Ray Lewis.
Ravens, +1

Cardinals – Titans: Another battle of bottom feeders. The Cardinals are used to this tag by now, but I had expected better from QB Steve McNair’s Titans. Still, Kurt Warner may start, and even if he doesn’t Josh McCown looked pretty good in a loss a couple of weeks ago to the Cowboys. And the Cards are at home.
Cardinals, -3

Giants – Broncos: You really mean I’m going to get points with the Broncos? Oh, Thank You, Football Gods!
Broncos, +2

Jets – Falcons: To quote Toronto Sun Football Prognosticator Randall The Handle, “Vinny Testeverde versus Michael Vick. That’s like the Roadrunner versus Eeyore.” But then he goes on to pick the Jets! Naw.
Falcons, -7

Post your picks and enjoy the games!

Luv to all,

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Postby Duane » Fri Oct 21, 2005 2:22 pm

I have Peyton Manning in my Fantasy League. It's been an awesome year so far.

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Postby Jono » Fri Oct 21, 2005 3:26 pm

Ohmigod can you believe Peyton Manning the last couple of years! Its like a return to Dan Fouts and Air Corriell!

Will this be the first team since the Dolphins to go unbeaten? You simply cannot match their offence: they're simply the classic Edmonton Oilers of football. And now they might have a defence?

Still, when the chips were down last week, I saw Peyton badmouthing his offensive line. Stress much, guy? Sure, we're all back to sweetness and light when they started blowing out the Rams, but I sorta wonder about this guy. He's not yet won the big game.
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Postby Duane » Fri Oct 21, 2005 4:17 pm

He's young; give him time. He may need to be "knocked about" a bit, but I think he'll be talked about alongside the likes of Namath and Montana when it's all said and done.

Eric Martin
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Postby Eric Martin » Fri Oct 21, 2005 4:31 pm

I've got Carson Palmer and Priest Holmes. Carson has been great, Priest less so. The Colts D is keeping me in the running.

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Postby Jono » Fri Oct 21, 2005 5:08 pm

Hiya Eric! How you doin' amigo?

Quote from todays Toronto Sun "The Chiefs lack their customary passing game and that allows a stellar Miami run defence to negate the skills of RB Priest Holmes." Wow check it out! Steller, Miami and defence in the same sentence! Still, off to watch the game; they play 'em so we can find out.

Hey Duane. We'll see, but for sure I'm not counting Peyton out in the Greatness Sweepstakes after the last couple of years he's had. Thinking about it, I guess I just really thought the sideline antics last week were pretty bush. Maybe you're right and more 'knocking about' will give him a healthy appreciation for his offensive line.
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Postby Jono » Sat Oct 22, 2005 8:26 am

0-1, Not exactly a great start to the weekend. Jeez the Dolphins looked like a high school team out there. Still credit where credit is due: how 'bout that Chiefs defence! Every time Gus Frerotte tried to throw, there were a couple of Chiefs in his face. Those Chiefs really came ready to play. There was absolutely no home field advantage for this one.

And boy, was I every wrong thinking about a Ricky rally! Is he done? Did he just come back for a year so he wouldn't have to pay back some of his salary to the Dolphins? Hmm. It'll be awhile before I pick the Dolphins again.

Still pretty good day for Priest Holmes, Eric. 90 yards and a couple of touchdowns. A good days work.

Off now to set up for my 4 yr old's birthday party (Sarah is getting so old! My baby is growing up way too fast! Wah!).
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Steve Evil
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Postby Steve Evil » Tue Oct 25, 2005 4:20 pm

Don't know much about football; I've got a dozen Uruk-Hai on my fantasy team.
Welcome back Jono.

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Postby Jono » Wed Oct 26, 2005 9:43 am

I've been basking in the warm delight of a 10/14 week. Good thing I had points on a number of the games though, but still much better than the last few weeks! I'll post the new line on Friday.

So I thought I'd treat myself to a Bruce Campbell double bill yesterday. Read his book - 'If Chins Could Kill' (just love that title!), and watched his most recent movie 'The Man With The Screaming Brain', also staring Stacey Keach. Now don't look for deep inner meaning in either, but both were actually quite good. Bruce's book could also be subtitled How To Make An Independent Film and I expect to refer back to it any number of times in the future, while the movie is just a gas. Ted Raimi (brother of Sam, and also one of Bruce's boyhood friends) plays an updated Igor-type and is an absolute hoot! Of course the funniest man to play such a character is the immortal Marty Feldman from 'Young Frankenstein'.

