Harlan Ellison: Fantagraphics Lawsuit Documents

These are the original documents as forwarded to this site by Harlan Ellison's legal representation. The only changes made have been inserting an underscore ("_") in place of spaces in the document names to simplify their web versions.
Note: Please view the Microsoft Word and Acrobat documents if possible. The HTML and Text versions are missing critical formatting. They are included only for people without access to Word who wish to to read the text of the documents only.

The original complaint by Harlan Ellison for defamation and violation of right of publicity against Fantagraphics, Gary Groth, and Kim Thompson:
Microsoft Word (88kb)
HTML Version

The table of contents for the SLAPP Opposition document that follows:
Microsoft Word (52kb)
HTML Version
SLAPP Opposition: Harlan Ellison's opposition to the defendants' motion to strike under the "anti-SLAPP" statute:
Microsoft Word (129kb)
HTML Version

The final declaration from Harlan Ellison:
Microsoft Word (59kb)
HTML Version

Declaration of Pat Lyons, Harlan's attorney in the original Fleisher vs. Fantagraphics suit:
Microsoft Word (35kb)
HTML Version

Signed declaration of Charles E. Petite (Harlan Ellison's general counsel) in support of the SLAPP opposition:
Adobe Acrobat (PDF, 45kb)
Text Version
Exhibit A referred to in the above declaration from Charles E. Petite (letter from CEP to Fantagraphics):
Adobe Acrobat (PDF, 44kb)
Text Version

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