Hiya Steve - The Cowboys could have used a couple of Uruk-Hai, and maybe a cave troll or two! Hope you're well.

luv to all,

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Postby Jono » Fri Oct 28, 2005 2:19 pm

As another weekend of fun and frolics is about to begin, home teams are definitely the favorites this week, with only 3 visiting teams being favored. While it’s always sound betting strategy to favor the home team, I’m bucking the odds this week by picking 7 visiting teams. No doubt I’m completely deluded and blinded by last week’s favorable results!

Favorite – Spread – Underdog (Home Team in Caps):

GIANTS – 2 – Skins

BENGALS - 9 – Packers

LIONS – 3 – Bears

PANTHERS – 7.5 – Vikings

Raiders – 1.5 – TITANS

COWBOYS – 9 – Cards

TEXANS – 2 – Browns

Jaguars – 3 – RAMS

SAINTS – 2 – Dolphins

CHARGERS – 6 – Chiefs

Bucs – 11 – 49ERS

BRONCOS – 3.5 – Eagles

PATS – 9 – Bills

STEELERS – 10 – Ravens

NYG vs Washington: Like last week, the Skins were my most difficult pick this week. I guess what really it comes down to is that I’ll take Brunell over Manning. I still think Eli needs some more seasoning, while Mark has already pulled a rabbit out of his hat against Dallas this year. And 2 points also comforts my decision.
Washington, +2

Cincinnati vs Green Bay: You’re kidding! Only 9 points? Look for this one to be a slaughter.
Cincinnati, -9

Detroit vs Chicago: Another interesting game. Never mind who the Bears have been playing, they still have the lowest points allowed in the league. Now that QB Harrington is benched, will Jeff Garcia prove to be Detroit’s savior to lead them into the promised land? Naw.
Chicago, +3

Carolina vs Minnesota: Well, I was right about the Vikings last week. Mind you the Panthers are a much better team than the Pack these days. Still, you gotta believe that last weeks victory will prove to be inspiring for Dandy Dante so 7.5 points is too much to give up on this game.
Minnesota, +7.5

Oakland vs Tennessee: While the Raiders haven’t been all that great shakes on the road, they’re sure better than the Titans.
Oakland, -1.5

Dallas vs Arizona: Here’s a pick that makes me very nervous. The Cards beat the Titans last week and currently they have two of the most productive WR in the league. Still, there’s no doubt in my mind that Dallas will win, but by over 9 points? And introducing a new rookie kicker? Grapple, grapple.
Dallas, -9

Houston vs Cleveland: Let the bands ring out and the banners fly! Houston is favored in a game! Too bad it’s not to be.
Cleveland, +2

Jacksonville vs St. Louis: To quote the Toronto Sun’s NFL picker, “No Torry Holt. No Issac Bruce. No Marc Bulger. No true head coach… No direction. No secondary. No hope.”
Jacksonville, -3

New Orleans vs Miami: No way I’m going to pick Miami after Friday’s debacle, especially since this is one’s in Baton Rouge, which is as close as the Saints have had all season to a home game for a road-weary team.
New Orleans, -2

San Diego vs Kansas City: Oooh, this should be a good game! The Chargers nearly pulled off a victory in Philadelphia last week and even covered the spread, while the Chiefs really made me sit up and notice with that decisive win in Miami. And 6 points is a lot for what should be a tight game. Still, having LT and Drew Breez trumps KC’s run-by-committee, even though KC will have had nine days rest.
San Diego, -6

Tampa Bay vs San Francisco: Although the Bucs have played tight games all year, spotting 11 points isn’t enough to make me worry this week given who they’re playing.
Tampa, -11

Denver vs Philadelphia: This will probably be the game to watch in the late slot. The Eagles only narrowly squeaked out a win against the Chargers last week at home and the Broncos are by definition a better team (having already beaten San Diego and having a better record).
Denver, -3.5

New England vs Buffalo: The Pats should be ready to roll after a week off and if Tedy the Tiger plays that can only help. Look for this one to be a blowout.
New England, -9

Pittsburgh vs Baltimore: I’m amazed that Pittsburgh is only favored by 10 in this game. Another blowout.
Pittsburgh, -10

Happy picking!
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